Lai Chau trip Part 3 – Some of unique festivals

Every festive season as people Laizhou back fond gun in the colorful dresses, eagerly together to soak up the bustling atmosphere here. Let us go through the festival highlights and find out how they stayed. (In this article we are not referring to the festivities taking place in areas of Muong Te, Phong Tho, Sin Ho, Tam Duong)

Further information about these features going phượt Laizhou, you can look at our previous post:
Term Khuong Festival
Khuong term is a form of traditional cultural activities of Thais. The festival is usually held after the harvest in November every year. Khuong Term Ceremony organized by the girls really are a pleasure to learn your partner then bid farewell to the husband. Therefore, limit Jiang has left so many memories and impressions of a young beautiful vibrant.
When it comes to Limit Khuong, Thais think of where dating – delivered coast with passionate lyrics of young men and women love Thai, a definition of living ancient culture of the Thai people. Muong Khuong make younger term, the Thai girls more love life, work production, closeness to nature, because of the Thai culture began from love life, starting from the customs and usages life of a nation are always sticking to the mountains. We can say that Jiang will fire more passionate hatred of humanity flowing with guests and friends from near and far to enjoy some pairs Jiang Term floor at festivals, the holiday till spring.

In addition to the familiar house of his floor, when the weather into spring, when the entered Muong festive season, young men and women together in the forest Thai take several trees felled to build a floor in the middle of empty land, Bamboo flooring can be constructed or wood, which is called the Term floor Khuong place for young men and women throughout Thailand to (sing) repartee. Limit floor Jiang prepare instruments for younger men, and women converge delivered coast; Thai girl is spinning, ginning, weaving, embroidery with thread color of all kinds, wood stove to light a fire. Tools for Thai boys include green crackers, crackers red, white crackers to knit cuttings, basket making, weaving OP, or knitting the animals to donate girlfriend, whom Thai boys have confessed in the night over to the grace. Pipe and bundles of bamboo soaked spots dry and pipe tobacco. Also some other items to knit brushes, knitting racket touched … and musical instruments like pan friend, PI PAP, PI stale, flute, male count …

Jiang anger about 1.2m tall building – 1.5m wide, 0.6m long, about 5 meters long, surrounded by railings were decorated carry national identity. Between anger Jiang has raised bamboo trees to long for both the tops and leaves intact decorative colorful seed called “Shake-built”. Tree “Shake-built” shades of the trees this universe. Four corner Khuong Term floor has 4 beautifully decorated small trees known as “Shake build”. 4 floor corner are stairs up and down, called “San bunch Han Khuong” (flower Term Floors Khuong). Jiang often selected subjects Term beautiful Thai girls of the Muong, have faith – financial counterpart sing called “Xao Sun Kuang”. Four girls sit at the four corners called “Xao shook build”. When the fire on the floor start heading up, flaming, glowing in a corner while the visualization is also the mistress Term Khuong withdraw ramp, turning away from her spinning wheel hanging across the way up – floor and the Qiang Term competition started. Now, the Thai men want on the floor, they must win the flower to her sing all Khuong Term floor. Word of the songs on poems often taken in Thailand “but then coil”, “bone screw host unit”. Once in the game, in addition to the words around to improvise between the Thai boys, one side is the mistress Term Khuong. Word Improv delicate, exquisitely expressed clever, gifted boys and girls Thai.

When improvising admire the boys in the theater, the girls drop down ladder touched the ground hands clinging to invite the boys to anger Jiang. After ascending Term Khuong, the girls continue to challenge talented, perseverance, to meet the son of the chair is not, the guy turns around please seats. So, please get seats then back around to please pipe tobacco … After a series of articles around, the boys have overcome challenges and get the girls agree to gatecrash to night. When boys and girls any attention to each other, in love with themselves, the self come together to show love with words across the calm, deep. Just like that, the fun attractive Thai girls pulling expressed by weaving, spinning, ginning indefatigable; while the boys workmen baskets, knit cuttings, flute competition, equal male hook melody hearts, love people.

As the late night, as drunk Khuong concentration limit by words around to, by quickly spinning, embroidery, knit cuttings, basket making of the Thai boys and girls. By this time, the elderly and children, though Jiang Rong lingering anger and turn left for the night is soup. Just rest on the floor as the boys Term Khuong, Thai girls shoulder to shoulder around the fire blazing pink cheeks spread makes eighteen twenties and more beautiful mistress Term Khuong. Khuong term may occur for several days, form a rich entertainment and diverse as: launching longer, dance spread, sheets that quick, industrious play … When dusk falls, living on the floor became passionate Khuong Term concentration and quiet words of boys and girls around the delivery of Thai coast. Along with around for, people to see may take up voice accompanied the night air makes Khuong Term becoming increasingly captivating. Jiang is at her limit tan all over the floor limit goodbye Khuong. By this time, no one said anything, each one hand, heavy pack son, daughter pack light and start the fire blew out alongside each other on the mountains at the east begins to dawn light, then, Her owners take an elevator Term Term Jiang Qiang stop the fun, but also echoes the night Term Khuong timeless.

