Myanmar Trip – The secret of personal experience

Although many articles about Myanmar read before going, most of them say that low-season so should not need to put before anything, but I highly recommend people as possible should be put before everything (such as bus tickets, taxi, carriage, ks …) will get much better prices and more active.
In Myanmar now a domestic air ticket booking online and was able to pay by credit card, these can also book last ks agoda, booking, asiantravel ,,, but most services booked through the agency much better price . Just refer to the price of many agency and compared with its price set, then choose.
Before going I had contact with one of the agency inside Myanmar, but in his fourth contact person there Minthu offering the best price and the answer seems agile so I asked Minthu household book bus ticket, tickets Bagan-Heho fly, guesthouse and carriage in Bagan.
Inle Resort in their rooms through Agoda book is a great surprise, the payment should not be in VND currency conversion fee as other web.
In addition, you do plan to use aircraft as a means of moving in Myanmar, they may consult through the airline, very good price only 1/2 other airlines:, his day to book tickets Bagan-Heho then check the other firms, about $ 90-116 / pm, check company, 40 $ / c all taxes and baggage.
Unfortunately, his schedule is 2/6, while 3/6 new carrier routes open.
★ Day 1
Time is flying 16g50 ‘so we’re set taxi to the airport from 2pm for comfort. Visit Myanmar is 18h40 ‘under his watch, but you remember the correct hourly Myanmar is 6g10’ (slower than 30 ‘). After the procedures, get something at the airport currency exchange until then about 7am least 10 ‘. Exchange offices of banks in the airport lot, the price difference is not much, just a price list yet see the least demanding change. Since there is not much time, so we’re able to always change a $ 200 per person (if not buy presents multiple and combined pay by $ trogn process goes, I think that this is enough), time 30/5 $ 1 = 964kyats.
Out to close their doors saw 1 Taxi Express desk just inside the door. The belly on expensive asking price if they catch a taxi outside, but the reception given price is very reasonable and not a bargain almost anything: Going downtown was out cost 8000 kyats bus stop opposite the city (MIN GA LAR high Aung Way Bus station) was 7,000 kyats. Because there are two and a half hours left until the hour buses run so we’re decided to go into the city center and visit the Golden Temple, came Shewgadon bus station, thinking only in Yangon next to 5pm wedding day should be no Each temple has the opportunity to watch this evening sparkle. Prices front cab offering including temples awaiting us in the 20.000kyats play, his bargain is still 18,000
Go and see this is quite risky choice, because traffic in Yangon little bad, horrible traffic jam though it was almost 7 pm and a half. Thought that goes from the airport near the temple took 40 minutes Shwegadon whether the driver off like a bat.
Due to tight schedule had dissipated, so I book tickets Myanmar in late May – early Sept. 6, the middle of summer. “Hot horrible,” “temperature 42do Yangon, Bagan 44 degrees” … is what we are investigating, or the agency inside Myanmar told myself, do not worry yourself during flight time. But Yangon has welcomed us with a wonderful fresh air, just stopped raining and the sun as the outdoor temperature is only 30 degrees, humid monsoon not like Hanoi.
Upon entering the temple Shwegadon, a strange feeling welled up, do not know how describe but I felt really touched, feel lucky that I did not miss the opportunity to see the temple at night . We have only 30 ‘in the temple, just keep watching one part, then shoot miscellaneous choet 8h 10’ had to ride too. Way out Aung Min llai bus station to go back to the airport and the road should lose double ~ 1 hour whether to go fast. Arrive at the bus stop than 9g, due to book tickets in advance to find the car, and do fairly quick procedure. We’d still some time for dinner at the bus station. Super cheap dinner 4 ng ca rbia all 5200kyats (over 100k money Vietnam)
Why say so book advance tickets at Yangon bus, because the bus stop I felt very broad, multifaceted on, a lot of firms bus line, each company has its different car line according to destination, time to Car not it, if there were tickets available, just give the driver will be much faster … Unless defined first overnight trip in Yangon or go into town late without visiting, even if you do not book anywhere before would be very risky. His original book on JJ Express’s car under review by the ng ahead, but until the last minute Minthu associated press is running at 8pm JJ (check in 7.30pm) up as high risk (because the wharf from airport the car has a 30 ‘), should turn themselves into Elite Express, the same quality that safety on time, at less cost, at 9:30 pm vehicles (checkin 9pm). JJ is 20.000kyats price, is 16,000 kyats Elite. To add service to be incurred gold pagoda that night :)).
