Sharing the experience of crossing mountain passes by motorbike

3 note should know when crossing mountain passes by motorbike
1 / Prior to pass.
★ Check brake
Cars you good? But not quite ‘good’ completely after going through a long stretch of road. No time lost bag: you try brakes both front and rear wheels before entering the pass.
Note that there are ramps that you win the double but still scrambles to iron horse … dozens of new meters stop – especially if you run high speed, using more wins (brake overheating will reduce friction , also won the … fire declared defeat).
A branch line to the top of the radar on Ca Pass. When given up to this place, you can not change your mind halfway get a head start
★ Check lights – horn
Lights turn on when it’s necessary to dusk, at night or when there is fog.
Whistle to press before entering the crab, but the car was a little too noisy opposite side of the turn that corner can recognize that someone is running the opposite direction, that is safe for both.
★ Check petrol
Fuel level is too low, gas is reset can cause ‘catastrophe’ in time you may take a maximum strength of the iron horse is reached steep.
Granted, the reset may help us run more fifty kilometers, but we again forgotten that when climbing passes away, the heavy cargo, the vehicle will consume a lot of gasoline.
Iba: so much slope, the car is also inclined to the mouth and throat take gasoline in the fuel tank is located under the large may die. The result is a vehicle halfway shutdown: too high slope, the wheels do not grip the road, the driver and could humidity.
★ Check the tires
If the shell is too worn, you should avoid mountain passes are slippery in rain. Best: I should replace the cover before the trip.
2 / Running steep mountain pass
★ Noting signs, prisms. Can Pass ramps real wilderness but speeds too high, a problem arise suddenly (like car opposite the lane, rock landslide, explosion gear, encounter potholes …) then you can not handle the situation promptly time.
Noting cattle, goats … people stocking may appear unexpectedly on the pass.
★ Be careful with sharp corners because there are always pitfalls. It is time to use the whistle to signal the vehicle opposite knows that the opposite person. Avoiding the encroachment lanes or overtake another vehicle at the crabs that we do not have enough visibility for very dangerous.
★ Avoid running adjacent to the truck, tank truck, passenger car: they slam on the brakes or off the slip win, lose control … I would be defeat.
Keep distance running after the car if you just pass it to find true security: ie, clear empty road ahead, they respond well to overtake your whistle, the horizontal distance wide enough for overtaking and cars Your strength to overcome. Otherwise every car that smelled fumes okay too well fried.
★ No parking outside the edge of the scenic sharp cornering, out of sight of other vehicles.
If you want to take pictures or sightseeing, should build twenty cars a few meters below and walk up.
Capture or watching should also wary to have quick reflexes to meet dangerous circumstances: ie you must have eyes like back.
★ Pay the right to see the car seems tired, do not wait until they no longer were raw power, you will have to pay for the low and very difficult to regain old speed if the slope is too long.
3 / Down mountain pass
Slope up: very slippery slope for full debris. You win deceleration is but want to stop, the car still drift momentum running. So lower pay for down safely.
Top pass, if given the dangerous one, the downhill will likely double, most catastrophic accident when coming down the pass – so be careful about not redundant.
The pass is not room for rivalry. You see a car ‘fake’ than his car but surpassed run with provocative look? Please ignore it: the garage was ‘disappeared’ as far as possible, not to get dragged into the game.
On some steep slopes, your vision is typically limited to less than fifty meters, so must honked constantly.
★ scooter when the downhill is more dangerous because most of the vehicles used belt, small wheel should lose grip safety. Avoid cornering too close to the outer edge, susceptible to centrifugal force falls or problems due to washed out.
This is where his most foolish: floating several kilometers downhill and used … win! Brake fire then … well then Fill Oh, a few days later and no one knows because this place … while absent extreme right is the abyss.
★ Top pass down the pass number does need to be some rules that standard with 4-wheel vehicles and above and can also apply for the motorcycle well, here’s how to use the machine to reduce the drag of the vehicle speed.
For example, the My Win100 4 numbers when I run uphill as downhill No.3 then I would on a 3 – not on gas, not the brake – using cone and won only when necessary.
If the vehicle is still downhill pretty fast, I will return to its No. 2 machine maintenance more. Less use steep downhill wins as well as how to protect not broken brake suddenly too much friction in the long run. Fire loss brake win: then do we have the opportunity to pay the external and not winning stop pouring cumbersome?
People say ‘down the pass need a cool head and brake cold’, ‘cool head’ is no rivalry, not reckless – ‘Dad won’ little cold is to use winner *.
However, if the pass has slopes less than 10 °, no sharp cornering, good road passes, quiet and non-slip, you can also drop a smooth momentum as long as does not exceed the rate at which we can control steering is.
★ Always remember to reduce speed cornering in both 2 wins, no goals constantly reviewed for heating will announce the winner. If the speed is too fast to pass: we the brake – railway stations, win a few to decelerate and then returned and slowly lower the clutch. With no bevel car pedal lever arm when you are cutting the puppet.
★ In case you ride 2 is as minks, Vespa, Simson … then pass down the gorge up to the technical particularities. There are situations when the car is winded up the slope, you throttle the car ì can not be moved, this could be because you used cluster or irrational numbers.
With clustering case you need to pull over for approximately 15 – 30 minutes to cool down. For 2-stroke models, you should check the rate viscous gas blow, ensure appropriate proportion to the best cylinder lubrication (for Vespa is about 5-6%), viscous phase too little will make the machine easy rubles hotter and veal (cluster).
Hit phượt not to race speed, steep mountain pass to the driver can gently merges into the wild majestic scenery, leisurely watching earth – so no need to hurry, you go on is going next.
Dangerous mountain pass much more normal way. Yet the scene on the cliff where often very beautiful. Even, I think in a lot of streets: mountain pass is one of the ‘main destination’ of phượt trip: enjoy it safely.
I wish you godspeed on any stretch of road.
* Have you allergic to the steep drop but for some because the machine is still working (this is the opposite because not create traction which is very maintenance), noise, fuel consumption. However, if necessary, they still have to do so because it reduces the effective rate – there will be an additional winner when you want to stop completely.

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