Night Driving and some of my experiences sharing

Driving at night with low light conditions potentially two dangers which are hard to see and difficult to see. To avoid risks, should have power projection lamp system with good, clothing color contrast and even more pieces of reflective stickers to people and vehicles.
Bright clothing help people run the motorcycle easily recognizable in the daytime, but after sunset, are not promoting effects. The best solution is wearing reflective clothing, or create your own by attaching reflective tape on clothing, backpacks or on the car.
In addition to the lights, make sure the brake lights no problem, so brake earlier than the daytime as a warning signal for the vehicle behind.
Headlights must ensure always in good operating condition, can upgrade to shine more without affecting the electrical system of the vehicle and no violation of traffic regulations. Also, you may install additional fog lamps if frequent moves in the region much fog weather.
Driving at night in the suburbs, the countryside or the mountains also noteworthy surprises like animals, bad unexpected terrain. Make use of the car to light to illuminate or navigation signals if not fluent way. Alignment marker posts and road markings, go slow pace to ensure no unexpected situations occur.
One point of note when driving at night is to use flexible modes and beam projector close. When using the projector remote desert road, while having opposite vehicles switch the projector close to avoid blinding the car opposite. In many areas of fog and cloudy mode, the projector also close to clearly see the road. When traveling in groups, avoiding straight into the headlights illuminate dazzle rearview mirror car ahead.
Drove several hours to rest between races night than during the day, because the concentration of vision at night easily cause tiredness, drowsiness. Absolutely not try to go forward if it is no longer enough sober. When temporary stopping along the way to turn on the lights turn signals to alert other drivers.

I wish you godspeed!

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