Myanmar – The strange things not everyone knows

Myanmar was once flourishing country of Asia, but those dozen years embargoed, Myanmar became too obsolete. But now, there’s  less than 10 years, this country has miraculous makeover, attempts to return to its golden memories. World travelers, including the bustling Vietnamese come to the pilgrimage on Earth Buddha and how experience other strange things.

1. Yangoon is one of those strange international airport. Fairly uncrowded airports, capacity use ¼ yet but is being renovated triple, expansion to catch early for upcoming development. No crowd or queue, out on the aircraft have the pipes take place.
Dedicated staff Guide and energetically to help move the luggage on the ticket counters, help make the procedures. The souvenirs, sold as the price in markets. There’s something somewhat confusing is the Declaration of entry for aviation on board is not of value, to the opening statements at the airport again.

2. The people of Myanmar are easy to distinguish from the Asean countries. First of all is the habit of paan, aging actor on nhóp of clubs throughout childhood, excessive water United Kingdom betel scattered. Everyone likes a little DAB of yellow powder from the surface up to hot Thanakha trees.

Especially men around in sandals, slipper, whether wearing the vest or to attend the wedding. Only officials and new army boots. People be free tickets to visit all sights of the country. Peaceful people, love to visit pagodas and donation, live slow type “student”, “tri-sexual Minority would rather beg than to steal”.

3. The pagoda in Myanmar more than school, the temple would also many towers, sometimes thousands of Golden Tower, up to tens of tons, with thousands of diamonds and precious stones, thousands of Buddha statues (Shwedagon Pagoda). Much of the temple has Buddhist symbolism and thousands of years old. The pagoda is not only home (the Temple) as much of the water that is both the campus, several dozen samples.

In the temple can only be Buddha (Buddhism) or those spires. The German tank depending on the field, each part work. The Buddha and the Tower in the temple for days each because constantly are more inlaid gold and silver of the Buddhists.
Several hundred metres long reclining Buddha (Khaukhtatgyi Temple), there is a heavy statue near thousand tons by the gem should have to finish building new monuments (Temple of Kyauk Taw Gyee). Thone Museum Wain with the man and symbolism, Buddhists can sometimes supply to about t. .. The Festival is usually attached to the temple, especially on the occasion of the full moon each month.

4. On the temple gate was to remove shoes and socks, including leather socks, go vacuum. The head of State is no exception. Police forces protect the pagoda in the occasions also “vacuum, bare head” service. Each slipper or deposits the Group were the price of 1000 kyats (about 2,000 dollars). If retrieved nylon bags (porous) shoe to carry handbags by price.
Visit the temple early in the morning or evening is best because of the heat. Should bring along wet towels to wipe the feet after each visit. The temple incense that not only use candles, burning outside the cell. Buddhists can accommodation and all the music held in the temple. Guests dressed in short, map is not too thin on the temple or to buy extra’s available for sale.

5. Professor in eastern Myanmar more than Myanmar, although the army is in the top ten most troops East. Professor Abbot whose Temple not only concentrate in school and Zen, where thousands of people as the Kyat Khat Wine. Professor go qifu gangui daily and eat like real people.
The only other is not eating after the first Sino-main (12 hours), non, non-crowded place, gathering do not use perfumes, cosmetics, not touched the women shared. Zen is the place to teach life skills for children, is the place where young men are on the tu before maturity. The summer holidays for children of South Temple entry, be held sincerely, bright.

6. the only world heritage of Myanmar is of a Pyu, of which the ruins of Kanbawza Thadi in Bago (I century BC-the century IX) Unesco World Heritage site in 2014. Due to embargoed and sever all ties, and many Buddhist relics of Myanmar have not been world recognized as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Bago, Kyaithtiyo Mahamuni pagoda (also called Payagi or Big Paya), Emerald, ancient wooden bridge and the world’s longest on Taungthaman Lake and Kuthodaw in Mandalay. Kuthodaw Tripiṭaka business masterpiece has engraved on a marble slab, 730 per high slab 1.5 m, width 1 m, thickness 0, 3 m, 2 faces, each face from 80-100 words, extremely sharp.

7. Traffic. Yangon banning motorcycles and bicycles should the whole street car. Most of the car’s right-hand drive but are running to the right. Taxis run only under the TRIPS Agreement, price not yet have watches charge according to passenger car travel. with up and down is located on the left side, right in the middle of the road, very inconvenient for people up or down should the car car accessories and guides Myanmar must always stand right in the door, blocking the car, to ensure the safety of visitors.

Both driver and car accessories are very enthusiastic, not sitting with guests and guides, just eat the box. Although the new development, Yangoon starting stranded but the order, do not squeeze the whistle and always give way to walk. The broad highway but yet good motorcycle, not running between the lines, just run 2 lateral margins (margin not) right or left.
The law of Myanmar is not yet required motorcycle riders wear helmets. There is also trisaw, a bicycle type modified to carry more people, by attaching more crate, there are 2 General seat backs, carry 2 people and have the right side of the wheel. Slender car appearance but can carry over 300 kg.

8. Cable not available in Myanmar, though many pagodas on over. Rather it is the kind of truck 2, not mui, seven more seats, seats 7 people, not to mention the cabin, run cross-country. There is also a procession, for 4 people 1 person procession. Bamboo body made the huge procession of umbrellas, diameter 10-15 cm, between the Chair announced for sitting or lying. The furniture and all the children are back on the top teams or gùi who hired porters. These were widely admired and maybe knock gùi several metres high. Each weighs more than hundred gùi signed, did the first team only got 30.

9. Myanmar time zone is also strange. The time zone difference countries every unit, while Myanmar then 0.5. Myanmar time zone earlier than VN 30 minutes. Myanmar’s national beverage is milk tea, light tea mixed with milk and honey, ensure drink no submission, not afraid to say or insomnia.
National grid is very weak so the hotels restaurant stores must use private generators. 9 new market opening but 16 hours was continental continue cleanup because 17 hours of electricity outages. Evening rest assured sleep, stay healthy to pilgrims since the night nothing yet to entertainment, including eating. Only coffee, tea, milk or junk food, no alcohol or beer shops get consistent shopping.

10. the social relations of Myanmar remains important to the South, from inside the House and out of the way to the temple. In the House, women must serve men, to clean also the General not the Wal. Zen no ni as leader, just go qifu mumo carried once a week, also increase. The wedding held in the morning until noon. Reception open gift envelope counting money and write the sender’s name on the books as soon as received.

The groom and the bride just open gifts. The Myanmar customary cremated but not retrieved the ashes to worship or brought into the temple. When dead, taking the Ark by Society in General, assistance, not to take on the way and just cremate, not burned. Also do not have enough servers because they believe that “death is through another world, no longer the King of the debt ceiling” …
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