Note taxi driver for us’re very pretty, simple to understand spoken English, so a reasonable price so we were pleased to note the last day of Yangon due attention and welcome to visit Yangon. Note also invited us to pay a rest home, locker, bathing on the last day when back Yangon to save money, too ks rent. Upon arrival Yangon, if not through a Taxi, people can contact 0973110839 uncle Soe Aung coal, pay this or know more about the culture of Myanmar and of the customer, so to speak understandable paying and more understanding there yourself.
Must say in Myanmar, taking the bus as a plane and fly is no different from the bus.
Time to sit on this trip was the time I felt most enjoy during the trip. Elite Beautiful car clean, smooth velvet seats, each seat has a touch screen at the front together with a headset, with warehouse movies, music, travel information, has washcloths brush toothpaste, have coffee and pastries inviting …, hostesses are beautiful, gentle and patient, it is no exaggeration to say than to fly off in VN (except for no home vs vehicle). There’s the bus ride in Myanmar, you remember wear long clothing + bring towels, blankets because although the car has been released but is still so cold in the freezer, as near as cold light, now you have to understand the feeling workstations shrimp, fish thrown into the freezing compartment is.
Get in the car, as well as journey time about his past really starts. No phone reception, no wifi, no internet …., Connect the headset to choose folder English music, old music sounded monotone: “When I was young, I’d listen to the radio. Waiting for my favorite songs. When played I’d sing along chúng. It made me smile …. “. A long time ago I do not see such feelings, as the day students, extremely peaceful …
★ Day 2
Vehicles travel a little bit late and often should stop new 7am to Bagan. Out bus station employee saw the car waiting Minthu stretched panels “Dory & Party” =))). Arrive Bagan in Yangon see cheap prices How taxi. If in Yangon lost 20,000 ride over winding trogn 2g, then in Bagan, transfer from the bus station in Old Bagan trugn center has 20 ‘drive which has lost 20,000. Initially I thought they were Minthu guillotine, but trogn time in Bagan, I think that price is the overall price Minthu launched already.
Well you note at the bus stop new bagan have far more trugn Oldbagan center, only a car and transfer agency rather not receive such welcome wagon old station ahead.
Initially his thanks to Minthu 1 ks pretty nice place in New bagan however Minthu have said that such party is corrected so noisy, so my advice book Winner guesthouse, cheap = 1/3 is $ 20 / night breakfast, advertised as clean with wifi, hot water (many other went ok, so I always recommend Winner) .. But when arrived, heavily disappointed, as this student hostel blocks, enough room conditioner, bathroom vs inside, but green paint as hospital rooms, in room with 2 single beds and 1 stainless steel and stainless steel table always. Haizz stop thinking with a cool place to rest, wash is ok then. By the next day to see my other one right cjanh Winner Guesthouse New wave, the room was so much nicer, like 2-3 star hotel, the service is also much better, but still a bargain price after $ 25 / night cover breakfast, so I moved. Owner ks said online price is $ 65 should you do to come Bagan can call / email directly, or to make sure that there is where you introduce the new is better. Being so, the location of this Guesthouse in the center 2 Oldbagan lot fine dining restaurant and convenient travel around visiting players.
Due to their availability, so we always get a room, and put two carriage 9am will hang Bagan. However, his best advice you do not ride horses always like us, because Bagan from 9am – 4pm very hot, go out without feeling tired, so tired too should start from that green opaque ‘ (. Best to the rest room, lunch, book coach for half day from 4pm to 7 pm, far and away the important point as pagoda in Bagan Shwezigon, Ananda, Shwegugyi and reach the temple turned 6g Shwesandaw- This temple is very high and stepped up to the outside should have a panoramic view Oldbagan – sunset and sunrise is beautiful. This season is going Bagan will not have a chance to watch the balloon, because it’s hot, people there told 1-2 months only reach as many balloons, somewhat unfortunately missed this: ‘(.
Temple they leave with their most impressive is Ananda. No temple roofs, gilded towers imposingly large temple ananda is one with a lot of wood neck, and fnhieefu towng special Buddha was built in the 11th century gold leaf At Ananda purchase price 1000kyast / ng to rub up statues, which will then be sold tobacco boy a tour and very detailed notes about each feature, t statue app here: the many Buddha statues countenance changed, where the Buddha takes on India or China, the meaning of the walls, door … Then remember motif for boys.
