Saigon – Dalat Trip: Discover and Sharing (pt3)

Visit to Dalat, there’s impossible we can’t visit some of the coffee pub which very characteristic of city of “smog”. But also the coffee here-consistent of Cung To Chieu’s pub we visit, a very special, made many curious opinion-split crew walked us into two groups: 1 people decide whether to climb the Hill pub and endless absolutely no power light, clear up the way; 4 the rest decided to retreat because the feeling u rờn horror, dark or afraid of something. About this coffee shop maybe I will write a few short lines in the next article of Dalat but it’s actually still not enough mystery, President, fascinating as envisioned when reading people writing about it. When leaving the restaurant, we have four appointments you go out together from Xuan Huong Lake to sit, SIP beer in the same wind mountain, along the cold colors of mellow night in mountain city. Of you that have not come out because of the hotel, and maybe they are afraid of the cold. During that time we separated, we realized the moment has previously mounted and will always be mounted during the cruise then return.

Immerse yourself in the night away, listen to thousands of micro-pine forests along wind tufa lilugu, we sit here, who made the quarter finals, feelings, empathy, though we don’t say much. In fact, many things not said, to feel cooler, more keenly. A few cans of beer in the same few simple enough fast food make an experience very interesting and unusual. Tomorrow, we go on. And this time, we will be happy to food poisoning, will become long-term friends, also can forever never met. Accidental encounter and an impromptu journey help us empathy, there are moments of love, help sincerely. The bullshits and both the stories of his life, the mentality was revealed. There are about worried all four people stop overlooking the tranquil lake, to dress for the cold wind hiu doused the ridding in the face. It seems like my heart had become a Lake, it’s peaceful, soothing, relaxing, as the night air Thinketh Bong da LAT. You talk to music, said to Zheng, came to the cafe, the trips and the diocese. I mentioned the song “Embryonic phase” and said a few things about the mind of Miss gang dreadful footsteps. So cold I could not sing for everyone to listen to the lyrics “the embryo phase”, although earlier, in this cafe I also sing. Don’t know with three of my remaining Companion (Tuan, Quang, Thuận) sit on the Lake that night feeling like how but to me, it’s one of those incredibly silent during the trip. From the stranger, we already know, and can, in time, was very endearing, copper, listen to each other. I had forgotten all the sorrow, the soul as to be freed from the previous pressing. And to this, the more I ride the manner than what is important is the people we live with each other by the legs, good listener, love and sharing, no matter far or near. The accidental always brings the pleasure of surprise, interesting.

Many people often say I’m tough, or hard to share, or live with big egos, etc. I never vặc back or refute anything. My life is because I choose and not everyone can fit, can share or listen to. So I am limited to a certain extent, according to a principle of work or socializing. I found myself not self-contained, never have thought myself than other people that conduct critical contempt, or disparagement. With me only and not appropriate. Combine the same share, not then stop at societal, things most needed for the job. In the more general trip, I also do not see the full discharge, are completely at ease, still see the ripple gờn this person to the other Italian or have your directions are not harmonized. May also be due to me, I like other things, like going to another, were offensive to people. And in all cases, I silence and then at need, according to the crowd. Rest, every time possible to go in the direction of his discovery, according to your preferences. This I must admit these units do tour is also quite essential, when they spent the interval of time for the guests to freely explore, besides the fixed schedule.

I must say somewhat long lines a bit so to again assert the significance of this trip. I myself and many of you I say so right, should not travel in a group which should go in small groups, the same interests, orientation will be more comfortable. Though I and 6 past companions first met, first go but found it very compatible. No need to introduce or say too much, we, since the full set, the departing official, were considered together as a block, a cohesive collective, together, help with each other throughout the long way. Anyone have the ego, and in young people with me, who also has a very strong personality. Song’s all aside, leaving all the uncomfortable or frustrated with what is not just that other people do, to the common goal oriented, discover, safety, solidarity. The companion, the young people, in that they always have the indifferent, the gas very frankly, promptly of the South, including the generous and always respect other guys. That, I had to learn, and because of the spirit, we have a full trip.

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