The journey to the coldest place in the world

The first snow of the season began to fall when I and my walk hand in hand between the crowded shopping street. No cover large umbrella stand tiny white snowflakes wind blow away pedestrians face, sparkling under the street lights yellow. Newer four o’clock in the afternoon but it was dark like that, if followed by civil servants hour, you will go out and leave while it was still dark when the lights work off. I remember two years Aachen are no snow at moving his old year, New Year move moved.How to say, well just a normal feeling like the sky rain stopped that. Not excited or excited before the first snowflake – for me here too long or feelings most idyllic simplicity has hardened because of the cold?

People tend to use adjectives to describe the temperature of the cold contact, feeling in every event of my life. The cold, a warm girlfriend, hot moments when seeing acquaintances not seen for decades, the death of someone. Perhaps feeling cold warm relations with all eyes set of human emotions. And conversely, what if we sit alone in a strange cafe in a strange country, in his hand a cup of coffee was hot tongue anxiety naturally all goes well sunk into oblivion, as if sadness He was being sucked into a heat another dimension. It’s the faint.

My friends in Vietnam really like snow, have you envied the life of this party, have you up quite Northwest to be experienced once – I still indifferent. I do not think the snow became normal for me because it is a normal fact, every year there are shows.It’s not that I hate the snow and the cold. Only a vague feeling hard to explain, I do not like snow in crowded urban areas, the cars zoom through the whole day, people crowded plants, factories, stores with heat makes snow melt into a thick black mud dirty.


With just beautiful me without melting snow. Just beautiful when the snow in the middle of the forest. Beautiful snow in places only to extreme cold as city Yakutsk and Oymyakon village. – From city Yakutsk, I was an old man carrying on an old truck is manufactured from Soviet times and smells gasoline. Machine of the vehicle never turned off, because once it’s off the old man would never start up again. Car seat cold as ice cover closed eyes, and Amos quickly realized that they would never be warm again, no matter how long he can sit on it goes again. He asked him to stop the car, searched sweater, jacket and countless other warm clothes to wear her husband luggage. However, the cold keeps wild penetrate bone.


Going into the plains of Siberia is home to several small village with only 500 inhabitants, the average temperature in winter from minus 40 to 50 degrees and can drop to minus 60, 70 – are recognized as locations coolest people in the world live. Looking at the photos here everyday I partly feel the power of the natural mother, but the other is more enduring vitality of the human race. It is hard to imagine human beings can live, especially in the middle of a small community living in such a harsh place. The daily diet based on meat, fish, venison and large chunks of hot, frozen fish immediately after the catch and eat live – for the harvest and the fruits and vegetables can not survive in the permafrost – which just a few weeks in summer tan. The shirts, hat, scarf and thick beams that cover the body. The shadow people scattered on the road looks lonely exacerbated destination here when everyone is only one: where there is light and warmth. Step out of the cold strikes, brutal and swift as numb legs causing loss of feeling if dressed too thin. Amos Chapple feel the saliva on his tongue was turning into ice tongue needle blood turned sharply stung lips. Permafrost makes installing toilets in the house is impossible. The car or the right to the heated garage or to let it run if the outdoor park. Schools closed only when the temperature drops below minus 52 degrees C. The heated wooden houses and charcoal. Mobile phones are a luxury product, even if there are waves, because few have any sort of mobile operations at this temperature.


Where people live near Oymyakon village near the city of Yakutsk least include two day road car with 200,000 people and the capital of the republic of Yakutia. Life goes on in temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius with a university, several schools, theaters, museums … Besides Yakutsk is the capital Lena river freezes in winter, firmly to the vehicle can go straight to the other side without the bridge. Of course not to mention tourism as an offset of the natural mother – second income mining. The guests are recommended not wearing outdoor otherwise want it frozen on his face, the guests are advised to wear as many layers of clothing and especially indispensable coat and fur hat. But what is most ironic is the people who are fighting to stay alive in the land of death was not enough money to buy a fur coat for himself: one month’s average salary is $ 400 residents Yakutsk, price real fur coat around 1500 $ – Mortgage bank loans are the only way of life for the poor and middle class.


In conditions like this, a normal job as grave as well take two full days . Coal is piled in heaps and people make a fire, after several hours of ice melts to reveal a small area and tucked it back into burning more coal to melt the ice underground. The above process is repeated non-stop for two days to dig a little grave two meters deep.

In conditions like this, a normal job as photography also becomes easy.Sometimes rotation of the focus and zoom ring on the lens is not working. Sometimes the steam enters the lens and cause the lens freezes inactive. At a temperature of minus 40 degrees C camera battery just run out of battery range is 30-45 minutes, and if you bring it from outside in the hot seat too soon, the battery will likely die are not resurrected. And down below minus 50 degrees C, if you still want to take a photograph you should think about a heating system for your camera.

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