In Bagan, you can buy some souvenirs in the temple, there will be more expensive to buy at Yangon market, but its actually see crafts souvenirs in Myanmar pretty cheaply and, therefore, be bargain medium PAHI, matching the value you think for that product, do not think you have them. Body still tormented forever just because buy 1 cyclone boy post card from one vendor at the temple, he said price of 2000 kyats (ie Vietnam than 40k money) which they themselves bargain habit while 🙁 1500, Until go and then find yourself nuts.
Eating, pulse Quah Guest house lot good restaurants but cheap, in Bagan you on the best restaurants to eat, inexpensive but tasty. For example, Queen restaurant, only a 3-4 home ks, lunch and dinner were, we’d all have known many flat eat 19,900 (~ $ 20) for 4 people. Hay Nada restaurant wonderful dinner, luxurious surroundings, here you will also enjoy the art of Myanmar puppet strings, listening to traditional music instruments, very tasty food can only wait a little longer (4 eaters end range $ 23-24).
If you want to enjoy food can eat buffet in Myanmar Myanmar Foods House shop, shop popular style, say they will take advantage buffet but table all the dishes, eat what is called later, the price of 3500 (less than 80k / day). The food in Myanmar are generally quite similar dish is easy to eat quite Vietnam, there is a little oily and salty to eat quickly and sick, many kinds of food to private as quite strange. Well, there is only one restaurant that we’d all go eat ng compliment the currency, the barbeque restaurant adjacent to the hotel Harmony BBQ- yourself at all times, very crowded local restaurant, but the service is slow, no fresh baked goods too, and other inappropriate’re cooking time.
Well, just sit pharmaceutical carriage 2-3 people so we’ll have to rent two cars, rent one day was 25,000, half the day is 20,000, achieved through Minthu always.
★ Day 3:
Bright electric bike hire us to go see the sunrise and scenery visiting Bagan. Electric bikes now on 7000 price / car, her rent was reduced to 6,000 4 cars / vehicles.
Period from 5g to 8am is the best time in Bagan, definitely not to be missed. Feeling cycling trogn 1 fresh cool air in Bagan excellent trogn extremely, extremely peaceful. Shwesandaw us back to admire your piety temple, photography.
Bagan almost 1 NR pagoda with thousand pagodas. If you want to go many new places, new sensation want more, want 1 space bustling, modern, Bagan is really not the place for you, let’s just go Bagan 1 day 1 night was enough. If you are ng nostalgic, like a feeling of peace, cycling slowly through the ruins, watching the ng overcrowded, feeling every bit of sunshine .. they really go in Bagan more.
When leaving Bagan the next day, his regrets that most cyclists were too little, too lazy and did not do what he really likes, as his price for day 2 from 5g-9g pm from 4g- 7 pm …. not only to these destinations may be limited descriptions were available, sometimes only scattered ride, stop by one old temple roof, watching the sun flap river, drink a glass of water in roadside shops, or take a boat along the river … it’ll be great to know much. By now I’m still obsessed with his image 1 West, sits on the roof of one old temple on the road (but not know how to climb up), sitting alone for so long – looked distant sunset. For her, it was the feeling of enjoying Bagan 1 entirety. Just as he was in love Hue way, is not mausoleum monuments special landscapes, just relaxing stroll, admire scenery, people, discover the typical dishes …
Afternoon of ks, her book Book flights Heho, price is still well shy of Minthu travel AirBagan $ 86, even a promotional free shuttle to the airport (6000 prices). But after experiencing the sensation of flying in Myanmar, I think the schedule is better than any bus ride from Bagan ng to Inle. Because the car now has a high quality online luogn Bagan- Inle. Which bus to Nangshwe – the town center is at 5-6g of Inle morning, after the rest of you will have 1 full day boat trip on the river.
★ Day 4
As mentioned above, from Bagan to Inle di its transshipment by air seems to be a bad and costly than. May fly in Myanmar right is horrible. ATR propeller aircraft tiny, hot, going as high-speed roller coasters go, or performing aerial intestines called themselves befuddled. You never say his house which was li-vophun: v. Had that plane to catch customer’s style bus. That is, from flying to Heho Bagan will want to lower it Mandalay (from Bagan has 150km) range 15-20 minutes for more guests, and then fly on, but whoever wants to go from Bagan to Yangon will undergo leg circle: Bagan – Mandalay- Heho – and then to Yangon, but each time the plane took off, it was heart attack landing more adventurous game: (((. Airfare nearly 5 times more expensive bus ticket, did so dirty and ugly more buses, to the complete procedure Heho to 10g, about 11g to the hotel so no time to sail away to the market as well as other attractions in Inle Lake, a lot of inconvenience than taking the bus.
