These principles can not forget between Leader and Member in Trip

These are experiences you Huyen Children draw during 1 year climbers share and note that you should consider:
1) Starting on time.
Leader should set the limit to a maximum of 15 minutes late if we do not have abundant time.
Palace close, latecomers chase group rather bow safely away they arrived late that no reasonable reason, you should give at home.
2) has thought for membership before the trip.
Went hiking is definitely mortification, and arduous. Hiking resort is determined “on the column to the temple” Ba Den Mountain, Xining.
Mortification go with the hot midday shade no no cool drafts. Is tanned with sweat poured like rain like spring, is heavy backpack on his back, tired legs towards the front step by step.
Even insects snakes squeeze is always with us when the rain down.
3) Mandatory membership fitness tests before going.
Each pressed their members must take tests seriously, to ensure that no one is a princess in disguise.
Take the man or woman just brought one backpack. At home, at work or ability to reverse backpack he carries. No new genus was a few steps away is the leader concessions backpack boldly returned to that person right then. ”
4) Discuss carefully with supply ng navigation road going, popular for membership are clear, then the new consensus comes.
Inexperienced guide should entrust them all to be exhausted before the group reach for the top. DC went up top, then unfortunately not much.
★ Note:
– The rainy season should choose the 0.5m wide trail to make sure not to go the wrong way formed by floods (flood, the size of 2m wide road).
– Limiting handles trees along the road and up the support sticks. Because of the ability to meet snakes squeeze sojourn there in the rainy season is very high.
5) The top goal should match the health of the majority of members in the group.
With Ba Den mountain terrain, Xining (Cung Ma Thien Lanh)
– Roads her group go was bare hills, burning sun and 70 degree slope. Health team members can not be good should not completed according to plan.
Next time the sun went into the season, the team will choose the path along the river and go upstream to follow the zigzag path to the top of the formation is more favorable.
6) Discipline.
Leader did not feel the respect from members, the person at home always. Since when has come, he will cause a loss of internal unity climbing trip made no excitement, as well as dismay of all members.
7) Time.
Has defined timescale is tight, should impose fast paced personality for each member.
8) Call Number sign.
Instead of littering to make the following point to know, they were dry tree drawing puzzle arrow or arrows markup. Or put the arrow-shaped stones.
9) Limit your intake of wildlife
Frogs, crabs, lizards mountains … always with parasitic worms so unless unforeseen circumstances out of food, new hunting wild animals. Back to home purchase right medicine to drink worm disease hidden room.

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