Travel to Italy – My advice for a safe trip

Europe has always been an attractive destination. Italia as a destination can hardly ignore. If you have one week in Italy, How is your schedule of that? Let’s consult for my advisor  in the article below and wish you a memorable to stay in here.

Italy: Venice 2 days, respectively, Florence and Rome 2 days 2-3 days

1. Venice 2 days: 1 day or more coups and 1 day (actually not all one day) 2 Murano Island (made of glass) and Burano (embroidery, cottages painted vivid colors unknown)


Location: Santa Marrgherita, this area I liked, especially early morning sitting in the yard, do cup cappuccino, watching people moving goods sold (grouper, pickled vegetables, flowers thrushes).

If you take the train to the station to find Tourist Info in asking them for directions to walk slightly ders if not far though, take water bus is faster
Location: convenient walk because right across the station (across the bridge), a few dozen meters main pier, clean and nicer room because they revise Antico, with 1 employee and beautiful women always help everyone people

2 This site is looking to try out on view

Venice coup could walk dressed. 2 central locations as San Marco Square and the Rialto Bridge and always have signposts that lead to zone name, but can not run on a canal boat ride to the island, but also more so considering purchase tickets 24 hours around 10e (because 3.5e and 5e single ticket is for the Grand Canal)

Around qt San Marco: San Marco church (so in this church, free but have to queue), the building of the former mayor of Venice (??) Palazzo Ducale.

Rialto Bridge is a symbol of Venice, the atmosphere around the globe are always very busy

Some other parts of the main island: Accademy Gallery, Santa Maria Della Salute church (slightly to the other side of the Grand Canal San Marco), Ghetto Jewish ghetto. Santa Marrgherita (already on) generally just walk round and see interesting and severance quoanh

2. Florence: You have 2 days to explore the city and visit not far from Florence Leaning Tower of Pisa should really want to go, said well ok, half a day there is enough.

3. Rome: Embassy of Vietname in Rome and deal of Vietnam in Rome but also for rented accommodation near the center and not have to use the bus, I was once in DSQ VN.

Accommodation should go in Rome: more spreadable but rather focus should also have the strength to walk well, but surely there is room wanted to metro / bus ticket to fast should buy 24-hour access 4e prices (unlimited public transpot)

Can not be ignored: Sistine Chapel Vatican Museum and the Vatican. 2 This loosening always with people queuing up at least 1 hour before going early opening hours if do not want to wait too long.

You should also refer to the European experience of the Phượt you to find your own journey.

Wish success.

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