Street Dishes in Kon Tum

Here are some addresses where you can enjoy delicious food while visiting Kon Tum.

1. Mi Quang
Referring to Quang Nam, many people think of famous delicious pasta Square. These are noodles made from rice flour pulverization, coated the cake then move the thin filaments. Quang noodle broth with very little part, what makes this typical dish. Usually after the classes of wheat are placed on shrimp, pork, chicken, vegetables and tea herbs include cinnamon, basil, sliced ​​banana flower, crushed roasted peanuts, … seller will chan on a noodle bowl shrimp broth is security from and some other spices. Square-flavored natural noodles, soft fiber, chewy, … makes people eat once was remembered not only. Was that where this delicious dish is very much loved.
In Kon Tum, culinary devotees can to Dong Da Street, Phan Chu Trinh to enjoy unique delicacies, this central bold.

2. The eel dish Nghe
Eel is one of the famous and delicious specialties in Nghe attractive. Was that why this delicious dish appeared in many parts of the S-shaped strip of land, and of course no exception Kon Tum. With the guests fascinated Nghe eel dishes can be found in eel soup and porridge Kon Tum eel. Although no fish dishes such diversity in its homeland but also enough proof that customers satisfied.
Nghe An eel porridge in Kontum is enough as the traditional flavor, that taste of eel fat mixed with copper hot pot of porridge and Chilli. Or as eel soup with eye-catching colors of art from gold, green onion leaves, smell the ship and when tasted fishy smell is no longer new. Hung Vuong Truong Chinh and are two paths that visitors can enjoy unique delicacies.

3. Ninh Hoa Cuisine
Widely regarded as the signature dish of the central coast should bun was delicious jellyfish that guests can enjoy at the Kon Tum without moving to Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Binh Dinh, .. With major components including jellyfish, vermicelli served with salad, a bowl of noodles each jellyfish brings customers the aftertaste hard to forget. It is the close proximity of jellyfish brittle made carefully, with strong sweet taste of broth and spicy pungency of chili oil. There may not be fully flavored as the central strip, but in the presence of jellyfish in Kontum, the bun was a suggestion to try for those who suddenly remembered home flavor.
Bun jellyfish are sold on street Kon Tum Doan Thi Diem

4. Cake Package
As a relatively simple cakes, bread pack not only central favorite people but at Kontum, delicacies also retain their attractiveness. Bread made from rice flour mixed with pineapple juice, stuffed with green beans and lard and onion. Guests tasted just slowly peeled green banana leaf shell exterior to reveal plump bread inside. Bite a piece that smell the aroma of meat chickpeas blended with attractive part. Guests can buy yourself this tasty cakes on Phan Dinh Phung (nearby port stations and TH KonTum PT)

5. Cake snakehead fish soup
Cake snakehead fish soup often served as a midday or supper dish, and sold from around sunset. Eat a bowl of bread will feel the taste of the fiber plastic white bread soup, the crispy aromatic pieces of catfish with sweet broth lu. All Air together to make up the appeal of the countryside full of nutritious food that retains definition “internal wind incense”.
Snakehead fish cake soup you can eat in Canyon Phan Chu Trinh street – opposite the provincial CA.

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