Limit activities as attractive Khuong strange if I turn my mind around the words of the famous verse of Thais in “but then coil” is the Thai Northwest handed, oratorio through generations Contacts and embrace it with all the emotional singing passionate, earnest. Therefore, Jiang is cultural Term bold spiritual values ​​in everyday life, emotional symbol of Thais. Across the coast on the floor assigned as agglomeration Term Khuong Thai culture Northwest, where life originated and manifested features cultural events emotional spirit of the Thai people. Cultural activities on human hatred Khuong make more love life, look better life, life filled with gratitude, tolerance and compassion.
Flower Festival Committee

United Association Committee, held on the occasion of February 13 lunar year, when the weather starts to warm sunshine. The festival has an important significance for Thais. Council opens the flowers not only a festival of love and happiness to commemorate the story of the couple in the area but also to express filial piety toward grandparents, parents, sometimes cult forest god, god cave praying for good weather, good harvest. After the rainy season began blooming flower white board in the mountain, the Thai people in Northwest began pilgrimage Association.
The festival originated from the legend of Thai ethnicity: In the past, she stooped (Thai is poor, bitter) and he Tao Lu (ie rich) love each other but not the family’s approval. In the spring, two people invite each other to play East ngoang Beauty cave (grotto ve forest, cave Beauty News dependence Yen Bai province now). Shortly after, he felt dead, turned into a strong teamwork Lu (black, louder mites). She did not want to be squeezed pineapple affinity with other boys fled into the woods. She run, run forever, exhausted and die in the forest. Where she laid down a plant sprout white flowers, fragrant, sweet. People called it the flower committee.

Flowers that bloom right board in the spring, the time that he Lu and bend together outings cave. Every year, each spring, the flowers bloom white the northwestern mountains, and Thais around the Northwest in general, Lai Chau in particular are eagerly go to pilgrimage.

Lively festival with the original amusement. Reverberation hour bustle of Pi, known pan, drum gong. Khaen son, daughter helped put dance dances picking flowers.

It is an opportunity to meet, date, confidant of the double soul mate. The boy interrupts spring flowers best initial set up of the beloved hair. Shy girl, shyly hiding themselves under the original green buds. All expressed through guitar sound, singing and fervent prayer.
Xen Muong Festival

Xen Muong Festival (offerings Muong) is one of the biggest festivals of the year in Lai Chau, in tribute to the gods founded the Muong – naming the land where Thai people live, pray Thai people are prosperous and happy … The festival is held on lunar Dragon annual February in Muong Than, Than Uyen District, Lai Chau Province.
Each Muong siting, time, manner and conduct various ceremonies. Northwest Thais often organize this festival in headwater streams, which supply water to the entire Muong. However, Thai people in Muong Lo Black (Nghia Lo, Yen Bai) again held in a wooded area of ​​Muong banned, where the largest banyan tree, around the site “rest” of the dead. In Muong Lo, Nghe he mo (mo Muong), who oversees the owner theocratic old Muong and Relief Society hosted Xen Muong Festival. Here, Xen Muong ceremony must be worn by the son of aristocratic origin or Incumbents do sacrifice. Today, the noble title is no longer so Thais grab a coat of commune leaders sacrifice. The offerings by the whole Muong people contributed, could operate from two to four buffaloes. Particularly Thais in Yen Chau, Son La province, the white buffalo sacrifice. The weird thing is, buffalo must be the mo Xen Muong Nhe Canal looking, he does like the only child there, no matter what it’s anybody buffalo. People said he was he just sticks to mo, buffalo standing still with an almost hypnotized, the maid gave him only the buffalo on the festival venue. She also has three wheels but be sure to have nine buffalo meat, rice and wine. He professed mo seven times, inviting the gods, the ancestors of the ceremony and bless the people of Muong are plentiful and prosperous, joyful life. The game in Xen Muong Festival usually rhythmic round bat, throwing. Before starting, Thais set foot esplanade below 15m-20m high columns also. Muong Xen offering similar, except that there are hundreds more still on the Esplanade results. Join this game mainly young men, who threw tear atop the center column will still be regarded as a hero by chance …
Bun Festival scooping nam

This is the water festival of Laotians in Lai Chau. The festival is held before each season, to demand favorable rain, and wind and good crops. The amount of entertainment, traditional folk games, bearing deep … natives attracted ethnic communities around the region participated.
Right from the early morning, when the haze was ringed on the mountain, from the streets have seen ethnic relatives eagerly pulled on their center – the venue for the festival. Chief among these are the girls loose on their pulse Laos in traditional clothes with intricate patterns, bright smile holding hands, to see hoi.Phan worshiping deities bless demand for good weather, tree Mortars proliferate destructive pest, the healthy person, a happy home. The village elders and chiefs and young men and women in social mẹt beats, drum, palm leaf plucking, plucking crackers … pretending to thunder, rain. They hat, jacket-to-door to ask countries, please fortune heaven … These are actions meant fertility, rain down demand for good harvests fresh, bumper …
Joint Assembly began when the boy on, sister sub, regardless of the elderly, young children splashing stream pulled together. With more wet concept, luck will come much should anyone wish I was as wet as possible fall. Not only the indigenous people involved in the game, even the stream of visitors were immersed in cool water. All are fun, relaxed, laughter rang busy.

Carry on his sodden clothes, everyone ashore enjoy dishes made from agricultural products, by the Lao ethnic people such as rice, cake display, five-color sticky … The festival ends by the traditional folk games such as push sticks, throwing, tug …

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