The last thing on my mind after my trips

The article for those of you my beloved companion, whether on any journey. The “who” always makes me happy and makes me surprised, interesting to see more love than the trip through.

You-be the wind.

If that went to a picnic by motorbike, or excursions to the sea by boat, then there you go. You can kick it into the hair, you blew off the black yarn toss this piece in the air leads confused times I annoyed, but I still love you so much. I like the most is the feeling to see you through my fingers, feeling like I was touching your hands, feel you are micro-vu together-like whinny companion guys ha 2 savages hửng hand grip hand. Trade of you the way you defuse the hot hực in breaking dawn I just by a light blow. This is intensely sunny sweating on the oi Saudi, have you next then all just “small talk”. Speaking as a person he once said “the wind of Heaven by 10 Japanese fan life”. There you see, you done good.

You-be the Moon

Èo, don’t know how I got so lucky to always meet you in the journey to memorable dark tales throughout the dozen this year. Well we have very long time companion, from the day I am 16 years between moon night in the tent camp on the coast, or even when I crossed the 450 kilometre description all about his hometown of seeing loved ones. You are always there, illuminating every corner the way made me feel less alone. In the darkness, you bring me light, a type of magical morning or late afternoon game and devastating. Before you, I see the pain of loss as are sharing, the love to take advantage of the deep bottom as you wake-xao pinky, butt wiggle. You go, not loud, not hurried but on tiptoe away into my heart, touched my heart. Before you, I found myself being spread ourselves out to the end, just silence like that understand each other-you.

You-be the tree flower in  the grass

I stayed, I swear, if you lack, the trip I’m going to run out of interesting part 8. I love the way you sudden appeared and took partial Sun brilliant red Phoenix. I love the way you quietly silently the enchanting back I just through a quick preview of the eye by the green grass is young immature outburst from the ground. I love the way you rejoice jubilantly “Queuing” welcome the steps I through, on their way to the lush green flower nail white beef of the plateau. What’s more, eh, well, I love both the way you reached this pride land, whether between high to low or the baby, for which vertical pickup sunshine good wind though is any place where, on the humid tropical zone low forests or on the smoke-filled streets connecting the land home.

And I love, the way you live life green and then back again with mother earth, and the Casino between Brown and untold ancient ruins.

You-be the train

Celebrate first met you is when I was 10 years old. Baby class 5 are you clutching the Compact in the run from central to South, plucking the stand hanging on the iron door frames that relentlessly before the Dragon garden lights light in Phan Thiet. You bring me new discoveries-outside his native land’s doorway, in the heart of the countryside. On the three trains have ever come across, I just quietly observe people who called that same flavor. To and from time to time do not know, deep down I always see you as the bridge connecting the spirit of both the free spirit piece from the top of the Valley of the Owls to CA Mau nose. So each time on his journey, when in the wind, the echoes you far far away, I leave feedback claims a steaming emotional self-distribution saved hard to the left.It reminds me of where I was born, it reminds me I’m putting the foot on his homeland of thousands of life his father left, it reminds me of … me is Vietnamese. To know more love, know you cherish more, said earnestly over-with this country.

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