How to prevent snake bites on your trip

1. Do not go on a pile of leaves items. Do not sit in the bushes, bamboo or beside a tree or termite mound where many cave rats, because these are the places often poisonous snakes hiding. At night, do not use bare hands waving twigs, hay, straw or flipping rocks, tree trunks down or thrown into the bush. Since this is a haven where predatory snakes, it is very ferocious likely bitten.
2. The venom of snakes dead still dangerous, so do not touch your mouth snake, snake head, especially when bruised limbs.
3. Darkness going to have lights and do not go barefoot, especially in rural and mountainous areas. And the thing is absolutely not tease snakes.
Refer to the aid of science Antitrust Bach Mai Hospital

★ Identify primitive about snakebite teeth marks:

– Encourage the patient mentally reassuring, supporting worry.
– Do not let the patient walk. Real limbs bitten by braces (for advocacy makes the poison enters the body faster). Remove jewelry in the legs, arms bites because it can cause pinched when that area was swollen.
– Apply a bandage estate measures with some kind of cobra (snake kraits, leggings nia, cobra and some like cobras often) estate bandage to slow the appearance of symptoms of paralysis. Do not bandage the bite viper, as it may aggravate the wound.
– Moving to the patient by means of medical facilities while maintaining a bandage, motionless. If the patient has difficulty breathing, the CPR (breaths or medical facilities on site such as ventilation, portable ventilator, ..).

★ bandage technique estate:

Use about 10 cm wide tape, if possible at least about 4.5 m long. Maybe elasticized stretch, cloth, or create your own from towels, clothing. Not trying to undress for easy leg, right arm movement, may override clothes ice.
* Tape relatively tight but not too much (enough to slip a finger between the sticky tape, still palpable vascular dam).
* Start tape toes, hands to the entire leg, hand bitten.
* Use a stiff brace (braces, wood, sticks, pieces of cardboard, …) fixed leg, arm with a splint.
* With a bite in the hand, fingers and forearm:

+ Tapes squeeze hands, forearms.
+ Use a fixed brace forearm and hand.
+ Towel or rope hanging around the neck of the patient.

* Maintain a bandage motionless until patients reach medical facilities capable of resuscitation or snake venom serum specific antibodies (doctors who decide to remove the bandage or not).
* Bites on his body: pressure on the bite, but do not limit the victim’s chest move.
* Bites in the head, face, neck: no ice at all, emergency transport to hospital patients.

★ Note:

1. DO NOT use as a tourniquet measures, slitting, sting or suck up leaves, ice, apply mayonnaise, lemon juice, sprinkle with pepper … because of possible infection, necrotic wounds.

2. Water your viper few specific types only, kraits scraper nia (black gold or black and white), cobra tiger buffalo (a square face, the spitting), green (green horizon horror) … Those children This is seen looking through goosebumps then, you try to remember what it’s good side, to describe to the doctor, the doctor also choose antitrust suit serum.

You read the note while in the woods there are many dangers many times larger than the solid, including mosquitoes, tiger, yellow flies, squeezed ….! So please read the following article for more information and experience to avoid, deal with animals can be dangerous for you while in the forest:
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