Heho airport has car airport pick resort. Here small vehicles carrying only a maximum of 3 people, so we’re going 2 car PAHI 20,000 kyats / vehicle. If you start the car at the airport, the price will be 25,000 / car but could walk all 4 ng should save more.
Due to the highlands should weather Inle Heho- extremely great, the road from the airport to Nyang Shwe cool, fresh, such as air Sapa.
Choice of accommodations in Inle is indeed his great luck. Now before you go because you want to enjoy the feeling of the night on the lake, the wife and I will put in Paramount Inle Resort price range 1tr4 / tax room on Agoda, this was his best being investigated. The remaining 2 you will set in one particular guesthouse in NyangShwe for cost savings. Meanwhile, investigations on its Agoda see cso View Point Lodge & Cuisine and Princcess Inle Resort is very high vote however because it is not expensive to put (Viewpoint about 1tr7ca tax rates for superior rooms, and IP must 2,5tr). THA is rotated every few days back Agoda watching forever, until the last day before the new book. Thus, discovery Agoda day fare best approach (I guess going on view at the view over to the police without putting it launched this day to sell, but low season), Viewpoint accommodate both 2 phongvoi 1tr250k for Superior price range, the cheapest as far as his view was on Tripadvisor review. Suporior room alone but each is 1 based private bungalow, spacious approximately ~ 30 m2 (deluxe villa 2tr1 how cool it was again: 3), good price to have included breakfast, wine, natural cosmetics, free fruit at check-in, service and delicious food is impeccable, and probably the best resort I’ve ever been in cheapest: ‘(.
In Myanmar market outside the tight guillotine almost no tourists, you do not need to go out looking for the cheapest service, everything is just put in the hotel, good price like that taken care off-site. Inle lake your boat reservations at the hotel are 20,000 / day, go to the market at the bottom of the lake, the land will be 25,000. Boat in Inle not calculated according to the time you go soon, which will calculate how far you go (from the marina to keep lake pahir also lost to 1g30 ‘), the first day until late, just book your boat from 4-7g Watching the sunset also pay 20,000. We’d have to hire a boat for the next 2 consecutive day take the bus to Yangon at 6pm will not be in time to watch the sunset over the lake.
His boat is shortfall steam powered machine is quite loud, do not enjoy feeling peaceful as imagined, but that goes with the machine lake has lost one and a half hours to hold new, you’re not rowing lake Hand: P. Sunset scene on Inle Lake really is anxiety, I like all the colors of the sunset on Inle, from white clouds sunny blue sky a pale yellow, to red amniotic sun, the sky pink orange gradient of trying afternoon, then purple hue as the sun gradually surrounded hidden mountain …
This afternoon I’m just up to 2 from a handheld silk weaving village, and the village as silver, before sunset and not have much time. Everyone noted, prices at the floating villages on the lake is very expensive, you buy 3-5 times more expensive in the market, is the more refined furniture, selectively, remember to bargain much (not sell, wait out market buy: D), but her friend à bought FISHMAN + pants embroidered shirt thigh in weaving village has $ 7 / c.
Viewpoint Resort is located at the location extremely convenient, almost the entire resort is situated on the water adjacent to the marina, but is always connected to the mainland, so you will just get the feeling on the lake, just walking into play township. Evening to eat for cheap town that stray tail trophy should shift back to the resort rlux eat. This place is very good cook, there is twice as expensive restaurants in Bagan, however, know how to eat well just call graph range than 8- $ 10 / day for meal)
★ Day 5
Ks breakfast in the morning, too sudden for that delicious breakfast awful lot. After breakfast, we have to rent a boat all day to go shopping and to the point yet. The reception was great resort, when I told her boat managed to keep 12g afraid to checkout, they agreed to let her retain until 1 room free pickup bus to us (5g 30 pm).
Morning boat ride, you can admire life in Inle day, but the fisherman rowing 1 foot … as told, watching the garden tomato, gourd floating rig looks over the water, to go to the temple 2 the lake if you want, I eagerly di village girls long neck but it turned out just one souvenir home with 3 ng women long neck glasses let people take photos only, the sites again , but the most interesting is a scenic boat ride on the lake and shopping. On the advice of uncle served in ks, instead of floating markets at mid-lake, the lake we went to the end, up one local market at the end of the lake on land, furniture here is much cheaper, and you can in trogn trade fair tours of local residents. Only leading 2-3 as we’d been led there where buy cheap surprises here, thanks to bargain for say expensive than 2-3 (but as noted above, stop paying the price too cheap, buy to reach your money see reasonable effort to make, because I see here now say this should also challenge due to bargain too much only). For example, 1 the longi brocade weaving beautiful motifs and thick (superior quality longi luogn buy Bagan) said in its weaving village is $ 25, only $ 20 less not pay the price, then here they just say there are $ 12 and agree to sell him his $ 5 when purchased with another 3 ^^ map.
