Specialty dishes in Mau Son Mountain

As well as tourist sites of the northern mountainous province, in Mau Son also the produce of the forest which at first heard the name everyone thought nothing would make much difference. But, have come to understand the new Mau Son, the specialties of this region has always carried with me the unique aftertaste awkward, but is equally attractive to visitors tugged back here.
On the occasion of Tet, ethnic minority organizations often turning pig ceremony and festival. Spin pig breeds are farmed by villagers in the forest garden, very high quality meat. Most importantly for sewing spicy pork, salt and pepper are rubbing them in pig belly for getting absorbed and leaves washed into the stomach bile pig. Pigs shooting then cooled and then cut to the meat not being crushed, put on disc and eating, eating meat is strong, sweet taste of meat cooked, the smell of leaves suffering from bile and fatty taste of wild honey.
Grilled chicken honey
This is a delicious gourmet cuisine and folk of Mau Son, chicken was selected as chicken feed back of the people by dropping run free in the chicken should make more fragrant chicken and lowland. Rinse and then marinated spices according to traditional methods of each restaurant separately flavor Mau Son then let whole fish grilled on charcoal fire, may spread further to create more forest honey because even well as to the cuticle of beautiful chicken.
Grilled chicken is served with rice, and sip a little wine Mau Son between the freezing air would be a very interesting that many people would like.
Frog incense
One other specialties in Mau Son is frog incense. This is a particularly rare frog species, valuable and economical cuisine. Frogs live in burrows incense, along the ravine of Cong Son commune, Cao Loc district and Mau Son Commune, Loc Binh district. It’s no different frogs frog common types but we have fat thighs bigger frogs. With the ability to change color to escape predators, while catching up with the green as moss, so also known as the Green Frog.
After much trial and error breeding failed due to lack of experience and technology, In recent years Mr. Hoang Van Ta Hoa Dao innkeepers Parish has traveled around the local salmon farming to the learning experience Ta Mau Son experience on animal testing was successful, taking second-class cuisine is derived from Europe provides consumer needs of tourists, while giving Mau Son a new sights, with those who want to discover, learn about the technical process for its culture, as well as supply needs to enjoy the unique taste of the dishes are made from salmon Mau Son.
Is a unique product, characteristic of the mountainous Mau Son, Lang Son is derived from the rice wine and pure water source by Dao people live at an altitude of 800 – 1000 m above sea level, around Mau Son mountain area distillation, with yeast and leaves the traditional distillation method of Dao people for hundreds of years.
To distilling wine unique, besides the main raw material is rice and mineral water (taken from the mountain streams have higher 1000m above sea level), the fermenters are indispensable fallen leaves. Men leaf is made from more than 30 kinds of rare herbs such as tree roots 30, wire water, buffalo, sweet … work rope wound healing, rheumatism, arthritis, backache.
Forest Honey
The abundance of wild flowers and the diligence of the hardest species of animal world in weather, climate Mau Son was refining the natural product categories with special effects these nutritious. Honey longer the more fragrant forests, crystallized into a kind of natural high digestion, is ladder of many precious remedies, enhance vitality, especially good for children and the elderly.

You can buy a bottle of honey, but this quarter in Mau Son on Saturday, Sunday by fellow put on sale or at the hostel in Mau Son tourist site.
Wormwood Mau Son
A first drug of high mountains, refusing grows under 600 meters altitude above the sea level. Natural herbs clean drug carries unique tasty can help you feel, helps digestion, anti headache. Using the traditional processing methods, you can create a lot of food – various herbs.

Grows in any place with land and intermingled with other wild species, especially wormwood thing Mau Son has clearly left a sweet taste on the tongue after eating. You can use sage leaves to make more diverse your meal like pasta cooked for breakfast wormwood, sage soup or a simple dish is eggs wormwood other. You can also ask the hotel staff how to bake the sage guidance of ethnic Tay, Dao or mental courtesy relatives and friends as a gift poisonous dao.Dao Mau Son Tourism
Dao Mau Son each year shown once summer fruit

Dao Mau Son is famous throughout the country for a long time with color and unique flavor. Green white peaches, taste sweet but crisp, with sweet fragrance characteristics should be very popular market

Mau Son beautiful cherry discreetly. Each flower only 5 wing peach, colors fade and petals seem transparent. Interestingly, although the temperature at 1000m altitude is very low, but still flowering peach earlier form types under the mountain dug approximately one month.
Mau Son Blyth

Lemon trees are endemic forest area of ​​Mau Son, large canopy tree, large leaves but little fruit-flavored aroma. The fruit is often used to soak people as spices used in the meal. Also lemon forest is also used as medicine to the cold, cough very good.

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