Remember of the autumm days in Nikko

I’m just in Tokyo for two days and then catch the boat at Nikko. Maybe I am too old should not match the most expensive city in the world. What horrible eastern city! Street, the station full of people wearing black suits rush is full of stress, that’s hard to find the buried in this glorious smile.

Shinkansen stops at Utsunomiya station I change through Nikko line go Nikko. Nikko started causing me sympathy from the ship, from paint color to the train station where the train stopped at Nikko. Small terminal with ancient architecture reminiscent of his frightening da LAT station.
I visit the ticket counter to buy a bus pass for 2 days and then left the station to go on the bed and Sumaica is just a few minutes walk. Accommodation in of a young couple also had blood come play furious! Accommodation in tiny but very neat & spouses are good friendly belly full. Check-in time is 4 pm here should I send laptop backpacks luggage again and then started wandering to discover Nikko.
If going for most of the places I filtered out from Lonely Planet & Tripavisor least I must have four days here. But I no longer like so I am forced to filter back, and then enlist arrange reasonable time according to forecast where here to just go play was just comfortable relax rather than forcing yourself to run the “show” mark the check in.
Nikko tranquility to strange. Nikko, tiny but also very charming. Afternoon light, sunny autumn I rảo stepped on the path of the trees the leaves red leaf, yellow of the stores be pretty pretty sparse to immerse yourself into a Nikko quietly as for me.

On the currency I to Nikko cold, very dark & lick the sky as night Nikko as colder. Nikko fascinated me from the temple, from roadside trees to the friendly smile of the sales people here & of course all the friendliness of the husband and wife owners. All that has made me love this place even more.
Nikko night away horrible! Every afternoon the Café is closed then, sporadically somewhere few restaurants also welcome lights red. I stopped at the small supermarket near the Inn, buy less food for dinner & Breakfast joint to the next accommodation dinner together hordes of backpackers from all over the world are implied here eat talk share the trips or the destination in Nikko.

Accommodation in not to dilute customers should not as accommodation at another place I used in the past. We almost know each other’s name & feel friendly with each other as had known each other from before. I enlist PR for his country, took the picture of me taken at con DAO Island, Hoi An, Sapa … out the example they play & results is a Spanish guy to stick finger! It said to the week it will fly to Hanoi, and then from there make a trip to Vietnam always!

Are eight stories, I get comments of her friends in Tokyo has ever come to try shower said Nikko onsen in this region. I turned to ask the husband and wife owners of the Inn, so is he her husband inspired high right: “right! You must try the onsen! Outdoor Onsen is very good! Use ground water damage and not the fake goods as the other place! ” I ask you now to go was not for 10 pm & beyond city not a shadow person. You said yes to the previous bath onsen at bedtime, good new! He said the British couple each week all went 3-4 times … I like it when you hear the real sports great onsen and want to try right away but don’t know to go to this khoắc at late star when her way outdoor onsen accommodation few kilometres. As read my mind he said now “T.o., you want to go get the truck I no go passenger onsen!”

Oh, who’s that good? Between the cold night not be sufficient space for sleeping wife ask? Hihi I think transient so it quickly about the room change go with you again with onsen.
Run the car approximately 7 ‘ is to onsen, this open-air onsen wrapped around the Lake bath is very beautiful maple leaf trees, open from morning until afternoon 2 h & here is the record of 26:00. The ticket price is 800 yen equivalent to 160k free money. The process is essentially a simple onsen bath after bath (men and women separate) remove everything done clean bath locker into before then down indoor onsen bath. Always prepare a small towel to wet absorbent team up early at a dip. Soaking time finishing up back down then clean bath soak back a little more and then onto dry clothes to go about. First I don’t know onsen process should be given a sheet of paper with the figure shows onsen bath steps to rescue soaking hihi.

As well as his side go onsen bath bathing hot springs but the older rules & more popular … as well as the forced naked singularity at the new bath wants to die but gradually also see normally again. In General, this bath after a day of go play move rolls very has so then I’m always addicted hahha.
Time is after the half England Motel owner runs through the procession. You sing first feeling question shows onsen bath stars like & on the way home he stopped for us to see these deer are standing on either side of the road grazing or signs that bear the place and that this area bear also appears very much!
The onsen bath recovers, I climb a long wearing shine bed for you when the snoring roommates backpacker so to someone or green & cloudy all night …

Soon the sun rises very early tomorrow, as the name “Prince of the rising sun”, I catch the bus from Ben going by the route was planned last night.
The Red leaves of autumn gold leaf Nikko coming very soon. To Nikko the majority is to go hiking on the early bus you should easily find countless visitors have had better bring back young and old legs wear shoes clustered hiking rucksacks, standing sitting filled the car. I was also on the line of tourists & Republic had stupor when the car goes through the forests of brilliant red leaf, yellow leaf slopes pass winding tree-lush green cover or blond color Street leaves collecting under mai as pouring fresh yellow bile.

I had a 4 hour hike around the Lake Chuzenji beautiful, never have I been going on the road to beautiful Lake! As goes the more love and not tired. That is why tired when I walked route rich red gold of the autumn foliage, and then Lake in veo, a cool climate, go have a leg strain the small house to rest Lake. All passionate, I did not want to hurry, step-mad si feared he would miss the road 14 km around the Lake will quickly through the …
I also go add few more places I’ve planned schedule. I bought unlimited ride pass for 2 days so that it can go all the places that I want to but I stopped … Stop not because of tired, tired foot because that is because suddenly I want to sit out from the Lake, sipping cups of cafe to see the nature of this place, to inhale more deeply flavored red shades of the same color on the Lake-autumn gold of autumn are flaming … to that feeling of autumn’s gold from flowing across her body from lan instead of having to hustle out to the shuttle bus to bus station.

The day at Nikko has passed gently like that! No rush, no fuss … but everything deposition, gentle, quiet passed as flakes fell lightly on the Lake under the thin breeze just ignored drifting. Last night in Nikko, hordes of backpacker we gather small desk side eight stories continue because at night, don’t know where to go from here and a few outdoor winds currency moment but also pretty cold. I send a small gift is the fabric bags with prints of the Dragon bridge in his home town for the motel owner & wife get tangled hissing noise thanks …

I left Nikko in the morning currency after two days immersed in the colours of the autumn high region. Picture a beautiful friendly Japan safe from the Nikko has left in me limitless love. Look at cruise seen Nikko won the Japanese right: Nikko is Nippon.
Trust me, to this place that you will also like Nikko like me…

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