Nha Trang and the day come back

The following article from a phượt lover which you have sent to the share very detailed and realistic in Nha Trang phượt his trip, that you are learning about the stretch of road as well as the location, food drink, gifts … in Nha Trang, see it as a useful gospel offline!

1. Hotel Nha Trang

What cheap motels Terms and Mini Hotel is in Nha Trang, the price which is distant together: ranging from 110k – 200k / day – one day is counted from 12h – 12h, depending on how well their negotiations, as well KS had bad luck as their options for early check ko. The thing you check the reception in advance his fone share of KS through the offline!

– There are many KS Mini in the city center, on the road section from Hung Vuong Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street West Neighborhood flock. The area is a bit messy night market security issues they do not share facilities.

– But do not shy away Phượt center they have many more choices, such as:

+ Area Binh Tan Bridge, Avenue Nguyen Tat Thanh Binh Hotel adjacent to the New Bridge, looking the very romantic waterfront. KS Price: 170k / day, if they negotiate at 2.3 days reach 150k / day.

+ Area Hon husband, Pham Van Dong, the competition area Hotel abound variety prices. This area is located close to the famous feasts of Nha Trang, close to Nha Trang University, or you go straight to the University of Nha Trang also KS. Prices are quite soft compared to downtown: 150k-180k / day.

★ Quality Hotel

However KS mini format or holiday house 1 bed room hotel is quite small, interior and there is nothing beyond 1 bed, TV, fan, toilet and enough bad luck for minimum needs. I suggest if in Nha Trang 2.3 days or more, it is best to choose Mini Hotel around 200k / day, you rest assured, Hotels Nha Trang are posting iết on price, only sell you the lower price Listed iết alone rather sell you just pick up the phone higher up call for inspection ^^. You say the front to see the room first and then decide to rent, reception here is quite happy about this problem, do not worry about anything.

If economic decent one bit, you should choose KS range 250k – 300k / day room quality would be ok, always air conditioned, the room beautiful 400k severance already hehe. Honeymoon or couples that go in your hotel room is not uncomfortable. If your hard too, then help one hand alo.

★ Address reference

– Lodging at 24/19 Hung Vuong Anh Thu, approximately 120k / night for single rooms, double rooms, then I do not know, size 200k. You can pre-0983 575 424, 3521 058 799. I see more 1 few more cheap motels nearby hospital Da Tuong Street, Tan Binh, Vietnam Com Bank bank immediately.
-Khanh Mini hotel located on Hung Vuong Street, walk to the sea is: Contact A Vietnam 0932639124, cheapest is 200k / night, if a sibling in long days, say you of the Nha Trang to play down 150k / day.

★ Note: Stop by motorcycle taxi with Taxi that you only die because they get paid commission to your price is always higher than the others. Or you can ask them to cost you an estimated prior to their transportation to the place always straight.

2. Eat, drink Nha Trang

Go eat seafood, the mode of governance Chengdu Ten, do not listen to advice TAXI or motorcycle taxi then, you just rent one bike roam the city, Tran Phu B bridge, turn left out Waterfront, Street Tower She is spoiled seafood, listing prices iết available then. A few more interesting place but a bit hard to find, and even riverbanks that drinkers like me or out. Hehe.

★ Want slobbering style pavement Nha Trang also enjoy:

– Out coast, rent the canvas, making the ink 100k, a few cans of beer are dragging the ocean waves. Several vendors are many.
– Out on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District Six Dining delicious goat. Slobbering crowds, entertain there Mango Park.
– Want to eat some animals, run up Yan’an, where the most famous is the serpent. The day before his house nearly 20 people eating snake that has more than 1 million bill.
– 1 diner is pretty cheap too, Que Huong Restaurant in Hoang Dieu street, even the airport, next to the army barracks on Tran Phu. This restaurant specializes in seafood dishes or animals, drinking carbonated drop, delicious but very cheap price.

– If you want to eat crabs, snails phượt cheap it hard to bridge Binh Tan (Nguyen Tat Thanh Cam Ranh airport travel). Here charge by signing, you self-aligning and people living crab processing for you. Games 4 people eat it all about 4-500k distension bill not go well too. Most praises this paragraph.

