These delicacies pocket on the traveling

Please recommend a few dishes by criteria: easy to do – do it fast – to be long – easy to eat so we pass the bottle to bring to have the dish on road phượt. With little food, just a little white rice, cucumber, too dry, rice socks do bottle Lavie chan into soup also.

Thus in addition ruốc (rub cotton) we have a few more dishes to eat sugar. Cats think maybe in distance exotic place, a little taste pungent pepper, a bit of salted fish as well as our homeland more heartwarming.

Satay with chilli:

Ingredients: Citronella grind, grind pepper, red cashews, salt, monosodium glutamate.

Implementation: For Red Cashew oil in a frying pan, cook up north; While medium hot oil, red is spread over the island are then prompted wand out. To hot too cashews will explode and splash stampede.

Take them out of the pan cashews, north back to the kitchen. For grinding on sautéed lemongrass, citronella se as chili grind back in. Continue to sauté until golden lemongrass straw up. Season with salt and low in sodium glutamate and reminds down. Let cool for at vases.

Do not despise it this dish! There is little satay entered noodles, soups; served with meat … will make the taste more tasty and less sick, especially in places strange food, insipid taste hard to swallow. When anxious, a little chilli sprinkled over rice, sticky, white buns, bread … the spicy spicy, salty, fragrant aroma and its yellow nursery can help us herded through a meal.

Roasted shrimp chili salt:

Ingredients: fresh river prawns, the size of the tip of chopsticks or a little more alone, not to exceed delicious (hard shell), very spicy red pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate.

Implementation: Shrimps cut the head, tail wash and drain. Farewell peppers with salt, pepper a little more. For little oil in a frying pan or pot, cook up north. Heating oil for shrimp, stirring. Let a little water (much less, depending on the number of shrimp, so water and moist closed back four shrimp) into mixing bowl with salt and chilli and pour into a pan of shrimp. Add a little MSG.

For low heat absorbed salt chilli prawns. Season with salt to see if there are not enough, a new bit to slightly salty delicious (and for longer). Shallow water, reminds shrimp pan down, let cool completely and pour into a plastic bottle. This dish to monthly rolls of plastic bottles okay.

Meat roasted shrimp sauce:

Ingredients: bacon fat, choose meat with adhesive layers close together, move the meat loose the fat goes back fat, meat goes beyond meat. Delicious shrimp sauce, lemon grind, grind pepper, sugar, MSG.

Implementation: Meat cut into the top wire rod louder large, nonstick skillet bring rang out for the meat less fat until golden fire edge.

Pour meat, for lemongrass chili grind grind and fry for real gold. For the meat to the pan, for all islands. For shrimp sauce on, to just stop, too much going saline. Add a little water, add sugar to taste sauce seasoning abated. When the water drained out, the hunt, the meat was a bit off the fire. To cool off also always on the bottle.

This dish which you phượt female hands, while encountering some sour fruit (mango, toads, guava) is only then, nothing else to eat where

Special dishes for vegetarians you prefer: Dry Sautéed Mushrooms:

Ingredients: Dried Mushrooms, onion grind, soy sauce, seasoning salt, sugar, MSG, pepper.

Implementation: Mushrooms soaked in water, rinse thoroughly and squeeze very dry. Thai mushrooms into thin strands, hanging baskets have a little attitude, to a place with a fan to dry completely.

Oil pan, fry the onion grind into gold, for stirring for hunting mushrooms, the mushroom seasoning in seasoning salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate little, add a few tablespoons of soy sauce for a bit wet. Saute with low heat absorbed into the mushroom seasoning. Sample the salty-sweet show is charming. Tasty but too salty crackers will not perishable wear and eat well. Sautéed Mushrooms have dried it out prompt, sprinkle pepper on (much pepper for flavor). Let cool and remove the bottle too.

I wish you success and have made the heart-warming meal on a natural way.

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