Sharing experiences of safe climbing

To ensure a safe and successful trip, prior to conquer the peak, people go phượt whether new or old to note the following points:

1. Time: In Vietnam, the dry season from November to April each year after the year is an appropriate time to climb, ice forest. It is necessary to study the terrain to determine the appropriate travel time to reach the final goal. Especially to seek help from those who went before or from locals.

2. Personal items for the journey of climbing to the minimalist but adequate. Wide pants, shirt, jacket waterproof, and breathable air, light shoes, soft soles, good traction, wrap the knee, ankle, elbow, floppy brimmed hat, raincoat durable and lightweight. The other baggage depend on the stretch of road is expected: there are trails available, or to pave the way, with people carrying maps and navigational or not, the time of the trip. Knife and flashlight is also indispensable items.
3. Food: besides the necessary food for the journey, need for storing energy food high (chocolate, cake snicker) always carries with him. Drinking water is extremely important, should have a water bottle with a hose to suck small sips during the move constantly. Drinking the right way to save you energy and energy offset in time. Lemonade with glucose sugar, a little salt is the perfect choice for hiking itinerary.
Note: Do not chew gum during chewing climbing because the body makes more saliva secretion, leading to rapid dehydration!

4. Do not arbitrarily fruit, leaves in the forest if uncertain about its use. Go rainforest have medicine against insects such as mosquitoes, squeeze. DEP is also common to drug the people go, the price is cheap, though effective in the short term and not always effective.

5. With the hard route, be prepared trips with GPS, while moving to mark the an emergency room. On the high mountains may lose cell phone signals, to communicate by walkie-talkie is also an advantage.

6. Organize groups to small, compact, suitable for those devilish route. Never forget to put personal safety first, not be allowed to make the decision reckless, dangerous for themselves and other members of the delegation.

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