How to make the clay grilled chicken by the “Phượt” Lover

First, to prepare dishes, chicken (feathers intact) is cut more and float sentence.

Next is expanding operations … “rear” chicken, ingenuity. His hands Friday (name grilled chicken cooked in clay articles) 1 hole right maturity open question float position. A hand holding a chicken, his other hand is inserted through the open hole, phased and Crinkled continent chicken government organs. Finally, he pulled chicken elected kite and throat.

If negligence, fragile elected kite, kite spill food in the stomach cavity of chicken, they shall be deemed … in vain – because to keep the dark sweetness to chicken, not just wash the abdominal cavity of chicken.

Chicken hearts are cleaned and stuffed back into the abdomen; then use only or wire sealed crackers sew neck chicken cuts and openings (to clay covering up does not spill into the chicken). Dip chicken soaked from head to toe; then stuffed clay and to cover up the whole chicken. Clay had stuffed flexible enough to increase the adhesiveness with fur and removed easily when cooked. Landfills slightly thicker so that when baked, cooked ground so hot chicken.

Polished ones, chickens suddenly turns into … big lump of clay! Buried “works” team her mid fodder (straw to about arm’s length) between copper and fire grill, he Six squat, page 1 vapor cigarette hissed, laughed: “This is the ultimate attack of dishes utilize available materials, simple way mần quickly but the taste is sweet tasty fat, very particular and strange, unlike dish “grilled chicken” sell well above (in the city). Only one child “Statistics” with little slag and pinch pepper vegetables in open field is quickly picked off the laborers could swell after one day reap sun exposure. What also happy with! “.
Darker the sky, the wind as blowing magnificence. Straw burning heat flowing out of the community with straw ash causes reclining white clay. The heat of baked clay are chickens. When two teams decimated straw, he ceremonious belly slit Six “work” put aboard a banana leaf. So! Remove the nowhere land, feathers stick according to which flaked off. Unlike the original looks ugly, “works” now is fantastic: spotless chicken, grilled dark yellow skin aging fire, pouring grease spotting, very white flesh.

Starry night … The big fire burning between copper, polished ones, presentation projectors have finished drinking country: some banana leaf table, grilled chicken torn flesh, few tomato and cucumber slices, basil and tangle lemon pepper and salt. Sip rice wine passionate love country and chew slowly piece “bait” chicken, I hear in your wine to taste meat spicy sweet up his throne even smell burning straw; and the fat from chicken fat as drowned out by the smell of herbs and taste salty, sour lemon salt pepper. Then sip wine as you drift with the man’s cool rum crispy cucumber pieces that seeps down to the stomach. Moment, the taste is like mixing and spreading slowly across people – an indescribable flavor between country cool off, smelled of fresh straw.
Share how to make grilled chicken clay phượt people – Option 2

★ stitch 1: Prepare chicken
Out Sellers chicken place, people call just exorbitant, then pluck horizontal incision site and then elected kite 1 road (canal just enough light so as not to tear the sky kite and also deep enough to break the skin), get pregnant kite up, then clean float the canals to 1 road right where near buoy sentence, take the gizzard out, clean the gizzards and left countless chicken gizzards. That’s it, simple and do not have to sew drain.
One way to do this dish # but can still eat chicken skin (Under the guidance of this article shall not eat chicken skin head start). Make chicken as usual: more cuts, pluck, clean the heart … Let the chicken heart in the womb, to always cut the legs into the chicken, add pinch of salt for good. Use leaf, gun, banana leaf … or a card to can wrap all the chicken, wrapped several layers of leaves to make leaf dining room and fire always burnt chicken. Use mud embankment carefully, noting how mud, can cover thickness depending on the situation, little chicken, just apply a thin layer of about 0.5cm, large chicken thicker cover. Burning a bonfire, put the chicken was covered in mud and wait.

Note that when the hair had to chicken clay embankment always offline.

Particularly after taking out chicken blood could coagulate to wealth for 1 cup and left very little behind in chicken always was.

Can give very few stalks lemongrass chicken for flavor

★ stitch 2: Prepare clay
After the clay on (1 chicken, about 3kg It is enough dry clay), kneading dough with water and gradually covered up chicken (chicken head and chicken feet are always incurve body), rounded tip for then put on the wood or charcoal grill only.
If near a pond, canal, digging out mud sludge layer thinning taking, hard blue-gray color, this is the best kind. In the cornfield near the mud near the shore but take mud bunds not taste too good.
★ stitch 3 – grilled chicken
Time grilled chicken fluctuated around 2 hours depending on how much fire. Under the guidance of great google ca then baked until the clay is white, but that day I baked with wood meal, then wait until it is blackened and no white plaited Congo are: ^^: so they feel grilling … the provincial. Actually let fire occasionally, until the clay is dry and cracked themselves, not bare simmer items or experiences they want to know chicken is cooked not just use a small stick poked in the chicken if sludge volume hard, mud does not stick in the head que chicken is cooked.
Get the clay down, split up, feathers and chicken skin will stick under the clay, leaving only chicken aroma is fragrant Oh … ingenious take chicken out
That was it chicken delectable baked clay – very fragrant offline! Chicken fat and less well run, very firm and aromatic flesh. Hihi now recall still crave ~. ~ As part chickencoop it has ripened, tasty food.
The rest of the clay after taking the chicken out
This dish is easy to assess, the hard part is to get out of clay (not to be confused ^^ The sandy soil) and deft as chicken is ok! Maybe try using chicken industry, as well as grilled meat done again hunting should still delicious.
★ Note readers: To correct quality clay baked chicken West, you should see the following tutorial (must painstakingly prepared straw, clay, birds such as what to do … etc. but the results …awesome)
Alternatively if City do not have clay, you can use flour, details refer try then, do it, how delicious is always that effortless as bring clay where

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