Skills of escape misplaced when nobody knows, no searchers

Where for any reason that you lost, but no one knows for organized searches, and because you did not prepare for the items needed (or if it does not complete ), so you must set the primary goal is to escape the danger zone as quickly as possible, you have to find the shortest path by bringing you to a residential area or nearest safe area.
Thus, every effort, ability and wisdom you have to focus on finding the escape road. If after two or three days but not get out, you will panic, lose control, resulting in deterioration of the body to the spirit, this is the most taboos for a missing person.
In a panic, you will not be calm to weigh considerations, should easily make the walk around around in the woods, sometimes after a while wandering around, and you were back to baseline position first, that in folk often called being “ma pimp”. (This phenomenon is the scientist explained as follows: Two steps we uneven, a short step, a big step. When you go on the road, we automatically adjust direction of the path. And in the woods, due to go on instinct should tend to go in a circle).

Here, we do not question the right or wrong, but just remind you note, this is a real phenomenon and very popular. When you have a case like this, you will panic, disappointment, dismay and the striving … This is a very devastating thing, it is more dangerous than hunger and disease. When survival instincts and your energy is gone, they’re waiting for death.
So to escape quickly out of the strange, the calm you need to look for are facing, because usually in these cases, you are not far away from residential areas is.

Whether you have in hand localities are equally useless if you do not know we have to go in any direction (in this case, the province’s only useful when we know in which direction the residential area or you can map the area where we were standing and you must know what you’re in any position on the map).
Now as we did not have a map or geographical nothing, how do we still can find a way forward needs to go. That one is the shortest route leading to the nearest residential area.
To do that, you have several ways:

First, you select the highest point in the region such as tall trees, hilltops, gross stone … to climb it but observed (This is also very difficult to do if you are in a jungle with flat, because the climb, you will not see anything beyond the treetops identical message same message).
When climbing trees, to be safe, you have to climb closer to the trunk, put the foot of a tree close to the armpits, hands clinging to the branches to make sure, your body always above 3-point bearing (1 foot and 2 hands and 2 feet or one hand).

If the daytime, you can see some characteristics of neighborhoods, such as towers, buildings, fields, buildings, smoke …
If at night, you can see the flames, electric lights … The town where, even in far away, the night light up the sky overhead and the region as a halo.
If the residential area nearby, the forest was quiet, you could hear noises echoing loud as a car horn, hooter …
Once the orientation is right, you only need to have determination and a few specialized skills, is that you can escape.

But if we can not see or can not hear what they have to do?

You try to find out a stream or a river and go down towards the water flowing downstream. Although not easy because rivers never flow in a straight line route should move always very much longer. Moreover, the banks of rivers and streams often very dense vegetation, very difficult to move. Can speak; road safety is not the shortest path.
If you meet the wadi, then you can follow the stream bed, and easy to move, had hoped to meet a large stream or river (and a good chance to find water in water bodies or small puddles). When he got to the river, if possible, you should make a raft to float along the river.
To find a river or stream, you can climb to a high point to observe, if found anywhere there are trees long run (especially during the dry season, there is hope springs or rivers). Or you move down the slope of hillsides or mountain slopes. At the bottom of the slope, often have slots or small streams. If the flow, you will see a larger rivers.
We move along the stream or streams is because all the streams are flowing into the river, but along the river usually neighborhoods or villages or can meet the fishermen’s boats, from the jungle … you will have a chance to be rescued.

While on the move, if it encounters a trail of your luck will multiply. However, you also need to consider that is old or new trails, and wildlife by creating, the trail leads into the forest or given neighborhood (you judge by observing the diverters of road, if going into the forest usually notched conveniently, conversely, if it leads to the residential area it has notched against. If no judge is, the move until you see a stream cut across the trail, you can remain waiting for the pass. Because here, we have drinking water and also to find food along streams. But if you feel you are qualified, after rested and fully prepared to carry drinking water, we will set out to, please believe, inhabited not very far off. Patience up, you will be rescued.

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