Phong Thổ – A cultural hotbed

Not pretty magnificent as plain developed provinces, Lai Chau Phong Tho general and in particular, still owns a beauty pure and pristine. But he re-sculpted beauty to the tourists the unforgettable beauty.

Phong Tho brings a pure beauty and pristine. Local people are always attracted to the part because phượt beautiful sites here, partly because of the unique festivals of ethnic groups in the region.
Not pretty magnificent as plain developed provinces, Lai Chau Phong Tho general and in particular, still owns a beauty pure and pristine. But he re-sculpted beauty to the tourists the unforgettable beauty. Let’s Blog Phượt come here to enjoy the festival of new rice, Han She festivals, fairs and other atolls offer an excellent way to know what made quaint beauty of this land.
1. Overview of Phong Tho

Phong Tho is a district located in the north of Lai Chau province, this is a district boundary adjustments in 2001 and 2004 to establish new Lai Chau town. Initially, the new Lai Chau town situated in the heart of the district whole, the region is currently in Tam Duong district. District is the town of Phong Tho (new).

There are also 17 communes: Si Lo Lau, Ma Chai Vang Ma Chai Ly, Mo Si San, Pa Vay Su, Mu Sang, Tung Qua Lin, atolls, Ban Lang, Ma Ly Pho Hoang: Then, Khong Lao, Xe, Muong So, Sui Sin Ho, Lan Nhi Thang, Huoi Luong.
The district has the north by Yunnan – China, west of Sin Ho district, east of Bat Xat district of Lao Cai province, south of Tam Duong district.
Medium mountain terrain and low mountain valleys interspersed cacxto (nearly 70% of the area with steep slopes on 25o), no big field, with high peaks 2,998 meters Salary Moc Bai and Nam Na River flows through.
2. Time can to Sin Ho
In September full moon (lunar calendar) every year, in Muong So new rice festival, if they want to explore the unique culture here, you can reach at this time Phong Tho. In addition, the fair atolls meeting on Thursday and Sunday in the commune center atolls, bold characteristics of human Phong Tho. So you can come here any time of year to attend this exciting market.

However, if it goes phượt, provide your street has many different destination, you can look over time at many rest stops as Sapa, Dien Bien, …
3. Hotels, motels in Phong Tho

Below is a list of hotels, motels in Phong Tho, you may choose to stop:

Hotels Hoang Lan

Address: Town, Phong Tho, Phong Tho, Lai Chau

Phone: 0231 3896264

Lan Anh II Hotel

Address: Town, Phong Tho, Phong Tho, Lai Chau

Phone: 0231 3896337

Hotels Phuong Thanh

Address: Town, Phong Tho, Phong Tho, Lai Chau

Phone: 0231 3897508
4. landmarks in Phong Tho

Visit Phong Tho, you can easily catch the twisty roads, steep uphill and down, there are sections with Z-shaped bends, … However, your beauty will make it hard to forget right away what you just right overcome.

Map Gold Pheo

Ban Pheo commune of Muong Vang, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province. This is the oldest living land of White Thai ethnic minority. Gold Pheo hospitable villagers, romantic mountain landscape, it has attracted many tourists to this place.
Located downtown Laizhou about 30km, the Golden Pheo up in a beautiful sunny afternoon. Japan is located clement weather, favorable terrain, located right Phu raisins mountain, the mountain is like a human aesthetic. This is where the interface between the two streams and the Nam Nam So Lum. Gold Pheo many old houses nestled inside the green rice field in a peaceful, quiet.

