Experiences for trips in rainy snow road

– About costumes:
+ Choose the type of life jacket, windbreaker. Avoid wearing sweaters, evening gown, coat porous. Clothing should also wear sports pants, wind cloth. Should not wear jeans because while playing in the snow, the pants will be absorbed very quickly and very hard water resistant for long pants dry.
+ Take all kinds of sports shoes, casual. Do not go hard soled shoes because you’ll see the ice very prone to slipping.
+ Remember to bring many stockings, because while swimming on flooded roads will be wet snow .. shoes very quickly.
+ Bring a few patches retain heat and protect the safety body.
~> Update:
Should wear a jacket in the heat keeping, selling lots in HN.
– Coats should wear a life jacket, windbreaker type chun sure snow underbelly to when playing with snow not going under the belly shirt.
– Clothing should use wind pants, snow clinging avoid slippery fabric. Maybe wear rain outside and tube bundle to not fall into the ancient snow shoes.
– In extremely cold weather conditions should use jacket and pants to keep warm function well, the body or clothing with the word THERMAL PRO THERMAL.
– Shoes should use soft-soled shoes, anti-slip much better risk with hard sole shoes.
– Covering the team has one very good anti-slip type sauce, tested on the marble almost no sense cacmr slippery.
– To swim comfortably snow shoe – in – shoe. Socks and felt more 1 class outside all leather then comes part outside. Ko lo comfortable wading snow snowfall inside wet socks.
– Each leg should use all kinds of waterproof, the market has one of kind that can withstand snow surface 6g without being soaked.
– The type of wool scarf, beanie, gloves are indispensable accessories for hunting snow.
– In the bag always patch Thermostats help warm the body. When cold hands can be used to hold hands to warm and easy movement of the finger.
– On vehicles and travel:
+ When you go to the area with snow, the roads will be icy and very slippery. When cornering at slow passages should go, should not brake suddenly because it is easy to slip on the ice.
+ Go to the nearest place with snow, spray off the tires, two tires to soft state. So you go on to the ice would not slide.
There is something different from other phượt trip. Attention and wish you well prepared to trust me brother Snow is ready to go.
P / s: hope to have the opportunity to see you somewhere on the high paths, between 1 white sky snow .. so you can exchange the cup vs each other, trying aromatic bowl wins.
~> Update:

– In terms of snow and ice should restrict motorcyclists because of insecurity. The road surface is very slippery with ice, so when using the brakes very prone to skid.
– Should replacement tires for cars Talon has worn, have it replaced condition always.
– Not so inflated tires, down to an area of ​​the wheel with the road. Spray down slightly when cornering and keep the car straight.
– In Vietnam, not common types of tires with tire spikes on the surface of the ice breakers on the road. You can pass the motorcycle repair shop, they do put the leash wrapped around the wheel to travel more secure.
The camera:
Cold weather should be very fast battery drain energy out of being. Should prepare backup battery more than usual.
Should find the camera off warmth, should not ignore long bag by weather too hot or too cold are adversely affecting the operation of the machine.

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