Jiuzhaigou – Wild paradise but charismatic

Jiuzhaigou is an attractions place located in Sichuan province, China, is one of the most beautiful destinations in China and in the V class list of the world heritage.

The nine most beautiful Buffalo Camp in autumn

The beautiful scenery of Jiuzhaigou was formed on the limestone mountains of sediment in the edge of the Tibetan plateau, known for the system of lakes and cascading waterfalls and snow-covered white peaks. Any season of the year, Jiuzhaigou has always been beautiful, seductive, but perhaps it actually became the “Prince of the paradise of humanity” in the fall, when the foliage to yellow red, off soi yourself down the line, the bottom shows blue water far away is the falls poured down the white water drops … beautiful space that makes people say date because not her anymore.

Move to Jiuzhaigou

From Vietnam to Chengdu

From Hanoi or HO CHI MINH CITY, the Vietnam Airlines flight you go to Chengdu-the capital of Sichuan. If luck buy tickets in promotional occasion, you will save a lot because the day tickets go up to 19 million//return guests. In addition, visitors to Hanoi can choose plane of China Southern Airlines transit in Guangzhou, the ticket price will be cheaper Vietnam Airlines. Alternatively, you can use the road through the media for a few days and then play Nanning fly to Chengdu.

In HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam Airlines fly directly to Chengdu which must transit in Bangkok or Hong Kong. If you want to save more than you can select Cathay flights transiting in Hong Kong with round-trip fares of nearly 10 million.

From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou scenic area located 560 km of The Municipality you can move with the aircraft of the airline, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, South China Airways and China Eastern from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Valley Airport takes about 50 minutes to 1 Emperor, about 80 more to go forward to Jiuzhaigou. The lowest round-trip fares of about 9 million.

If funding does not allow, or you want to take the tourism discover to experience the beauty of this land, you can take a car through Songpan, takes about 10-12 hours.

Rest in Jiuzhaigou

Around Jiuzhaigou has many hotels and homestay accommodation system of the Tibetan people, is just a 15 minutes welcome portal. The House offers budget rates, you can also enjoy the traditional cuisine and experience the culture of Tibetan people.

Jiuzhaigou also has a number of hotels 5 stars famous and extremely classy like InterContinental Resort Jiuzha Paradise or Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort cost about 6-7 million per night, hotel 4 stars as Jiuzhai Jin Jing an Hotel or Jiuzhaigou Xunji Hotel cost about 3-4.5 million per night. As the high season so the price here is pretty much higher than normal. More budget travelers can choose Hotel Jiuzhaigou Gesanghua, building No. 2 at a price of more than 300,000 VND/night for a bed in 8-bed dormitory rooms … The booking online on Agoda or Booking.

Explore Jiuzhaigou

The price of admission for one person will be about 220 CNY, the equivalent of almost 1 million USD. In the low season may be cheaper. Bus tickets to visit the score of 90 NDT. Because of Jiuzhaigou is quite extensive so if walking you’ll probably tired.

Jiuzhaigou has 114 Lake, 17, in a day you can not go out. Therefore, we can choose from a number of special attractions not to be missed here.

Pearl Coal’s waterfalls, the most beautiful and wild in the system falls 17 in Nine Buffalo Camp

Pearl coal is a waterfall of pearls, wild waterfalls for 17 of the waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou, here is the point of convergence of the streams, the Lake on the mountain taller 2,700 m. The location is located just before the forest with the carpet of leaves turn red and gold were brilliant, this waterfall is the ideal place to wander is to see rabbits, squirrels running around.

The nine Buffalo Camp full of vitality in spring

Iridescence is a deep lake maintenance 6, 6 m wide, nearly 3,000 m with water colors in crystal-clear waters to exotic look deep down bottom. The Lake is a focal point between the breathtaking natural scenery of Woods along with original unspoiled hills.

In the summer the trees are lush, cool

The Lake is located in the highest place of the Naval School, and end point is also the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou travel system with a circumference of 7, 5 km deep, over 100 m, the lake water is accumulation of ice on the mountain tops around. The special thing is that although the space cold, the lake water has not frozen.

Yak beef, specialty of the Tibetan people in Jiuzhaigou You can find buy the drugs North, mushrooms, herbs of Tibetan people Three to live here. Yak beef is also very delicious. In addition, the longer the souvenirs and handicraft of the Tibetan people, exquisitely small, well-known in Sichuan.

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