First aid methods for wounds on the way of Phượt

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1. Burns

Before the fire, the first thing is to observe the scene to help the victims, while avoiding hurting himself. Get rid of the cause of burn by separating the victim from incendiary material, remove clothing if catches fire, cooling the burn with water. The principle is that cooling burns the skin as soon as possible but also necessary to pay attention not use ice or ice directly to soak or compress, the implementation should be very gently to avoid pain, avoid breaking the blisters will lead to the risk of infection.

If the victim is conscious, need for oral rehydration. In cold weather, your body needs to keep warm for victims, encourage the victim to speak if they awake, it is also a means of supporting patients with panic, decrease pain, partly to avoid state squirrel.

With the case with many other injuries, if observed the victim experiencing breathing problems, bleeding, head injury, spinal, priority should conduct initial first aid before being transported to hospital.
2. The wound bled

This is the most common injuries are traffic accidents. Caused by the collision, with sharp objects or broken bones poked out of the skin, muscle, muscle damage and blood vessels, can also be caused due to compression software bruising, bone. Signs can be observed by eye as bruising or tearing of skin, body, visible open wound, saw bones poked out, saw a ray of blood sprayed by blood vessel damage. Victims feel chills, sweating, pale skin, if excessive bleeding leads to shock, unconsciousness, death.
Depending on the initial statements that might have different approaches:

– Wear gloves or plastic bags to aid clean to avoid spreading infections from victim-this is the best measure to protect yourself in this situation.

– The wound has a large object, it is best to plug into should not try to draw foreign body in place, this will be done at health facilities. Now foreign material role for wound hemostasis.

– Use your fingers to squeeze the two edges of the wound. Insert tape, gauze around the fixed foreign bodies. Note no ice cover on the object. Move the victim to a medical facility.
For bleeding wound without foreign body, should:

– Use clean gauze or cloth laminated directly onto the wound and hold to stop the bleeding and bandaged.

– Should management in place to stop the bleeding for the patient, not necessarily shipped to more favorable position except where the scene is too dirty, not safe.

– The victim lie on top posture and Heat lower leg.

– Regularly check the bottom position to view the tapes that have been pale because of anemia not to loosen ice nurtured accordingly. If you see blood seepage out the other tape overlap.
With bleeding wound crushed or broken chi:

– The wound severed expenditure shall certainly have vascular lesions, hemostasis should soon be severed limb was put into a clean plastic bag and stored in ice boxes, to avoid directly on ice.

– Wound with blood spraying into multiple beams ability to have blood vessel damage, if not promptly stop the bleeding victim can die from blood loss.

– Making haemostasis by Garo need tightly wrapped in position over the wound 3-5 cm. You can use a clean cloth made available Garo if not medical devices.
– Twisted Garo slowly until blood flowed out.
Note: Need to keep warm and to victims lying low in the first posture, the body has a high injury. Every 15 minutes or under seat area Garo seeing signs of cyanosis, then loosen Garo few seconds, then twist. When taken to the hospital, the patient in the lying position, do not use the motorcycle.
3. Fracture
When a bone is broken, typical symptoms are pain in the fractured, painful when touched or pressed to move, reduce or not to move the injured site, accompanied by swelling, bleeding out or bleeding in the present injured with bruising, swelling gradually. If open fractures, head bone can puncture the skin.

The first thing to do is temporarily fixed the broken parts. Avoid bone displacement, the bones may shift more to hurt the blood vessels, nerves, muscles. You can use homemade brace from wood, bamboo pole to fix the broken bone. If fractures near the joints, the joints must be fixed; such fractures need fixed femoral hip, knee, ankle. With the leg bones should try EOF knee, ankle; Wrist fractures and elbow joint fixed to the wrist joint.

Especially when open fractures, not only washed clean around the wound, apply an antiseptic and sterile bandage. Absolutely not pressed into the head fractures.

Then quickly bring the patient to the nearest medical facility for treatment. You can use the motor carrier fracture victims spent in a sitting position. However in the case of vertebral fractures or femoral need transportation on stretchers lying.
4. sprain, dislocation
Parts sprain, dislocation often signs: pain, difficulty moving, swelling, edema, bruising, deformity.
For sprains, should: Limit move the damaged area. Ice, squeeze lightly and apply ice to lesions. Some ask victims whether numbness of the extremities not to loosen the tape medium. If the extremities can see the pale, so loosen looser ice.

Dislocations: No movement joints joints that need fixed in position deviation. Do not rub hot oil or chiropractic which should only ice injured area. If dislocation in hand, you can use cloth hand fixed on the body and then taken to the nearest medical facility.
5. Trauma neck
Neck with spinal cord runs inside the spine, the motor control center feeling of the whole body. In emergency cases improperly, may cause victims to become handicapped for life.
When a victim was injured in the neck, the most important thing is fixed to the neck area well and avoid being rotated, flipped in the transport process. When no brace cervical spine, we can use a few newspapers, folded and lining around the victim’s neck instead of the collar so that the victims do not change position during transport. Absolutely not try to rotate the first victim of the normal posture. Quickly bring the victim to the nearest medical facility.

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