Tips for Laos Travel – Vang Vieng Tubing

A fascinating tourist destination that population of BackPacker cannot ignore when to Vang Vieng – Laos. So what’s attractive in Vang Vieng where population of backpack back to it?

Vang Vieng travel tourist attractions by activities like: Kayaking, Trekking, elephant riding, Canoeing, and especially the Tubing. This is a fairly simple game, just sitting or lying up the Float and let the water flow bench you drift away. Speaking through is so, what specifically are you reading through posts to share your HappyPack on the Phuot Forum to grasp information on this activity.

Tubing in Vang Vieng
Not hard to find on the streets of Vang Vieng boys girls furry animals overseas in finishing the pants or bikini with the tire shoulder cloth. After lunch, we went tubing. Tubing in Vang Vieng appearance several years ago and has quickly become one of the tourist attraction operations leading the next trekking, kayaking, rock-climbing and visit the caves. What makes tubing in Vang Vieng is the attractive scenery of South stream party Song. Drop in the float tires, we have a chance to put on their heads, dềnh enjoy the natural scenery. The shape of the mountain meadows stands passed as size slowmotion, see themselves as between the banks of the Amazon, and then suddenly the sunny afternoon tore down the river surface glare, fill through the Glade lau lách sauteed in singing wind. A quarter of the original flow focusing very much on this side of the bar, selling alcoholic drinks, the music in the swamp noise xập ã, the rest of the way will quietly dotted with a few pubs on the banks. Who wants to visit the bar, just with the floating anchor grab hand drop down and then out to the staff pull on. A lot of Western backpacks plying beer and dancing right from the first, the Sun collapsed Warsaw again carrying on tuktuk rent floats. With power and not visit a bar, we lose approximately 1.5 h to drift off within walking distance to River tubing.

Some information about tubing

There are many points of private business to provide services to poor quality tubing. From July 2009, tour the district Vang Vieng was announced officially on the only two points in the Tubing Business Group (a business community with more than 1.500 household members) are allowed to provide this type of service. The district also advised tourists not to buy back service from the rest home, drive, restaurant or bar that should direct to the business point just above. The Office is only a district postal Group Tubing approximately 50 m, are easy to find. Go all the way across Manaly GH, turn right approximately 50 m will see the post Office on the left hand side, continue adding 20 m look to the opposite side will see the business point tubing with a lot of quality tires.

The Office started operation about 8-kinder Park. Service charge 55 k/person including tuktuk to whore comes out for 3 kilometres away. 60 k/person, deposit money will repaid when charged buoy. If paid after 6 pm buoy be subject to fines. Life jackets are provided free if requested, take life jackets fined 200 k. Waterproof plastic bags (dry bag, water-proof bag) sold in the store about 60 k, pretty bag to and have a strap, used to contain documents, cameras, money to go tubing. Can rent office bag tubing, or external hire 20 k price reviews 10 k (not the foot, just leave the House address). Sandals can send back office tubing.

Should be timed to shore up at 5.30 am and 6 pm before the float, because the pay in addition to the reason suffer penalties, in Vang Vieng dark quite fast after 6pm. start from the starting point at 3.30 pm or sooner than is reasonable. Necessarily have to wear life jackets even though you know swimming. Avoid going tubing alone if you can’t swim, the risk is very high for whatever you have to wear life jackets. If the tubing into the Group may bring the matter to the buoy rope together, there have been many cases you go along drifting too fast or too slow compared to the Group and the distress that nobody knew to rescue. Absolutely do not drinking when tubing, enjoy beautiful scenery is the main goal, finished up the evening away spoiled BeerLao. Note avoid the obstructions on the line as bushes or rocks, don’t be caught off guard to come too close to hand at turning up, no more likely to suffer injury or flip the buoy. According to annual statistics have 2-3 people in the back to the River, so the risk of just above are true.

One more important thing is to be aware of signs the end of tubing (Tubing End Point, billboards very normal, if not to Italy would be ignored) to the shore. Close attention through sections of grass wiping, you will find a small boats take guests through the banks with zipper, this attempt at should adjust the float go near the left coast. Will then see a gentle bow shape land located down the line. Try to to shore up, because there is an employee of Tubing Group waiting to pull you up. Today we have y y because tubing employees throw buoy pulled into as in the bar that we missed from the end point points drift (drifting through bridge River), Rapids that the Deputy Corps of wouldn’t know how to paddle float so we were very hard and new climbs are the banks, and then having to go off of to line up the plastic back.

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