Learn about Bai Tien – the northernmost point of the Bay of Nha Trang (Tìm hiểu về Bãi Tiên – điểm cực Bắc của Vịnh Nha Trang)

Tien beach is the northernmost point of Nha Trang Bay, where there are many famous sights such as:

Hang Old Man
Ke Ga (nose electricity)
Ganh Than Mui …
From downtown Nha Trang, Tran Phu extension bridge, past the fishing village of Three Village dreaming, when the road is protruding over the edge of the sea gave way to rocky mountains with an elevation of 200m above sea level, conquest of This high then drop her down, as you’ve reached the Penglai, where according to legend the ravishing landscape has attracted the fairies voltage fun.
A corner Bai Tien Beach

Here, the large rock with traces of lousy, as if to carve his mark at the same time challenging. There are dark rocks as the fire brick color with colored stones has huge clay … creating dramatic scenery.

But perhaps, the scene here just giving lyrical and most emotional people when there are waves on the cliff bucket, white foam.

Due to the impact of the tide, and in the burrow of thousands of waves every day, over time, is to make up the mysterious deep ravine in the rock texture. Waves as cliffs cut into the sharp rocks, forming strange figures in the imagination of visitors, with stone seats astride a giant plow.
Standing in the middle of a large rock, the sea breeze blowing inshore cage carrying saltiness of the ocean, watching the waves white foam is a wonderful experience, thrilling ecstasy mixed feelings, reflecting on his time. The waves violently that emotional as courage to challenge guests.
On the waves pushed into the rock and then broken down into white sea foam heaven immense sea and then returns a quiet space for a moment that people contemplate and feel the deep inside.

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