Easternmost of Vietnam – Schedule to conquer it

Currently, the desire of enthusiasts “Phượt” he became involved in the 4-pole and conquering one peak of Vietnam, they always study the same street, the novelty and attractive plan to implement longing mine.
Easternmost – point located at Mui Doi, of Dam Mon, Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa is one of two poles with the most arduous journey. If southernmost just sit ship out to Ca Mau, Bac, the lone pole on Lung Cu flagpole quite simple, the westernmost and easternmost Apachai – Nose Sometimes is hard to conquer the supply lines, requiring We need patience and determination to conquer.
To reach the easternmost – Nose Sometimes, now more experienced Phượt People have found many different way out, but in the final is still the stamina and ability trekking – walk on the sand and in the woods in the period 5 hours of time in the sun is hot.


The time
4 day 3 night (31/8 type, 3/9 on)
Derived from HCM
Destination: Nose Sometimes, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa
Way 1: HCM- Phan Thiet (190km)
4 hours starting at 4 Hang Xanh intersection (or 4 Thu Duc Falls): Taking the Saigon road section under 1A [3 Oil Falls 3 VT Leaning Wire – Long Khanh – Xuan Loc – Ham Tan – Ham Thuan Nam (Ta Resort Owl if u can look into taking its gate is finished go on, but the port has nothing but shooting cm) – Phan Thiet].

Way 2: Phan Thiet – Mui Ne White Lake (30km)

10h, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne – White Lake (supply road to the White Lake Mui Ne somewhat beautiful: D)
Way 3: Bau Trang – Phan Rang (108km)

11h30, White Lake – White Lake Road cross land – Tuy Phong – Ca Na (this place beautiful rest stop shooting size 15-30 minutes, she heard that electric mountain, there should climb ko?) – Po Klong Garai – Phan Rang 150km (13h), lunch, rest, sleep one hour.

Way 4: Phan Rang – Hon Ba (110km)

14h, Depart from Phan Rang under 1A – Cam Ranh – peak Hon Ba (road 37km from the foot to the top size, enlist refuel for certain persons, full finished on top then, from Nha Trang 30km as the crow flies, 60km follow road) (next 18h). Overnight on Hon Ba.

Way 5: Hon Ba – Nha Trang (60km)

8h, Hon Ba Dinh – Suoi Dau (right downlink) – Nha Trang
Breakfast, swimming, visiting Nha Trang (Nha Trang nothing hot to tour ???)
6th stage: Nha Trang – Dam Mon – Home Note 2 (100km)

Lunch 12h from Nha Trang to Dam Mon
Crossing the dunes by motorcycle
Resting at home pay 2
Stations 7: The uncle 2 – Bai Rang (8km)

Duration: about 15 hours starting travel to the East Pole, approximately 18h to Bai Rang
19h began to set up camp, evening campfire dining, grilled seafood at the Beach Rang 1km from the easternmost Department inox
Stations 8: Conquering the easternmost tip (1km) light

Time: 4am – 8am
Jump rapids, climb rocks to get to the Department of stainless steel double bow
This leg will climb 2 going 1, 2 go cliff with second rotation grip

Stations 9: Peak Pole East – The Note 2 – Cape Electrical – Hai Dang Dai Lanh (50km)

Way 10: Lighthouse Dai Lanh – Nha Trang (100km)

16h comes in Nha Trang
19h experience Nha Trang at night, eating fun

Way 11: Nha Trang – Hy – Phan Rang (130km)

4h from Nha Trang Cam Ranh – Hy (ow along the shoreline of the mountain god, new roads, how beautiful, study whether to visit any place, of course, along the way for Hy had photographed and, Sea bathing here is very tasty) – Phan Rang (rumored to have Nam Cuong sand hill, …)

Way 12: Phan Rang – Phong Phan Thiet But (160km)

9h comes in Tuy Phong Co Thach has sea, beach lunch (if there is time to shower nhìu)
Tuy Phong – Phan Ri – Phan Thiet under 1A (ko along the White Lake again, because his leg went the same street and then)
Way 13: Phan Thiet – Mui Ke Ga Lagi- (70km)

13h, Phan Thiet – Lagi: take the supply by sea, had Ke Ga, shooting Ke Ga Lighthouse die with, rest a little there, will not have time for themselves through the Lighthouse where.

Way 14: Lagi – or Lagi Saigon – Binh Chau – Ho Coc – Ho Tram – Saigon

Visit Lagi Town 2 user (1: 1A and 2: user Binh Chau – Ho Coc – Ho Tram), if people still pulses then go towards 2, did not take the 1A again, go sea more beautiful than the little car, Police little more, but it farther …….
20h presence in Saigon, ending journey


Details phượt prepares fully for the trip here

Phượt necessary baggage for the trip to conquer Eastern Arctic


Prepare 1 million in the bag for sure, no charges for gasoline (petrol money share, 1 car 2)

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