Cô Tô – Quảng Ninh – Referenced schedule

LEADER to provide reference see: Coming to Coto. You will go on the white sandy beach stretches, catch the sunrise and sunset on the beach, enjoy the sea food, watching the night sea overflowing. Sea is not only beautiful in the summer, but winter too.

★ Day 1

– 5:30: Focus Vinh Tuy bridge, above the turn to Times City stood on the sidewalk looking at the opposite to be Topcare appliance.

– 6h00: Depart. Vinh Tuy – Tp. Bac Ninh – Ha Long City – Cua Ong – Cai Rong

+ Breakfast on the go

+ Lunch with advance purchase fare.

+ Tired when at rest and then by tp. Halong roamed and Cua Ong choet shooting straight.

– 12h00: Arrive at Cai Rong, sending the car. 13h20 train up to Coto. Can “fix” light up on time as long as half an hour early to train with reasonable seat for the time out to the island and took nearly 3 hours.

– 15:00 Check-in Coto. Check in and rest. Then playing, eating, singing, dancing. Tired of sleeping draft power on 2.
★ Day 2

– 5:30: Wake dawn on lighthouse.

– 7:00 am: Breakfast, carrying essential items.

+ Get motorbike and explore the island’s attractions such as: Beach floating, North Van military port, beaches da..vv.

+ Lunch will be brought offline map! For lunch, will not return to the homestay.

+ Enjoy the beach Hongwen: very beautiful and poetic in the afternoon.

– 17h00: Back to homestay.
★ Day 3

– 5:30: Wake up military style.

– Buy food and boarding at 6h00 am.

– 9h00: take the car and withdraw.

+ On the way can cross Halong fall if not early. The reason for such early afternoon around 3:30 train from New ashore Coto should be late for everybody and playing time is so beautiful, not too long, not too short.

– Go to Hanoi: Goodbye and arrange a tour. Summarizing, offline, sharing photos.

– Trains (wooden boat): … / 2 pm

– Rooms homestay (6-8 ng on room, common wc, shower with hot and cold): … / 2 days

– Food additives: … / 3 morning.

– Main Dining:

+ 2 night homestay: …

+ 2 lunches and toys purchased before noon on 3: …

– Motorcycle Rental in island: … / person. (2 people 1 car: D)

– General car Petrol Group (refill before going), water, paper towels, Parking: …

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