Thung Nai and Poetry Lake – The Free bird in wilderness areas

I remembered that the time when I had asked a teacher:
-What Kind of subject do you teach?
-I teach fitness.
I find it weird, I remember the child you told you it taught Written.
Yes, the fitness of the soul.
Which, I’m only funny because it is a word of Italian jokes. Then later on, thanks to a journey I started out today saying he is a deep perception.

If you think phượt is just the trip determined to satisfy passions move of these guys have wasted blood is the poetry also developed powder du emotion of daydreaming that I was caught in the crush and separate drawing to College, or you ever thought so. Please join me, return a “phượt” from the day we did not yet know to/from, a journey that was open then the door made me become me today.

In 2011, the students I market and entered into a community activist organization. I usually learn and write about a minority of West with how difficult geography, socio-economic, while I haven’t seen firsthand her peoples wear traditional dress. I urge that the decision alone an iron horse go Peace city, the high way Hanoi more than 70 kilometers. But thanks to accidental and caused by fate, the lead soldier had been a combined army of the six champion bear, Tiger, Fox, Honey, crab, Toad appeared together on fifteen hour right there than from the big letter C for capital, supermarket BigC Tran Duy hung.

The car is not the correct glasses is because car manufacturers don’t design the glass, the u.s. team three cars not our glasses still ca wine “does not have lens, so dusty”. Well, the highway route 6 through the Spring to say Tomorrow is Vietnam, dust, London grabbed the forehead, eyes, cheeks, grab grab whatever micro square meters on the skin are not screened. That’s on the road going through the city of Hexi passage, I saw on the sidewalk, two baby presentation chessboard battles (or the reverse), even acrobatic four haze around, like rational demeanor of a hermit in the mountains.

In may, on the victory of Dien Bien, a Rainshower air going astray, the sudden shock of seed grain, nấy va actinodaphne ellipticbacca crazing of lenses. At the time the Sun was off, the lamp, a side of the field, the car went into a stalk across the slope, rain. Go back to the dark night, so that there is lightning, long ago, and now no longer remembered is his lightning Sun lightning rope involved have good dreams to him “how cutting Drink meant to be love! Means nothing one afternoon “.

Touching seven-hour counter city, the city of peace, ladies and gentlemen of the lights, we enjoy signs stating the fine motor bike overtakes the red light at the intersection, switch plate “Result of the mountain city of civilization”. Sent bee, girls make sure are buying a watermelon to bring courtesy who settled in this city to please a feast for six of the empty stomach and the berthing for six absorbent body tired.

Six young face reunion with two local girls in a rural specialties: feast leaves infected with sauteed pork with honey, mannequin, more broth.
-This quick, Water made from what? Here are new or under I don’t have.
-The water sticks, do not like the sauce called called the water sticks.
Eight people drink wine, turn each sing a song seriously (like a heart on the sidelines or the rice Drum), and sang:
-Have not up?, which was up and then is to be hundred percent.

The doctor got older but fun and enthusiastic kids. Wine, do not know due to alcohol or in person to invite.
Clean alloy wheels, all the minor team irrespective of the daughter son the same dishwasher, hot wine that stars cool cool find pleasing.
Then pull each other to a medical doctor, doctor introduced himself as one of the four large, ancient aristocratic lineage of Muong people, wine, mountain people in the home is to drink alcohol. When on, straight through to the walk, wind cool Moon stick, she Bears infuse wine, singing rowdy. Night, asleep, people are eagerly waiting for morning.

The next day, 8/5, we visit hydropower, along either side of the road there are species of purple flowers, but the flowers by purple too gentle or stars, which the United States quietly beautiful. Standing on the hydraulic power looked down the river. Green River lines, fluted, thinks is a good boy.
After the photo shoot, we have discovered the possibility to create his innovative designs, and also from then onwards, many people become photographer to model.

Ten hours, the delegation to The Nai, a small boat rental, range boss thirty, large high, put six solo sailing Lake. Meanwhile, we still are the new guys step on the path to explore the romance du, were ecstatic at fantastic scenery. In the latter the journey still to be drunk raw but was worried in a new depth.
Large, undisturbed water bearing, non elapsed elapsed.

The boat stopped at the coconut Island, She Falls Action. A sunny day. Blue Sky green grass swathes of cloud, not soothing, straightforward, non-green lake water ripples. More sunshine. Three blue scratchy, scratchy rainwater. Since then, in my eyes, this place called the Lake poetry.
They were just visiting, leave the hand underarm handbag carrying food, drinking water, climb the island, breathe out slightly. Refreshing pineapple pieces split between sunshine. Toads, foxes, wild strawberry picking naughty Crab, add a tart again, cool iron. Playing with two children on the island, play rocking, rockers take to the swings. Small Islands, sky high, wide Lakes, subtly, cleverly swings the dog, lost in the heart of the Lake.

The boat left the island visit the windmills, green continue to pull together up top floor grinders, talk amusing, dusky iridescent forehead sweat smile. Through the Windows to see the flower purple no name.

And then the boat dock, this time in shelters, Munich no belly and see photos, those who are new to exchange contact. Leaving journey, so we need the intimacy more authentic intimacy rather than soul, huh!

Way back, the other sits at the roadside, watching rice and bamboo forests of far far away. Imagine the picture: these people sit neatly in a tiny, large space, like to fly.
Make occupational diseases, to see things on the road, feel sad because of the poverty, growth can break the beautiful things around here, these cultural values.

The world is about to meet someone and know: Bush, coming on with electric lights.

The trip is told by the subjective impression of the rewrite is written with premature appreciation in the past, should not escape the monotony and backward. After the times, in six us, to date, there are no people back with bushwalks, people worry the private concerns should not see potential, and also the people sticking together in friendship. But anyway, people who share the same color, color, color of the water, believing that always meet at an intersection in the soul, although humanity has shoved a body. With me, the trip brought a special thing: I started making poetry, such as the very long sleep gown and the like before, now I don’t know the beautiful natural and magical.

Looking back two years, written at present want to say: the journey brings a sense that, even with a special someone, please people, don’t blame life these guys move is the fur cotton guys, please also move their guys don’t blame the people responsible for themselves, because each person is pursuing his own journey in life. Phượt-short journey, the life-long journey. Poetry is the cries of the soul turned up through the long way. Was poetry are beautiful. Then each of us, though, what work, after completing the journey on Earth please leave a poem, to the poem’s off inspiration for the next, the person behind and then he continued to write his life into a poem. Let’s go, love, life and poetry.

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