Schedule Vung Tau – Saigon – Dong Thap – Can Tho Trip

Estimated provision for the way: Can Tho – Saigon – Vung Tau.
The time
– Concentrating in Vung Tau at 3: 45p, membership in Vung Tau 4:00 departure (place focus updated), the first place is Big C Dong Nai members welcome at Bien Hoa (focus point at Big C Dong Nai, at bus stops Falls 3 Vung Tau).
Next gathering enough steel around 5:15 departure continue to the intersection of Thu Duc (Duc Co-op Supermarket), then gathers members eat stomach lining (dumplings or bread, 1 bottle of mineral water 500ml / 1 person, 1 share).
6:30 Yes we depart from Crossroad Thu Duc to Dong Thap, about 180km, (think mid-block, refueling, ….)
Arrive, NGI rest. Lotus Pagoda, sightseeing, photography exchanges between mem.
11:30, lunch and rest. 13h departure from Can Tho, Dong Thap about 100km. Arrive’ll find motels, hotels, or in exchange for friendly home mem.
17h we meet, and interact with the mem in Can Tho, dining, visit the Can Tho bridge, scenic shimmering, dreamlike. Go by motobike.
* If yes, this is thanks to the members at Tho nhaz, will have one day off exchanges, campfire, enjoy the indigenous dishes such as Fish trui example, ….
Next, go back to sleep 22h, convalescence for the next journey.
4H morning, we the visit Cai Rang floating market, miscellaneous photography crowbars, … ..
Breakfast, coffee,.
Then, the next will visit the neighboring resorts as: KDL My Khanh, CT Stork garden, home, … ..
If you still have health, time does continue. None of us will go back to Saigon, at 1pm.
* Note: The plan may change, but not significantly. As time, the central location ….
Here, l invite you to register for participation average phượt Delivery form:
First and last name:

Year of Birth:

Contact number:

Specific address (if possible please give some relatives tel):

Vehicle condition: (where are credited, k, write k, for convenient arrangement suitable vehicle).
Site Phượt

Items needed:

• Rain gear (raincoat sets as possible, 1 person / 1set)

• Protection of limbs (if any), gloves, masks, goggles, flashlight, jacket, scarf.

• helmet standards.

• Shoes motorcyclists and 1 pair of slippers.

• Cost: The total is 500k / 1 person, but you have met him based, I k receive any money transfer between offline. And then 1 driver and 1 150k hug refuel along the way.

* Note: Costs may rise further, if any.

Adding article:

7 the tools they need to have to travel each dust – Phượt phot

Last note: We phượt purposes:


Check motor oil, if renewed, the better. Check the slack slugs, caterpillar (car number) belting (scooters). Check tire pressure, if possible, in Group 1 who knows the patch vehicles carrying nhaz mini kit, in case of puncture midway cake.

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