[ Review ] Signature Cruise in Ha Long Bay (2nd Day)

On the morning in yachts, the first activity is your favorite person to Taichi, if you are a light sleeper, then there will be no participants this activity cợ. Around the instructor was waiting for available on the warped Board, you will be directed to the basic movements of this healthy sport within 30 minutes.

Breakfast at 7:00 pm with Western-style bread, butter jam. If you are the population of Asia is also not fit, however if do not want to eat bread, butter jam you can notice the restaurant prepares for you the egg tangent. Also if you go to the program 3 days then will have 2 breakfast, of which only 1 Soft meal-breakfast (bread), and a Light breakfast-breakfast (buffet with variety of dishes such as Soup, meat, eggs, etc.).

If you go 2 days program

Visit the schedule on May 2 with the you go 2 day program will visit the cave About 8:00. Group of tourists down tender conveyed to visiting caves. Morning visit hang quite absent, by organizing yachts at least visit the cave at breakfast, this is also a reasonable arrangement. Should you go soft shoes by the wet spot, hang in there and also have to walk much, so should not go barefoot or slippers. Talk more about the Cave: 1 in wide and most beautiful cave again in HA Long Bay, the inside is decorated in colorful lights, hang is divided into 3 rooms (including 3 small caves). You will be led away in turn guides through this cave, every major wide cave are different, there are many unique shoots stalactites form many formations.

Back room about 9:30, you pack your luggage, paying for drinks, and eat lunch soon, usually eat buffet, do lunch soon you should eat to be healthy enough to return to Hanoi. On the road still has stops at vacation spots, if hungry you can eat more.

With 3 day schedule

You will not have to get up early, or if the set is finished you can about taichi to rest a little bit, maybe a late breakfast at 7:30-8:00. Around 8:30 you will transport small boats to go to the area Three Peach and Light & Dark Cave Cave area. Here you will be kayaking tour of the mouth of the cave on sea kayaking, visiting uninhabited beach. The small beach accessible only by kayak or small boat. A further experience is also very interesting to join the cruise. Noon, the ship will stop in the Park 1 small Bay, where you will have lunch on the boat, enjoy seafood cuisine in a beautiful setting and glamour.

The afternoon if you have tired hands then can sit the boat-boat visiting the area Three Peach, or continue kayaking exploring the beautiful scenery that can only be reached by kayak. About 16.30 you back big boat, to rest and relax on the train.

On the morning of 3rd day will look like the program go 2 days that is visiting the cave, lunch on board and on shore again.

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