★ Several consistent rice, noodles to stomach lining phượt people:

Rice: Rice Bar roundabout immediately fell 6 Nguyen Chanh (secondary school in Taiyuan edge) 12k / disc (sold noon, afternoon, evening). Morning Bread beef sold 15k / bowl.

Fish Vermicelli: Running from the roundabout down 6 on Dinh Tien Hoang Street intersects with the alley Ly Tu Trong, Massage Hua Tuo’s first alleyway. 15k / bowl. (Sell morning)

Com Nieu: sibling to Nha Trang also want to try the rice pots or services are on the VIP but also affordable prices. Kids go 4 breakfast every 360k including drinks. Address: Com Nieu red tile 9 Le Thanh Ton Street (right roundabout 6 from tower falling down into the frankincense)

Lau: Lau goby on Le Thanh Phuong Primary closely with the Khanh Hoa, hot pot on Hien Thanh street. (Hotpot sale from noon to dusk).

Dinner: Duck Porridge sell Han Thuyen Street, right at Dam market. 1 plate of boiled duck calculated 80k, another bowl of porridge is no stretch. 2 people eat around 100k.

Noodle: the price range 20, 25, 30k / bowl. Address trust for you: Pho Bac Quang Trung Hai opposite gate parking Hospital, Pho Hong 40k / bowl corner Hien Le Thanh Ton.

Refer to details 100 places to eat in Nha Trang:

3. Cafe & Bar

– Cafe Nha Trang, you Hien Thanh street, intersection with Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street near the Square. Truc Mai alone or drink in Vienna 13k / black coffee cup. DJ music, there Baamboo. 15k / cafe. Also want to drink coffee, then choose Yellow Crane delicious.

– Cafe sidewalk only 6k thui offline hehe

– Bar: Yasaka, Ks Lode, >>> Sailing Club is located on Tran Phu. Night Club on Hung Vuong Street, Rocky Bar on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Bar does also have long legs out, depending on the stamina of brother, friend e it after that …. Hehe.

4. Karaoke

– Karaoke in Nha Trang -120k reach 80k / h: 008 Karaoke at Yasaka evening KS basement 80k / h >>> good sound quality,

– Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street Karaoke not check,

– Karaoke spiritual Truc Hoang Dieu 80k / h,

– Karaoke landlocked on Hoang Hoa Tham Street 70k / h.

– VIP Karaoke Nha Trang center: 140k / h, the pantry is> 20 persons, ultra sound was. Summarizing the most recent match 500k / 2h / 7 network >>> Worth value for money.

– Karaoke Thuy Truc alley opposite the Ly Tu Trong Ly Tu Trong: 120k / h. Normal Quality.

– Karaoke Lac Long Quan (communication with Nguyen Trai), the biggest bar on the right. 120 – 150k / h, sounds good, sing impetuous, more spacious design. >>> Good value for money. Summary of recent games: 1tr1 / 15 Network / 2h.

5. Specialty gift

Ink: The ink you want to buy as a gift to bring the current price of around 400k hours nha trang / kg. Available in paragraph 1 Hoang Van Thu street from Quang Trung afternoon turns into near Dam Market, you say Squid also purchased Tower She is cheap but quality, I have not had a chance to go there to check.

Nest: The most famous is Salanganes’Nest Khanh Hoa, you should go directly to the dealer to buy from fear of counterfeiting. Price Nest has many categories: 160k box, box 200k, 300k custom box custom weight categories. There is one female agent near tower Frankincense, red light at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao Le Thanh Ton.

Seahorses: Seahorses sold in paragraph Harbor stone bridge, Oceanographic Institute. If you visit the Institute of Oceanography, the enlisted walk out the gate a few shops selling live seahorses. The price is also quite cheap, about 20k / head, one would give seahorses in preserving jar to soak RUU. Seahorses are used as drugs or drink pretty good soaking it.

Nem Ninh Hoa: Now many places selling and advertising too, I was not locals also verifiable. Tourists are Dang Van Quyen eating nem

Nem chua, rolls: their house or buy nem chua and rolls in one small sign opposite Binh Tan Post Office, next to the large pharmacy (you go straight Nature ask people without a post office it will only Binh Tan) . With spring rolls here as spot, according to her, the delicious, or sent as a gift to his distant friends. Price: Category 1/2 KG: 55k, 100k for nem chua kind 1KG.

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