Some of Hotels in Vung Tau

Medicoast (Vung Tau), The Imperial, My Le, Son Thinh, Sammy Hotel if you have the financial conditions, range from 400k -1trieu / night, separate Ks Son Thinh is not for advance booking but the stable prices throughout the year, there is a decent buffet breakfast, 24 hour room and not calculated as the other ks 12 am to check out.
Besides the prestige ks 3, 4 stars as DicStar, Palace cost about $ 80 / day. But the tight economy to affordable destinations in Phan Van Tri Street side of Back Beach Thuy Van Street, price from 200k – 400k but holidays are double or more than 3.
Want cheap then into the rear 1 bit or in the alley, much cheaper than the facade. As Hoang Hoa Tham Street area, or areas behind Victory Hotel. Early booking should contact if going into the holiday season. Just call ahead to ask the price, the better. Some properties should refer. To find a cheap guesthouse must be in one little deeper, there are some guesthouse with 150-200k price (not overcharge weekend, reference prices 1/2012) Hotel Golden 209/54 Binh Gia Hy P8 tel 064.3582287, 0979793712 Me Call ahead for sure. Nghinh Feng Bao Vietnam 064.852478 Lodging (position themselves as the insurance tables on Vietnam): 064 3525589 Coconut Hill Hotels (beautiful view decent, room 2 star but extremely affordable price): 064 3852646 Ks Power (looking slightly ugly 1 bit but the room was fine): 064 3544544 Son Thinh System 064.523492 (4 the hotel at 4 different places) Hostels 126 Hoang Hoa Tham. Rooms are bright and spacious, with wifi, air conditioning, and a moderate price.
See also: Rating Hostel 52 – Vung Tau. Review Taihe Hotel, 45/14 Thuy Van, Vung Tau.

There are 03 apartments, each apartment has 5 rooms, 2 double rooms below ground, 1st floor there are 3 rooms 3 people, with a balcony. This step is welcome Mr. Do Muoi and several other senior officials to stop and resort in Long Hai with complete services from accommodation to the spa, massage. But now, the hotel has deteriorated and old Uncle less concerned by the repair and reinvestment. Contact: 064. 38 68 976; 38 68 010 – Ms. Often, Ms. Russia Double: 380k / room (Discounts are 300k, reference price 12/2012) Single: (No service) Devices in the room: no drinks mini refrigerator, TV slim + optical fiber, water heater , bath, linen and pillow white, dark red fleece blanket … Here, not put cooking receive less than 20 people, not for rent or borrow dishes to cook for the food service area, to rent a party 3, because the hotel only 2 Sister receptionist Overall, KS Long Hai has a relatively good service, courteous service attitude, gentle, fun and cute.

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