Hotels in Koh Samui – Thailand

Hotels in Koh Samui, depending on your whim want near the sea or in the city, of course, near the sea will be higher room rates. In the city to pick up the car to go to the sea for bathing can compensate streetwear evening finished on sleep. Hotels near the beach, choose the following areas: Chaweng beach; Mae Nam; Bo Put; Lamai. Hotels in this area is close to the airport, far from the harbor. Price from $ 40 or more, if the hotel has a private beach, the price may be higher than 50 dollars.

Hotels near Na Thon harbor, near the bus station to other places, near the city (only about 20 of them), softer prices, some hotels increased private beach. Since this area is not very good sea, and calm.
Resort Samui Escape Resort, about 2 months before the price book is quite good, about 12k baht for 4 nights because it was the most expensive room of the resort, the beach front Bungalow rooms have private balconies, located close to the sea, rather than upstairs.

Your rating Maximilan: Resort Escape of little, from the mountains (the vertical ramp so you have to go across the street from the main resort) looking down at it as one slums. The space is small, grassy, ​​many with close together, but alone in front Bungalow Beach private quite a bit more comfortable. Sea here is not really close to the edge of the sea where the water is always, no sand, just like in Phan Thiet area near Hon Rom Asian side, so from the balcony (Southerners called row three) my room was there can jump into the sea are really always, literally beach front bungalow, adjacent sea surface hehe, 1 style beach front quite strange.
Surrounded by tropical gardens 1, Four Seasons Resort is located in an oasis in Laem Yai Bay, the area southeast of Koh Samui island.

Resort consists of 40 villas, the rooms are quite large and airy, the view overlooking the Bay of Laem Yai extremely beautiful.

Four Seasons Resort is the ideal place to stay if you want to experience the feeling between a jungle spa, immersed among an oasis of calm and enjoy the delicious cuisine own branded hotels, room rates from 31,000 baht ($ 990)
Jungle Club
Several reviews of Jungle Club you Thien Nguyen, this is a small resort, said the resort is not because it did not have anything but base bedrooms & pool. Located on the cliff of the mountain, far away from all that noisy bottom. J

Jungle Club with a dozen bedrooms, located on the mountain overlooking Chaweng beach in the distance. Towering steep road up to the ordinary vehicles could not get on. Samui Heaven sunny chang chang, despite warm sea breeze but still so but up to heaven here then cool completely. Restaurants are also bars, cafes & the reception is where the beautiful view ecstasy. These brightly colored chairs, the seats do low low Thai style for guests to sit there watching the sea Sky vastly different peace noisy Chaweng area. However only those who like quiet, then perhaps new pleasure here because here there was nothing, no television, limited internet … deserted quiet evening, want to go to book special-use vehicles go and not have to pay any taxi to get here. If you like a quiet resort and you may at Jungle Club.

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