Seeking some good places for food in Vung Tau

+ You should find some bakery wholesale food 80k VND in average range, but you do not think that price is getting so is quality, fresh furniture, bold tasting, and the sour soup delicious cobia it, drank all the water droplets no longer Commercial soups such lun, the dishes not to be missed in She should: fried rice with salted fish, grilled octopus, fried snail salad sense, cobia sour soup, fried fish, fried squid sauce milk. Mango salad snails from speaking enlightenment, thick yarn thick mango it safe to eat sweet and sour sweet and sour crispy, crunchy real big iron arc enlightenment, also delicious sauce dotted with images hehe 100% lun way, m looking image is m Review quality rather rùi hehe j. White shop is located near the palace, near the cable car park before, only 1 bar She should stop, easy to find too

+ Eat crab house fronting the ship were purchased at market crab Ward 1, Le Quy Don street, his house once to go and buy in here all the women sell crabs tel 0943455510 sister moon, only sold boiled dùm always, salt and pepper home just as delicious seafood is No. 1 kaka

+ Eat cake original Khot breast milk than enough to make people know it already ha. There is one sign the cuisine all about this dish:
+ Breakfast Bun Bo Hue BenNgu shop, 19-21 Le Van Loc crossroads area wells, 0979208679, light selling from 06-13h, 16-23h afternoon, Mini cool rop trees
+ Or breakfast Hai Hoang beef noodle shops are selling much more water dish: beef noodle dishes finest in Oday, bun grows, chicken noodle, chicken noodle, rice-noodle, bread soup 30k price range (140 Le Lai, 0908 380 989 )

+ Lunch, eat vegetables Episode Museum shop Com Nieu – 5 Tran Hung Dao / Sunflower Meal plates, affordable, and tasty but can be slightly dirty. or rice Quan Hong Van – 14 Truong Cong Dinh – This shop tasty ne

+ 3h Dinner Games, porridge please, squid, shrimp, oysters: down 4 vs Hoang Hoa Tham Nguyen Truong, even gas stations with car porridge please, sell dimensional range 3-4h

+ Fish fried members: Right next to Sea Cat cafe (38 Quang Trung, even beach front)
+ Hotpot rays: 40 Truong Cong Dinh (if frozen too through customary reserve 68 Nguyen Truong)
+ Eat Night road Chieu
+ Real shop gulping: 105 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, as flu salt egg, duck tongue Sapo, steamed clams with lemon leaves, averaging 60k / saucers, airy sitting roadside (sale ne night)
+ On the way to visit friends eat seafood on Long Son: Hao
(People travel from the port of Vung Tau, Ba Ria luon..hoi offered one way to visit Long Son … Go to Ben Stone sends in homes and vehicles have 2 friends that German Village Little (left) and Long Son (right) Large Raft free phi..2 his side dish fixed idea.
Information last updated in 2015 for the friend had seafood on Long Son is cost quite expensive. Seafood is now not as good as expected. If there had, it’s best to eat chicken (quite tasty). Going on holiday for 3 people can burn off more than 1 million in seafood but not how much to eat. Consideration should be given prior to this location
After the order is complete and waiting for food, I’ll be moving out some peanuts disk dissipated in the meantime. Especially served with an eggplant dish + pickles, take a cup of shrimp paste. Chẹp, chẹp tasty with aromatic say it was not nothing: X. Salt pickle here right kind of person to be a little north galangal in salt mature enough to eat and bitter, just smelled fragrant galangal. Shrimp paste sauce, the right not to catch doping should put you too, I would call 2 forks to eat for pleasure mouth
Taking pot meal is of course to have pots and rice. Rice is cooked very flexible here are light, non sticky rice mixed plastics from anywhere. Above is coated elderberry, bottom layer, delicious.
Price is 10,000 / pots.
Braised perch, shark Shark 2 child sized palm. Warehouse quite glue water, rice is eaten with fire, Copy. I must sit shaved to put fire in the pot rice with braised fish this water.
Price 55k / clay.
Sauté meat burnt edges, nothing too special but quite separate marinated pineapple, eat not too dry, too fat. Sip with the toẹt pickles.
Price: 75k / plate.
Sour soup cooked clams, count yourself in soup bowl is about 10 clam, but not small enough to where ^^. Sour soup cooked with sour star fruit so natural, sweet broth. Particularly his alone drank 2 cups of soup all.
Price: 55k / Car
Total of 2 kids his tray, fed distension, very satisfied with the price and quality. Next time travel has given her Vung Tau will back to the shop.
Plus mark:
– The price is quite cheap.
– The quality of good food
Minus point:
– Due to the hotel serves up the Union when his second child on staff seems to neglect, not want to serve and serve kind of protest. Particularly the impressive amounts toss menu on the table for their guests may be loud and ~. ~
– The restaurant specializes in cooking for the group, and cooked just enough, if a customer ordered extra kitchen nor cook, nor crying little too cooked. Quite strange this type of restaurant

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