Trip of Haiphong – Danang in three days

Today I would like to send you a schedule from Da Nang Hai Phong to fit on time as well as funding for those who do not have the financial capability. Now let’s to see them!


Day 1:

On top of the long run a bit to cushion a few days later was pretty tired
1. Hai Phong Highway 10 Ninh Binh City TX -QL1 to Tam Diep (Ninh Binh) about 150 km road moderate.
2. TX Tam Diep Minh trail pushing his way up through the Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa diocese about 40km, the road was a bit tight though. Remember to ask people who know they’ll show.
3. Lunch at restaurant rows like on HCMH options for your motorbike few, very select.
4. Continue to the town of Tan Ki Nghe An about 135km further, large easy-going way. Overnight and dinner at the hotel Dai Phu Gia Minh trail edge.
Day 2 and Day 3:
5. Going from Nghe An to sugar in Phong Nha-Ke Bang (Dist) 220 km, road access. Lunch beside the road passages visit Phong Nha Phong Nha.Neu must fenders overnight in Dong Hoi, or the sea in some KS near Nhat Le is cheaper and more open.
6. From the highway decent place, close to Dong Hoi City, then turn into National Road 1. Or go to the highway interchange and Route 9 road HCM, you should turn down National Road 1 to go forward, because from then on HCMH lot of steep hills and glide to the west, which is east of Da Nang.
Turn in Dong Hoi is closer.
7. If not at Phong Nha: From Dong Hoi to Danang 250km longer follow National Road 1, if enough then go one circuit. If you have fatigue, then stay in Dong Ha (Quang Tri) or into town. Dong Ha much KS, restaurant, moderate price, ease tim.Hue KS more restaurants, but the price is quite high.
If they should find food in Hue wet cake (just Hue) or Bun Hue in South Long Street, then right (not really remember). Just ask the way to Thien Mu, when crossing the road about 1km, the little ship this shop adjacent street, near the bank of the Perfume River to the Thien Mu Pagoda. There crab rice dish Hue Hen again. Staying at these KS is a bit far from the old capital cheaper, especially given the tourist season.
8. From Hue to Danang less than 100km, with paths through pass (less traveled) or take the tunnel, so depending on your choice in travel, accommodation, sightseeing. Indicate lunch in Lang (near the Hai Van Pass), with grilled oyster dishes. Danang has a pork pie is also quite strange book, and stuff along the Han River barbeque should also note

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