Prazoong cave (Quang Nam Province)

Heaven Gate is a bridge for connecting two separate mountains between unspoiled jungle, under Bhom port Lom river flows through, Gate of heaven be likened to one gate into the forest, wanted to go into the woods through Gate, Gate of Heaven is made from the tops stalactites through hundreds of millions of years of dripping, the Creator of the Heaven Gate riveting phượt opponent.

Gate of Heaven, we accidentally met him and he Ut Tu, Tu he agreed to help us in Prazoong Caves, the path to the cave is difficult to recognize, if not native, it is difficult Hang door recognizable. About 10 minutes through the jungle, climbed crags, clear trails on the bloodthirsty, his mouth showed us Tu Hang, one hole is only one who get down just enough, to wriggle kind enough to deform people Hang squeeze down.
Cave mouth diameter of about 3 inches
If you want to explore this place I recommend that the road should not be curious if the union does anyone know where the cave is located, “The Sacred Forest, Country Single” lost is inevitable.

Cave is divided into several floors and rooms, in the cave geology is very diverse and can hardly describe the beautiful scenery in Cave, the stalactite columns tough, as he blocks a glint seemed only in movies , the stalactite formed the guitar, when he struck out his hand to create the sound of one guitar, the guitar sound he cried Tu Tu.
Hang a lot of nooks and crannies, many small hole underground seemed not over, but it was the only way the interference between different room to room. Forced to crawl through, his slithering go through, there are many small cave room, if you go the wrong way of going astray 1, Mr. Tu said much people learn hang forest in 3 full days stranded curious can see the way out.
Animals in Spirit Cave Bats mostly, very big may attack people if they infringe it, we use the tree struck by two children, Mr. Tu pocket carry.

In Caves are many shells, sea shells probably, very much, but remains ladder round stones like in the image at the Son Doong, the small flame is forming stalactites dripping murmuring but very tough, our team brings everyone out and lumps on his head 1 because the tops of the stalactites above.
Caves have to say is very natural, it seems that very few people here, so the natural definition of nature remain in the cave.

Discover about 1 hour 30, we were forced to withdraw because of Mr. Tu said that the cave is long, and take a long time but it was already late and not have prepared for the long trip, so we had to retreat to, 1 cave appointment to another time, we will find out totally.
We came to the riverside Bhom lom, Mr. Tu grill 2 bats for us to eat, the first taste of meat bat, fishy fishy like quail.
We salute him and he Ut Tu leave and reschedule the other occasions he first turned.
Do you intend to explore the cave Prazoong note should prepare yourself the right tools for the trip
Apparel closed, comfortable, easy movement (pants soldier, t-shirts), not to drop the ceiling to hang, easy injury, caps, if you can carry helmet swollen head lest we’d like team, gloves with hand grip and armor armor protection foot if possible, make shoes with grip, and fast drainage.
Squeeze and mosquito repellent
Super Bright Flashlight 1 per person so, if possible, you should carry flashlights headed, very comfortable, for this trip, and remember to bring extra batteries.
Cameras, I recommend carrying a compact camera, or small GoPro camera or imaging or camera phone features. Should not carry bulky camera body, it would impede a lot of your trip.
1 small press knife waist led to precaution or spent on something
Food should bring snacks if you go during the day, and prepared for an overnight stay in the cave, avoid contaminating litter Caves, be the one who has sense, in the middle of the cave the small slot gurgling water, clean water and very very very cool so you do not need to bring water into the cave
Do not break, smashing, breaking stalactites, no name engraved on cave
If you have any questions about the site or provide road trip to this place you can contact the Leader Nguyen Thanh Long by phone: 01212.112.127

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