Skills escape in case of misplaced people search (Kỹ năng thoát hiểm trong trường hợp thất lạc có người tìm kiếm )

Prior to the wilderness, you have news to someone, but to date that you are not about …?
You leave the group, go somewhere and get lost …?
You are assigned a mission in a strange place and then disappeared …?
… And other similar cases, people will organize the rescue team went looking for you. But what about you? You have to act like ??
Of course you … will be one “shocked” to learn about getting lost. But you stay calm and relaxed, because things are not as bad as you might think.
Try to recall the techniques and skills of escape and survival that you learned (or had read somewhere) and then bring the application, the result of this lesson (although very small) will help you more confidence, giving you more energy to strive, to overcome all obstacles to survive.
While waiting for people to save, and you follow the tips below:
In place, if you can not find a way out and to make sure people will discover the missing of you and will organize the search. This is essential for you, because it limits the energy consumption, energy … while you’re deprived of food and may be hurt.
LEARN surroundings, to be able to detect water, food, shelter, fuel …
Erected a shelter comforts, will make you feel secure, relaxed, less tense, fear …
Create bookmarks noticeable to those who go searching for you (or planes flying over) easily recognize your whereabouts as: fires (in open places), stretch the fabric color, clothing, hats … climb or prominently.
CAUSED loud noises such as whistle blowing, type in hollow tree trunks, tree burning natural bamboo (will cause big bang), shooting (if any)
ALWAYS keep a fire burning firewood or fuel source if possible, to make the signal, wild beasts chase, mental relaxation … (but to prevent forest fires)
PATIENCE AND PRECAUTIONS. Do not be impatient rush trying to find a way to escape, so you can make the communication more and more remote, more difficult for people to identify you.
MAKE SURE because your body can tolerate a lack of water for 3 days and the lack of food in 3 weeks. What you need to do is in place, people will find you.
If an organized group had available did not say what to do, but if not, they must choose a nimble, resourceful … to elected “Leader”, and the team members must absolutely obey men .
The mission of the Chief Accountant:
Assign a specific person, take every ability, skill, their forte.
Never let a member of the group mental breakdown, alarming both groups (Mathematics Head wavered despite not so exposed)
Mathematics Principal may refer the opinion of all members, but himself must decide.
Solving flexible and rational problems often appear in math as: fatigue, hunger, disease … and the collisions, quarrels and divisive …
Create an atmosphere of optimism, buoyed, a loving solidarity to help each other. Comforting encouragement people with mental deterioration. That is the strength and vitality help groups exist to escape the dangerous place.
As a precaution not lost in the deep forest, wilderness, you should follow the following advice:
Inform relatives (or competent authorities) know you guys going? Do what? The roadmap is expected? … And when you on?
Exercise, especially your legs, so can overcome the long road 20-30 km a day.
Into the habit of bring in necessary items such as knives (versatile), lighters, location … especially those who often go to the forest.
Do not leave the “BAG living” when forest. You read more: Prep trip phượt necessary for forest
Learning and practicing the ability to use up all the equipment and proficiency of escape and survival skills, know the method used and geographical maps, the knowledge of nature, can distinguish and explain the traces, sound, taste, characteristics of objects and events around you.
Knowing how to handle cases of emergency first aid and treating disease.
There is a map:
Every 20-30 minutes, check your standing point on the map, compare whether it is suitable for the actual landscape around or not?
Track and compare the wind direction and the direction of your movement, if the winds are deflected compared with baseline, check the direction of travel.
Choosing a benchmark to go, so, whether you can go ders, nor be deflected.
Remember the time and speed of your movement, to estimate the road passed.
Mark on the map the visible features (but not printed on the map), such as giant trees, stone aggregate, malformed, termite mounds, cave, hut lumberjack, geysers …
Leaving traces visible signal on the way to do your like tie a knife into the trunk, the branches break, column grabbed the long grass, rocks or twigs arranged in a conventional, rags column on small trees … These signs shall easily distinguished from animal traces by natural or created.
Sketching a diagram, take note of the features of the terrain, the benchmark of the terrain, the special landscape, marking the times changed direction.
Watch and remember the wind direction, the sun, the moon rises diving, observing the constellations ….
Imagination – improvisation
Imagination and flexibility to improvise can improve the situation somewhat. It makes you increase morale and lift your spirits.
Let’s always remember: our aim is survival, self-supporting so let fly with intelligent “beautiful dream”, with the “major projects” for the future. These things will give you the strength to overcome the current situation.
Maintaining the health and vitality: If now that sick or injured like something, then your luck in the escape and survival will be decreased greatly.
Hunger, cold, panic … diminish the effectiveness of endurance. It also causes you dizziness, fatigue, depression, carelessness, see the illusion, acting like insane people … However, to see these phenomena as such, you rest assured, it merely the result of the body too tired, nothing dangerous, just calm rest as before.
Improvisation also includes all you can eat insects, animals and rare foods other strange that you can find in the forest.
When alone in the woods, if you do not know the mind to fly, do not know to improvise, the deep forest will engulf you.

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