Japan’s Golden Pheo which preserved many ancient stilt houses, a special feature makes the culture. Thai White Gold Pheo very hospitable. Children are polite, elderly people are peaceful, they were willing to invite guests to dine, enjoy a casual meal, traditional cuisine and bold identity such as gobies bury the ashes, roasted spring fish, bamboo shoots Bitter, sweet bamboo shoots, dried buffalo meat, pork steamed endive soup and drink the warm flickering fire.
Map Gold Pheo is also home to many festivals, keeping many strokes community cultural activities. Each festival has its own identity as a festival: She Han (full moon lunar February), the Then Kin Pang (10/3 th of the lunar calendar), Kin Lau stitching color (full moon lunar September) Festival of the Golden Pheo with many unique folk games such as throwing, push rod, roller prison. On weekends or festivals, tourists flock here in large spaces to explore a Northwest peaceful and simple life of ethnic minorities, to tune in the dance, the lyrics of compatriots that “drunk love”, ecstatic with the colors of the uplands.

Golden Hot Spring Bouquets

Situated in a peaceful village, with the highway running through, now the hot springs resort Golden bouquet was PPC planning on 16ha area, in the list of projects for investment research development Lai Chau tourism period 2006 – 2020. The hot springs resort Golden bouquet tied with clusters of Muong attractions and economic zones Ma Lu Thang border gate on the scale planned 100ha. Divergence capital investment to support infrastructure development in 3 stages framework (2006-2010, 2010-2015, 2015-2020). In particular, the hot springs are classified Towards Gold tourist attractions local significance: unique, able to attract tourists.
The advantage over the hot spring bouquet Gold online tours in Laizhou city – Phong Tho – Sin Ho (on Highway 4D, 12, Provincial Road 128); Inter-provincial tours from Sapa (Lao Cai) through Yellow bouquet (Laizhou) and return to Dien Bien Phu historic visit. From gate Ma Lu Thang Road, Gold Towards can participate in online tours from China – Ma Lu Thang – Phong Tho – the city of Laizhou – Dien Bien Phu then take the surrounding provinces.

Ma Lu Thang border gate

Ma Lu Thang border gate Ma Li Po commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province. Ma Lu Thang is considered the key to boosting the economy of the district. Ma Lu Thang border gate is how the economic center of the country is quite far, can only transport of goods by road. The existence of the gate is that the transport system is quite weak to meet the large truck.
Pu Ta Leng

Located in the Hoang Lien Son Ta Leng commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province, Pu Ta Leng follow Pu Ta Leng called Hmong, with “Pu” means mountain. With a height of 3.049m compared to sea level, just behind the top of Fansipan (3.413m), Pu Ta Leng is also known as the “roof of Indochina Monday”, also called “the roof of Vietnam’s second” .
5. Market atolls session

Did not know that markets can self when, the elderly do not remember anymore, young people did not ask again. Just know themselves to date with horns on a calendar, they went to the fair – the meeting place, sale, barter of her children 8 Tho.Duoc upland commune Phong said the day the horn is on Ox and Hare within 12 days of the lunar zodiac should market atolls known as “horny market. Residents in the two animals concept brings up a prosperous life itself “to date” full 6 days once they reach the market. ”
Must wait until the day before the fair from down markets should have seen people very nervous. Enlisted men pig or put in a sack to carry down tomorrow morning market. Women gravitate choose beautiful dresses for mothers and children loose on their impulses to the market. Market brings joy outside the sale, so not surprising to see that people like to go shopping highland, love such market.

These commodities are also selling them taste very private mountain: it is honey, sticky rice cultivation, as having merit, bitter bamboo shoots, cardamom or very cleverly forged knife, the scent card for your back offering full moon day … all the dishes, “home-grown”.
Fair tan, old people sitting in the corner waiting for you old. They looked at each other, remembering the youth. They have to find each other after each fair though slightly hunched, legs were tired. Is that why they call fair highland region is “love market”. Market situation brought together young people, older people find trying to call people. Just so, the fair brought in meaning deeper humanity. Tan fair, they leave with so many living supplies, but also with the people out on the attachment resubmit cloudbase place, to wait until after the fair …

Market atolls regular meeting today on the Sunday, including the date on the calendar is not printed “with horns”. But even so, it did not come off that feeling of waiting before the market every day.
Fair atolls did not only sell-buy her son 8 upland commune that normal development, the traders from downstream to also carry all sorts of items for sale. The “specialty” in the atolls is purchased, bring near and far every road for people to enjoy.

