Vacuum Thermos Insulated Bottles and its uses for cooking outdoor

You do not have pots and anything, what you need is a jar bisexual type well (Hic, this type of crime the body is so expensive!).
Binh bisexual 2 layers of stainless steel are very good; mounted stick together, in between are vacuumed.
This type is usually quite large, not small mouth as bisexual pots we usually use where coffee containers. Called amphoteric because these containers made of good heat and ice country. Plugs or hold heat map ruonau-an-bang-war-luong-crystal-glass 2t often contain stones. You can refer some bisexual average-sized sample of firms in the following Thermos.
Yes Average bisexual Okay, you can go to market, supermarket buy vegetables, meat, bones, purchase or carry rice. Of course there must be some spices: seasoning, sugar, MSG (monosodium glutamate), pepper … Without wanting flexibility of the glass the other servant carrying bags 1 package powdered soup under used also).
Before going to bed, you wash meat and bone (already available or hashes chopped, ground available), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, radish, pumpkin, taro … apprehend things long cooking vegetables nine) also washed and chopped always, these cuts as small as possible to ensure ease of nine. Rice washed. Note that everything is not so much where you aimed to fit a number of your meals alone (eg, maximum 2-3 ounces of meat, a potato, a little carrots, a handful of rice …), leaving more than cooking where not ripe. It is best cooked by everyone, no matter enough to cook a whole bunch box snacks!
The minutes were prepared, and you put in the bottle bisexual. Boiling water poured into the jar old truth, wait a bit to heat water seeped into raw material and water vapor cools, the grandchildren out. For seasoning or salt, a little sugar, a little MSG in (who do not eat sugar, MSG, the only). Finished to very old 2nd boiling water into already tight fitting lid. Then they go to bed.

In the morning, open the bottle, you will find porridge or soup is stewed awaits you. Spices add onion and black pepper and eaten it.

In the process you must learn from words, to know the average size of which is cooked up by yet, food is chopped up by soft medium without crushing …
If you do not want to cook meat soup, stew soup, you used to cook porridge average white bisexual also. Then plain porridge with shrimp paste or some savory.
Once finished breakfast, washed away bisexual average. Now its mission is carrying daytime drinks (hot, cold, or for storing ice).
P / S: Honestly speaking! this is not my experience that is the experience of a close friend had time to roll away red rock sale in Quy Hop-Quy Chau passed to her there. The average you bisexuals then just do demo 1, 2 times to withdraw before his experience was OK immediately.
Wish you have a hot breakfast on the go travel.

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