The Journey to Egypt – from the Valley of the Kings

As I have already been able to write, arriving in Egypt for me was quite traumatic: after the midnight landing at Luxor Airport and the transfer to the ship with which we would have made our cruise on the Nile

Convincing tourists to these balances is not sadism but it is necessary because of the prohibitive temperatures of August: it is necessary to visit the archaeological sites by mid-morning, to avoid heat shots or worse!

HieroglyphsTo this we add that our holiday took place during Ramadan and that the Egyptian population is mostly Islamic faith, there is an additional problem: without being able to drink or eat from dawn till sunset, it becomes really difficult for a Guide to hiking in the hottest hours.

Makmoud our guide Our guide called Makmoud, a really delightful and always available person: he accompanied us all the way to the ship, rushing, especially in the morning, to observe the times, and appealing, every time we tried to disperse, with Its unmistakable vocation: “Grandiii !!!” (abbreviation of “Grandi Viaggi”).

The first day of excursion, even to say it, was in Luxor, alias Thebes, the sacred city of Ancient Egypt!


The memorial colossusNot every day one can admire the sun rising from the background of the Colossi di Memnon: this was the first stage of the hiking trip to Luxor, where we arrived just to admire the first Egyptian sunrise.

The colossus, 21 meters high, are located along the Nile shore, just outside Luxor: they represent both Pharaoh Amenothep III and were erected over 3400 years ago.

They were originally guarding the Amenothep Temple and practically all that remains!

Giant clone and balloonsPlease note that their name derives from the attribution that historians made of these statues to the hero Memnon, son of Eos: according to legend, in 27 a.c. An earthquake would damage one of the two statues that at dawn, perhaps for the warming of the stone, began to sound strange sounds, interpreted at the time as a kind of greeting in the sun. The sounds ceased with the restoration between 193 and 211 d.c.

It is also very impressive to have a balloon ride that allows you to admire the Colossi from above: the colorful balls that fly around are not few!

Luxe balloons A few miles from the Colossi of Memnon there is the legendary Valley of Kings and Queens, the second stage of the tour.


Valley of the Kings The Valley of the Kings is the place that the sovereigns of Egypt chose as their dwelling for their eternal sleep, from the eighteenth to the twentieth dynasty (1550 ac -170 ac).

Here are the tombs of the most important Pharaohs of Egypt: the most famous is undoubtedly the tomb of Tutankamon, discovered by the archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

The tomb is accessible but the kits have been transferred to the Museum of Cairo, in a specially dedicated wing.

Cairo museum In addition to that of kings, there is the Queen’s Valley: here the most famous tomb is that of Nefertari, wife of Ramses II.

We visited a couple of tombs, though to be honest I do not remember what: in the valley it is forbidden to take pictures and then rebuilding it is not easy. But I remember coming down to the belly of the earth, where for centuries all these kings and queens have been hidden, and where the air is heavy from the high humidity, it was a fascinating experience!


Temple of hatshepsutNon are a feminist but the fact that among the dynasties of the ancient Pharaohs are also counted women has always contributed to make me sympathetic to this population.

In addition to the famous Cleopatra, in fact, there is another sovereign who ruled Egypt for centuries before, assuming Pharaoh’s title while being a woman, and I admit that he had known only during this trip: Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmose THE.

Effigy of hashepsut To welcome its remains was built the Temple of Hatshepsut, which is not far from the Valley of Kings and Queens.

Luxor and temple of hashepsutThe Temple is excavated at the foot of an imposing rock formations, preceded by a wide slope offering a beautiful view on the Luxor Valley!

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