Visit to the land of “rejected”

I met Mr Juculov (the Czech Republic) in the hostel in the capital Kabul Salsal and decided to go public to come to Bamyan once the capital-Buddhism in Afghanistan in ancient times. We like to stand together to share emotions “fear” when supply road from Bamyan to Kabul to come across the Taliban occupation.

Mr Juculov asked me in the evening before departure “would you really like and need to Bamyan?”. I replied, “that’s my main goal of the trip to Afghanistan, this time, I dreamed of coming to the capital of Buddhism and stepped on the ancient Silk Road Palace”. With Mr Juculov Bamyan, ancient traces not only about religion but also about a very beautiful natural landscape.

The puzzling experience offer the road Kabul-Bamyan

When to Charika bus station is located north of Kabul to take Bamyan, he cab 4 place offer us when the car was 2. He told us everything will be okay if to Bamyan by taxi instead of the public bus from 8 to 16 seats.
Go about 10 km from Kabul. Everyone in the car talking to each other by Pashto language with the worry makes us stand sit. Uk taxi stop along Route 3 times to find English-speaking support. Finally there is a student buses along the way help us to Exchange in English.

According to students, there are 2 road from Bamyan to Kabul. The first direction, will go through the province of Wardak and Bamyan, about five degrees would come sit in the car. The second direction will go through the province of Parwan, climbing to an altitude of 2900 m and Bamyan, about 9 to drive. The first direction spacing is quite short, but quite dangerous to contact us by having to go through the Taliban occupied about 60 km.
We asked him to go towards the second driver for safety and agreed to pay an additional about extra costs. He shook his head and he rejected by 2 people left in the car wanted to Bamyan soon because of personal reasons. For us the decision: proceed or stop. After 3 minutes of consultation, and Mr Juculov decided to go forward by doesn’t want to turn off the iron when the passion has come to Afghanistan.

Pretty quick in handling situations, he stopped a taxi driver of sales in the small town and asked us to buy traditional scarves to wrap over the top of the shirt and the Afghan people to busy. As he explains, from high mountain looking down, the Taliban rebels will mistaken we are indigenous.

Just see everyone has a gun on his shoulders even though out of copper or herding, we implicitly understand that cars are going on the Taliban-occupied region. We recommend your doctor your car runs as quickly as possible. Each heart beat at the faster roll wheels. Mr Juculov silence said nothing, but what can we portrayed on the face he still is the stress. I thought, well, I’m sure face like that!.

I went through and tiring talk with Mr Juculov: I’m experience a day in Kabul, I don’t like when the police encounter, but now I like to see the police as much as possible. Only the uk police made me lose heart beats for know that you are going into Afghanistan by the State sector management.

The capital of Buddhism in ancient times

Mr. Mohammad, the owner of the Inn in the town of Bamyan small extremely surprised to know we came here by public transport. According to him, we are quite the adventure!. He said very little, when tourists come here since the Taliban detonated bombs 2 large Buddha statues are placed in the bowels of the mountain opposite the Bamyan town about 200 m in 2001. To be safe, you usually wait for the vacant space flight by the United Nations from Bamyan to Kabul to carry out humanitarian work.

Is the country located between South Asia and Central Asia, Afghanistan is the bridge of trade on the Silk Road from Istanbul to India. From Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the Silk Road poured into and merged into the main branch in Bamyan. From Iran and Turkmenistan, the Silk Road poured in and also incorporates the main branch in Bamyan. From horse Brigade, advancing on Bamyan Pakistan to India, a country that is considered the “jewel” of South Asia on trade, especially on spices.

Buddhism from India going backwards according to the Silk Road to promote his religion to the Central Asian country where Bamyan because the Silk Road converges, so this is where Buddhist capital outside of India.
In the old PC to his century, he let us see pictures of the world’s tallest standing Buddha that he kept the Taliban before being destroyed (currently Japan is implementing the restoration 2 Buddha). Big Buddha 53m high was built in the year 544 is located to the West of the mountains and the smaller Buddha about 38 m was built in 591 lies to the East.
Around the statues small niches can pretty much Windows title looks when seen from far away is the hotel for a group of people stay. Look, I believe the doorway to separate with each other, but when explored inside them connected together by the staircase form a complete hotel suites.

Side of the roaring fire of water boilers are reo, cup water Kahwa brings warmth in the cold dusky malaria 10 degrees c in Bamyan. Mr. Mohammad suddenly asked me know about Him not Page Myths. Just one cup of unkempt kahwa, he copied the mouth: If no Mr Xuanzang, maybe people don’t know much about Bamyan-a capital of Buddhism in ancient times in South Asia.
Travel along the Silk Road from Xi’an to India to study, He arrived in Bamyan Xuanzang 630. In the notes in his diary, Bamyan was the capital of Buddhism in ancient times with more than 10 Buddhist schools and over 1000 monks practice. Thanks to the pen register records of him, one has to know more about the city of Golden religious Green Valley at an altitude of 2,000 m.

Thanks to the help of Mr. Mohammad, we returned to Kabul on the early bus at 4 in the morning. According to him, the time quite safe because the Taliban is still asleep. I sense any spin through teasing Mr Juculov by refreshing smile when the car into the Taliban occupation, but Mr Juculov tough told me: take her smile when coming to Kabul!
What to avoid when coming to Afghanistan

Upon arrival to accommodation Salsal in Kabul, the capital, Mr Juculov told me the trouble he encountered in these days in Kabul: the number is you go to the city of Kabul by bus from Sheer Pan. See more beautiful scenery on the road, you take the camera to record the moment. Immediately, he was bus driver shipped straight to filing for public safety.

He was on in two detention police outpost with the explanation of its actions along with many red lựng because of a mosquito bite. Upon hearing the story, I think he had a few bad conservative Afghans because for that you are terrorists.

The next day, I walk a round to discover the capital of Kabul. Taken a new picture on the street, immediately I get the pressure groups to the police station. I have to take 2 hours to give the uk the police checked all the cameras, cell phones, and explain his actions. Though he police explains, but I feel rather upsetting when coming to Afghanistan.

Considered the world’s war, depressions, so the Afghan people live in “warning” status high and didn’t believe anyone when they see strange phenomena. After the collapse of the Soviet Union is the period of the Taliban. The rebels took the city completely destroyed Kabul in 1994. Worse than Kabul, with no electricity and running water in that year. Kabul is being rebuilt in recent years and the city is very young. No one wants to see again images of Kabul in 1994.

British police also for me: when in Afghanistan are not allowed to photograph the military camp, police and State authorities. In Kabul there are many military camp and public security to protect the city. The best way, just see Kabul and should not take a picture.

He also recommended that I should not come to the old city walls in Kabul, the people there are very conservative! Just walking and shooting, they would doubt themselves should terrorism will carry out dog bites or drop out of stone. Afghanistan is a country that still strictly implement Islamic law, when stepping out of the road so busy, don’t bother just pants trousers or shorts do not cause a lot of sympathy with the Afghan people.

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