Attention to animals that have the ability to attack on the road of trip

– If we go on the road with obstacles that dogs are barking, then what to do?
– In case some of them did not bark, stood looking at me, you should do?
– Continue on and it started barking, then how?
– Is the dog barking dog does not bite is correct?
All the issues mentioned above, on the road if we encounter phượt will handle the stars. Here I would like to sum up some of the following ideas:

1. Go on looms that progress. Approaching it carved back. Of course forward but to be wary, it fell to the right … hit rock right foot. In the case of motorcyclists, the road that runs straight on. Remember that dogs pretty smart, just people fear going attitude né ne is it bullying immediately.

2. Meet the angry dog ​​immediately sat down. Peace of mind is a dog saw people sitting down and was immediately wary. Socks are rock cape ensures the dogs curled tail and run away … barking continued.

3. The under cane.

In all cases, absolutely not having dog turning run (set). Action fled to stimulate hunting instincts of the dogs makes them rushing up the chase. Always attack sank down, in case of danger, the hand covering head / face and neatly collected person.

Note that only applies to dogs do not apply to dogs west (already trained) or rabid dogs.

4. If possible, try not to provoke it even sank down action carry bricks muffle it. Surely it would run away when I sit down but more persistent barking. And especially when I started to move as it chases bup. Dogs Cats nation is very big, rock throwing it back, it’s the car chase.

5. In case the dog just watched, did not bark, you should note its eye. Dogs also have emotional and expressive whole. If the deep midnight black eye that, look at what she had no sympathy tail to hang down, so beware, we continue to do his job but never turned his back on it too long. Good things sneaking bites. And dog look wet or slightly brown eyes, face seems surprised to see her, then maybe it is irritated by one of strange colored blocks (such as swimwear, objects colorful …) then shelving it. This child is sure to observe long, but one thing is sure it will not do anything alone.

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