The journey to Egypt and looking for the Pharaohs…

I have some certainties in life, but among them is the fact that if I ever go back to Egypt, I will not do it in August!

During this month, in fact, climate is almost prohibitive, or at least it was in 2010, the year I was able to visit it; The merit of this trip was that of my boyfriend who wanted to give me a gift, that is, the Cruise on the Nile!

Cruise on the nile I would say that the idea of ​​doing a tour organized by tour operators did not so much to me: I usually prefer to decide which itineraries to follow and what to see but since it does not happen every day to be able to go to Egypt, willingly. But I was concerned about the choice of the month, that is August: for the record I have to state that I suffer from a congenital illness (Crohn’s disease) and if there is one thing that badly suffers from the temperature fluctuations (especially from too hot to too much cold).

For logistical problems (as well as personal), it was not possible to set the trip in a different month: among other things, we had found a very advantageous offer by Grandi Viaggi.

Egypt remember It is not uncommon to find favorable offers in this period and with the hint of then, I must say that the reason is quite obvious: August is probably the month less suited to doing this kind of holiday because the hot and humid climate forces travelers On a massive tour, with alarms at 4am in order to be able to return to the ship before 11pm, when the sun becomes too loud and to go out again before 17pm.

In order to try to have customers anyway (since August for the Italians always remains “the month of holidays”), then there are great discounts: no harm, but if you have time to choose another period of the year, I strongly recommend Avoid July and August.

Abundant Abu SimbelA part of this, the trip to Egypt has been filled with emotions and experiences, despite the imposed forced holidays: an opportunity to set foot in Africa for the first time and visit a Muslim country, a very different one so From the European and Latin countries I had visited.

I have to say that the impact was really strong: Egypt in 2010 was the one just before the Arab Spring, a country that lived since 1981 under the dictatorship of Mubarak, and which cultivated under the apparent apathy the desire (sacrosanct) of change.

Village near asswanParted from Milan on August 15th, the program included flight to Luxor and boarding on the Solaris ship.

From Luxor, we would sail along the Nile to Aswan, stopping at Edfu; From Aswan an internal flight would take us to visit the temple of Abu Simbel; Then another internal flight would take us to Cairo where the holiday would end on 24 August.

Map Egyptian Tourism AuthorityProceeding to follow the traces of the ancient Pharaohs, I was so enthusiastic, but the arrival at Luxor, almost at midnight, soon faded. The aphah was such as to block the breath, which I think, quite normal since it was August 15 and we were not too far from the cancer tropic. It was the start of a vacation that was pretty good for me, from a physical point of view, but still fascinating, and I would gladly do it again at another time of year!

Pyramids and cairoIf you want to plan your trip to Egypt before you hire a company or travel agency, you can take a look at the Egyptian Tourism website: it is not up to date but it is in Italian and at least on the cruises on the Nile Useful info (although I have to say that we have made the reverse path to the one proposed here!)

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