That’s not a fair too noisy, which is a fair colored brocade overwhelmed. Long flush him down market like silk color between green mountains interrupt, pure white clouds that bring market today dug in it the traditional beauty blended with modern features. At the inlet where this pig, fair shows up as a colorful painting, worth enjoy most any traveler ever to Lai Chau.
6. The festival featured in Phong Tho

In Phong Tho, the festival featured her as Han festival, new rice festival in Muong So. Let’s take a closer look Blog Phượt unique features of the festival here:

Her festival Han

She Han festival honoring meritorious heroine expel invaders of White Thai people, was held recently to gratitude She Han, both seek a prosperous, peaceful life, human condition, luckily, for better weather throughout the village. The festival is celebrated on 15 February each year, at the Xi’an Muong So. On this day, people offer incense, flowers and agricultural products and foodstuffs produced by the villages.
Legend Han She came from a poor family in Chiang Tai Sa (now Muong So, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province). She was disguised as men, urged the youth to stand up for the young men unite to fight the enemy. She headed the uprising of the people 16 Thai origin defeat the enemy fearlessly northern invaders. After leading the troops return victorious, she bathing in water battered Xi’an (Muong So) and then ascended to heaven. Since then, remember the thanks of She, her children and held up the temple festival right in Bath She battered country.
She Han festival, in memory of the elderly at the Golden Pheo, the six articles by witchdoctors priest in charge, including: Tung but silk, silk Mission Charter, Jan OC, Jan hu bow, Then almost phét, General wilting bouquet. In particular, the festival has 32 folk dance of Thai people. The performers dance during the festival are rigorous selection from the young girl in the publication, meticulous training days. By day the ceremony, which will dance from the dance team in the Han She came shrine where dignitaries seated viewing.
Rather the main festival day, the villagers gather in front of the new Han She church temple reconstruction to see singing and dancing. The right oracles outdoor worship. Items offered include fruit Han She, chicken away and the bills of the Thai people. Witchdoctors cozy finished, the girls in the troupe with costumes skirt slender Com represent traditional folk songs praising the motherland, love and the virtues of heroic female minister.

New Rice Festival
Export Kin hotpot piece (Festival of new nuggets) of Muong So white Thais have a long life. Festival where people pray for good weather, good harvests, reproduces everything. The festival is also a place to exchange sentiments of the residents in the province. Over the years, this festival is not held to have faded away in the lives and minds of the people here.
Last year the festival was in 1961, over 46-year hiatus, the festival has now been held, reconstruction in Huoi En, Muong So and is held every year. At this festival, you will feel the harmony of heaven and earth, of yin and yang intertwined and the exchange of things. All these factors have created a very own carnival without nuggets communities in the Northwest also shown.
Traditionally cultivation of white Thai Muong So, they often grow past one rice crop, said today by applying advanced science and technology in agricultural production should people here have cultivated rice 2 service. Rice cereal is used to make sticky rice, there are many kinds of sticky rice can make cereal such as rice Liang phoenix, fragrant glutinous rice, sticky tan, sticky tangerine, sticky flower …

Before the ceremony took place yesterday one day, an old lady in the (already selected from previous assignments) has experience as nuggets with rice and a top female owner of the Council took the same rice. The grandmother plot moving ahead and read vows: “Through the process of plowing, tending rice fields now have nine gold, rice has cooked all over the field. Of the children will eat cereal organizations new, ask him Her main addresses rice is taken on as nuggets “.
Termination of vows, will cut a little old lady in the paddy fields that do form and guide the girls cut enough rice should take. Tools for cutting knives and sickles rice. These girls were chosen to cut rice also have certain standards: It must be a virgin girl, if the people who had family, it would be the calm harmonious family, healthy children , docile. According to the concept of the people here only those that get Rice to make new nuggets demonstrate maturity, the heads of the children, the integrity against the gods.

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