“Kho Quet” (Sauced Meat with Vegetables)

Specific mention at all, this is a very simple dish: fish sauce boil with some sugar, greaves until she was finished but in the XXI century there must be some improvement there?


-Water Delicious sauce (in the bowl it)

Lard longer sticky meat, diced bacon

Stroke purple crushed or sliced

-Ot Grinding, stamping pounding pepper, sugar, MSG

-Tom Delicious little dry wash and drain


Tooth fat and diced bacon in nonstick skillet until browned meat straw up water fat powder, fish meat and greaves to detach, to act on non-gold.

-for Delicious sauce in one pot or ceramic pot, do not use a small pot too prone to movement, not necessarily metal pot used offline! For more on that road (pretty much), pepper, water fat, MSG, pepper mill, can add a little water (if using the type sauce slightly salty) and then caught fire kitchenette stir well, hand, careful lest spilled.

-When Boiler sauce in the match for the greaves, roasted bacon, dried shrimp, stirring and continue to cook for 1 more slices until you see her breath, for onion in and reminds down. Ceramic hot pot still very long to order dish will also concentrate more. Absolute attention to this dish was burnt light, smell is complicated here.

Storage Requirements fish dish has a thick swipe, not harshly but tasty salty, aromatic fat, occasionally chewing winning greaves or meat pieces roasted crispy aromatic

Someone replaced fried onion with lemon grind gold, also quite tasty, according to taste, but you choose offline.

It’s very appropriate to put boiled vegetables (gourd, cabbage, okra, spinach …) or wiped with cucumber, beans dragon, coffee bowl, banana, mango green … with tutoring few basil leaves, then more top

P / S: This dish is contraindicated with hypertension you and your kidneys are not good coz it’s quite salty, eating healthy is not where (1 day should not eat too 5-6g of salt)

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