In Nyang Shwe, you have certain cycling. Due to fatigue and irrational schedule, so we got no time to go cycling or visit the wine cellar to the forest as everyone had said. Only time standby bus trogn 30’minh borrow bicycles on bus stops and walking 2vc Nyang Shwe luanh around town, see how they have wasted. Nyang Shwe township gentle, cool, one along the street to the West backpack like Hoi An restaurants decent enough but not himself deserted as Bagan, you can admire the pines cycling flower, the restaurant bar pretty luck, Myanmar stopped for ice cream (sweet too hic) … If remade, I will spend one afternoon to ride like everyone ng told.
6.30 ‘at vehicle, I asked JJ Express Minthu book in Yangon, the price of 17,800 kyats, incl one dinner coupon, make hotel pickup fee is 500kyats / day, but because you can walk very close so I think spring need pickup. Car JJ wide and only 3 rows of seats, good service but I still feel like more Elite quieter and motion clips to hear: D. Sincere advice is that you do not take the bus from Inle to Yangon, the plateau due to the winding road down the horrible, very tired and nauseous. Ideally you should booj flights to Yangon next morning went, bathing and light up the airport to Yangon at 10g, it is less tiring and without the need to hire more than ks to the locker and wash again. Yangon is also only fair trugn 1 center and highlight of the temple, there is nothing else as a bit like a few days before his city from 11g-5pm so comfortable.
★ On 6
Arrive Yangon luc near 6am, with no contact with his uncle Soe so we caught another taxi to the center hotel accommodation Onikawa .. I was not supposed thuw ks in Yangon so did not book in advance. Alien motel quite lovely and in bad, and squash, which cost $ 26 / room from morning to afternoon, so the girls decided to walk to find but other motels. Go 1 new ring turns out to most portable kahr Onikawa sure, because no book ks trugn Yangon center before expensive horrible, ugly just expensive, 1 female $ 60 which was approximately what sometimes only 200k / night in Hanoi. Finally, we have also found one place, said it was dirty and blackened fun $ 15 / room but the bathroom is inside and air conditioner (to tell the truth then dared her into the room without bath for open door see dirty bathroom, not sleeping because what is always a bit sad because no matching companion).
Tries to contact her with pay for English Soe of other ng met us was horrible too). Fortunately, finally contacted his uncle, rented taxi owners 6000kyats / hour. 10g we’d start up the car, carrying us through fair pay. Market Yangon has all the maps you need, cheap, every bargaining dropping about 40-50% done gradually raise is, there are so many interesting ths to buy, my favorite silver and stone shop here.
In addition the market has one very large evangelical church so beautiful to photograph. Shopping at the market us to 12g, the dogs go through lunch, restaurant HLA Myanmar (pronounced deprivation – are Myanmar, which means Beautiful Myanmar – paying Soe explained). This is one popular restaurant features dishes Myanmar and India, and cook authentic, delicious and appetizing, there is quite difficult to find the road. Soe uncle invited us to eat together but he did not eat, pay protection and pay himself lunch (oh unlike driving uncle horse Bagan), paying careful while traveling with to see if I have no choice dishes. With very crowded Myanmar and Hindus, doctors also advise their service khog should eat anything because hardly eat, or accused her because I’ve known too many for 2.
Then his dog to visit the temple Shwegadon daytime, the temple during the day and still feel beautiful but no longer money Australia as their first night to see, day to see charging the 8000 / ng should stop just out the Speaker then continue. His next Temple unnamed, have huge reclining Buddha in with Real-eyes, eyes alive, special feet side carved Buddhist figures, very beautiful.
Due to fear of Yangon traffic so we’re always home page break, to relax and pack toys, 4gkesm 15 ‘has checkout (although new 7g10 fly), at Yangon again horrible rule.
The car is when it starts to rain, heavy rain, very lucky because if one little slow his place in will be flooded. Sitting on the bus to the airport, the rain outside the window, suddenly I felt more and more sad, regret over these days in Myanmar. Myanmar is not a place for everyone, not everyone can enjoy go.

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