Learning of the street food in Thailand

1. Thai milk tea:
Thai milk tea because tea is orange red / hong special dad with milk. What dairy foods include milk fudge 2: condensed milk and creamer non-dairy (which translates not know why). The dishes you can easily cha-yan this anywhere, with prices ranging from 25-30baht, or about 14 to 20k a bag. In the countryside, only 30baht Samui 1 bag to stop, drenched with the rest. Then drink next.
In addition, Thai tea (no milk) is also a very tasty dish you should try. There are 2 types, types lemon iced tea, it translates as very sour lemon tea, also red, the dish is priced menu of Thai Express 60k in it, the second type is the kind of Thai iced tea translates as then very sweet iced tea , two dishes are also dark orange, milk tea cheaper, about 10-20baht / strip. This tea drink alone or in the restaurant than in the sidewalk.
This is a very popular tea brands in Thailand, as the Central Highlands of Vietnam cafe so. You remember how to Thai seek to buy it offline. The products including tea leaves, tea bags, instant tea, milk tea. Price range 160k / strip, Nestle milk tea expensive than 90k
2. Grilled Sausage: This article is written / male / reader is thrown.
Type of food farthest identical Thanh Hoa nem chua, more charming and more garlic, the next type of sausage slightly spicy curry, 3rd type is the vermicelli, little taste among 4 types, finally sausage grinder.

There are about 6-7 types of this kind, I would like to introduce 4 types pictured right, very right hot delicious beer.
Each type has 15baht price, smaller size is 10baht, ie 7-10k
3. Fruit juice or juice or blended with ice milk / yogurt: water tangerine, pomegranate juice, guava juice, water melon, lemongrass lemonade, grape juice, bottled water vera .. price from 20-40baht, ie 14 to 30k.

Frankly, some kind of no better in Vietnam, hmm hmm such as guava, however quite cheap and convenient. I encourage you to try water tangerine, strawberry water, pomegranate juice and lemonade.
For those of you interested sour bitter lemon lemonade paper Danang then here is sure to make you satisfied.
4. Barbecue
Pork, chicken, squid, octopus, eggs, baked heart plucking gizzard. His favorite dish is the roasted pork sir.

Seasoned meat, 2/3 to palm-sized, grilled sweet sauce and form valuable 15baht ie 10k / oblique. 2 skewers with 1 white sticky rice breakfast is enough already.
Grilled fish salt should also try. Fish wrap in dry salt, whole grilled on charcoal. A size 0.8 to 1.0kg cost 140-180 baht, that is 90-120k, came with salad and spicy sauce.
5. The juice / mix of Thai are not the same in Hanoi water toys, toys can be a bit like the South because you have a sweet taste.
6. Pad Thai: Thai fried noodles, quiche her today.
Pad Thai noodles fried with 3 types included three meats: chicken, pork and shrimp.
7. Other Food
This is your kind of Thai spring rolls, besides the chickenbreast stick. High tasty inadequate, because these foods in Vietnam so outstanding he doing
Sushi buffet priced at 5 baht or 10 baht, depending on the location of the store. Buy 10 donation 1. Look tasty eye mouth and eat well pleased, also calculated by your online purchase in Hanoi.
Cream Coconut: Tender coconut fruit packed in half, served with peanuts and some topping. Price 30-40 baht, ie 20-27k.

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