Shinsaibashi (Osaka) – A reckless trip

Saigon in the early days of autumn, it’s drizzle, I am sitting here and remember the drizzle in Osaka ,It’s the rain that caused to me to run headlong into the bustling Shinsaibashi …

God has born to me in the constellation Sagittarius, it was giddy ,there has the more blood of the “dose” so when I bought a cheap air tickets of Air Asia flight 4 to 6 million 4 go Osaka, I was not able to restrain the step du phượt his leg knowing the visas are rather difficult. Thanks to the company I was working well but is a solution or her companion will be like? If a visa, I had to go alone, and shall not be regarded as acceptable loss of 3 million round-trip ticket from KUL 8 via KIX. My sister and I also had some time between going or give up wondering, “high risk-high” or “lost a lot” here?

Luckily after boiling seek information on the forums, I also ask you another one had a visa through travel companies. She was preparing to accompany the wedding should all regard as “reciprocal self, send parts” for me to self-determination, and self scheduling. God does not betray me, a school friend of Level 3 common working in Tokyo knew I was going to go to Japan should have a dedicated look at Osaka take us to play two days.

The short days wandering between Osaka and Kyoto, go watch the ancient temple as well as Tsutenkaku Tower climb for a panoramic view of modern Osaka, suddenly crept in I felt a nostalgic love indescribable in this country.

Malaysian customs He held my passport and then asked: “You go to Japan a few days? Outings huh? When about? “I calmly replied,” 5 days “and ample entered the lounge. The last flight from KL Kansai (and vice versa), the passenger is seated aircraft with 3 rows of seats to be also somewhat relaxed. After 6 hours of sitting all kinds, finally we get to Kansai airport.

Listen and read the information on the airport was long, but now I have the opportunity to admire the airport on this most modern sea. Is the work of architect Renzo Piano, the advantages of this project is Vietnam entire airport building floor almost no concrete but rather the stainless steel strut assembly with stained glass. Kansai airport built on artificial islands rectangle with a total area of 511 hectares located on Osaka Bay 5km from the mainland. To complete the works to create and build the airport island, the Japanese took 20 years to 1500 billion yen in expenses.

First impression of Japanese people when we walked out of the plane door was friendly hospitable attitude. Even when queuing for entry, a staff physician airport has dedicated a guide for each passenger how to fill entry-how, impressive entry declarations and declarations accompanied luggage was, not forget bright smile. The customs staff are courteous, use both hands to receive 2 and return the passport to me, dedicated customer standing up just taking the fingerprints and photograph.

Customs procedures done, we were allowed to stay in Japan for 15 days but our plan is only 5 days, in part because there is no time, partly because cheap tickets limited to 5 days, if later than the ticket the more expensive. Well, red leaf season had appointments or cherry blossom season next year, this time as I go “market survey” before that.

Two sisters pulling suitcase outside, my friend was waiting handy. The two sides met in the teahouse and then drag the cake at the airport eight stories. My friend had to take a bus from Tokyo down to Osaka and the Kansai airport to catch would make me very grateful. We talked about Japan, about the Vietnam and fled to Japan do not stay on (but Osaka is a land with many people of Vietnam). He asked the customs you have to do what we’re hard, I replied smiling, “not intimidating at all, they are dedicated to very specific guidance, the Japanese cute too!”

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