Schedule of “Through passing the Bu Gia Map Forest” Trip on 12 days

Transportation: Motorcycles.
Follow QL13 road, turn right at the intersection and go straight on to Sao TX Dong Xoai (Binh Phuoc)
~> TX Phuoc Long Run straight, turn right toward Mount Ba Ra
~> Turn left Thac Mo Hydropower
~> Follow the signposts towards BGM about 30km, turn right into the park management committee BGM.
Road travel is easy.

Same path:

Binh Thanh -> QL13 -> Thu Dau Mot -> DT742 (Huynh Van Luy) -> Blue Gate -> DT741 -> BGM -> Trans Forest -> Quang Truc -> 14C -> TL681 -> Kien Duc -> QL14 -> Dong Xoai -> TL741 -> TL742 -> Thu Dau Mot -> QL13 -> Binh Thanh. A total of about 550 km

Contact the Management Board of Bu Gia Map National Park. Management Board will have one he guides will accompany the group concerned to produce papers for you via the border posts, the forest ranger stations closed. Without you this, you can not pass.

Anh Truong Giang guides of the Management Board: 0985726572

Schedule jungle BGM 12 days (through Vietnam)

★ Day 1: HCMC – Bu Prang border checkpoint

Stemming go Highlands. Stop for breakfast at The Mango.

Visiting victory monument Phuoc Long.

Soc Bom Bo visits famous for the song “Spanish Baseball on Soc Bom Bo”

Bu Gia Map National Park travel across borders and 14C, a challenging stretch of road with varied terrain.

★ Day 2 Bu Prang – pleiku

In the morning, reached land border into Cambodia breakfast. According border landmark visit 14C 55. Lunch at Buon Ma Thuot. Trung Nguyen coffee village tour.

Go to Gia Lai check in. Walking around the mountain city at night.

★ Day 3 Pleiku – Dak Bo Y PleiCan- Lei- Kham Duc

Crossing the line Dak Bla to Kontum, stopping to visit the National Shrine in Dong Lac Sanh slope skullcap. Visit junction tank, where inspired songwriting “Five brothers in a tank”. Learn victory Dak To – Tan Canh, stopping on Phoenix airport runway, panoramic hill Charlie. Po Ko along the line, stopping the peak Ngoc Linh. Craggy mountain pass Spring in Kham Duc took rooms

★ 4th of Kham Duc – A Luoi

Breakfast at Kham Duc. Continue the journey along the legendary Truong Son flung Underground Tours, Ben Giang. Visit “The old man went blind ammunition” Co Tu ethnic people.
Crossing Tunnel A Luoi Roong about taking rooms. Visit ethnic village Pako

★ Day 5 Luoi – Lao Bao

Dak Rong along lines stopping at km 0 Highway 14, visit the suspension bridge Dak Rong.
Turn on School Street Cemetery Tour 9 Son.Ve Lao Bao taken out, visit Lao prisons, shopping at duty-free supermarket Lao Bao border gate. Overnight at Lao Bao border gate.

★ On 6 Lao Bao – Phong Nha

Morning visit Fin Village, Ta Con airport museum. Along the west branch CTS visit Ho village – where the starting point of the line of the pack baskets CTS team. Walk along the border, trans Phong Nha – Ke Bang visited landmarks once majestic Truong Son soldiers of yore as The Regiment, beach shells, fork Increase User. Settling down in a steep U Bo – the narrowest point of the Vietnam territory overlooks the sea. About decent check in, take a boat tour to Phong Nha Ke Bang Heritage.

★ The 20 Day 7 – Heaven

Take Route 20 Decision Wins – road named after the average age of the old days on the visit Youth Volunteer of magnitude. Ba Thang uphill stretch of road open to comments by blood of a heroic youth. Visiting Heaven 31km long with 100m height.

★ 8th Phong Nha – sea Xuan Thanh

Continue according to CTS branch Khe west, where makeshift airport once illustrious with the plane hit the US fleet in the waters of Quang Binh.

Overcoming spall Deo, places to Khe Ve starting point of the team’s information line CTS. About Dong Loc 10 Girls Youth Volunteer tomb. Turn sea Xuan Thanh, check in. Tomb of Nguyen Du.

Swimming, enjoying the sea air after a week along the Truong Son car.

★ On 9 Sea Xuan Thanh – Lam Kinh

Visiting the countryside Noi and Lang Lang Sen Temple foreign country of Uncle Ho. Continue the journey along the Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh Highway. Visit the Tan Ky sightseeing columns km 0 – starting point road motor vehicles. Go Lam Kinh – the capital of the kings of the Le, the tomb of King Le Thai To and the tomb of King Le lies in ruins. Visit stele Vinh Lang, tree wells and multi-market Ngoc hundreds of years old. Overnight in Lam Kinh.

★ On 10 Lam Kinh – Pu Luong

Morning to visit the Lake City – a world heritage has been recognized.
Turn toward Ma River, to visit the fish god springs. Learn culture in the region Muong Than in Cam Luong stream fish – Cam Thuy – Thanh Hoa. Discover Luang Pu Night in the Park.

★ On 11 Pu Luong – Muong Lat

Ban Kho Muong – Union Street – Lung Cao – the Hin – you anymore. Neo gate, 281 border markers with Laos. Straight forward Muong Chanh Commune of our country only has 3 sides is borderline, bordering Laos, the people here, from voice to dress, are characterized Laos

Overnight in Muong Lat.

★ On 12 Muong Lat – Hanoi

Starting early in Mai Chau lunch, White Rock mountain pass Nhuoi tank. Hanoi …

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