Schedule for conquering the Ngoc Linh Top (Kon Tum) – 3 days 2 nights

I. The individual items carry

– Hammock (with nets), blankets, sleeping bags – Note for night sleep top side very cold, from experience before the group stage can not sleep.
– Raincoat sets, large format canvas to cover the hammock rain.
– Small island.
– Swipe fire, flashlight.
– Footwear climbing.
– Whistle Signalling (Change = 03 radios because he Thien charge)
– Change of clothing, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, socks.
– Topical, anti-mosquito spray, squeeze (This one I would buy quickly to all the unions).
– Personal toiletries (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper).
– Food miles: you should buy chocolate or Chocopie, dry food to eat grab power walk.
II. The items common to all delegations (all of this part will buy before starting)
– Bat, 5x5m large plastic sheet (2 sheets)
– Con, mini gas cylinder + head torch, pots
– The cold medicines, reduce fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, oil wind, Salonpas gel.
– Food: canned goods, noodles, bread, rice, coffee …
– Wine (help people stay warm, easy to sleep, the fatigue)
– Sulfur powder sprinkled around sleeping quarters to chasing snakes
– Full, range 20-30m to stretch canvas, milestones up tents, help you to climb up or down the mountain.

III. Tentative schedule
1. The first day:
– 9h00: Derived from the popular KT – 3 Indochina fell 03 border check milestone.
– 13h00: Lunch in town and go to Dakglei Ngoc Linh, expected at 16h00 going to the commune. Contact communes or schools to apply slept. Then loanh quoanh the terraces (if the sky is not dark)
– Dinner at school and slept here
2. The second day:
– 5h00: Wake up, personal hygiene, breakfast.
– 5.30: Starting the climb.
– 9:00 Break, snacks between sessions.
– 9h30: Continue climbing.
– 11h00: Rest for lunch.
– 12h00: Continue to climb to the top side (at 2500m altitude range) (expected to 15:00), divided into 2 groups: one group up camp, prepare the sleeping area then climb back. 1 group continued climbing set milestones.
– Anticipated Games 1700 will complete the entire set milestones i-nox, shooting … and on top side sleeping dinner.
3. The third day:
– 6:00 am: Wake up, personal hygiene. Continuing to climb to the summit if the day before unfinished.
– 08h00: Down the mountain. It is expected to reach 14:00 Ngoc Linh going on.
– 14h – 18h starting on Provincial Road 672 KT direction through TuMoRong district.
– 18h recently withdrew dinner experiences on the trip. Then parted.

V. Funding:
Expected revenue per 1 million gasoline vehicles and personal belongings, then you take care.

Inside :

– 5 Poster: 200 / day x 2 days x 05 people = 2 million.
– Buy supplies for the whole group, the food ….

★ A leader of rules generally require:

– Absolutely comply with the assignment, arrangement direction of the Head of Delegation and Deputy Group.
– Absolutely not separated for any group for any reason. When you need to stop for a rest, toileting, photograph .. you must immediately inform the Head / Deputy Group to jointly stop the whole convoy.
– All of the items listed in Section II (individual items carry), you are REQUIRED to have offline.

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