Vung Tau Tourism in 1 day like? (phượt vũng tàu trong 1 ngày như thế nào)

Vung Tau Tourism in 1 day like? Here is the route calculated according to time in one day and the places you can go.
Also you can refer to the article in detail, in particular for first trip to what Vung Tau, where is necessary to go to eat something – where, as simple as that and not to fussy as posts This:

Experience – Vung Tau tourism
★ 5h-6h: There are multiple positions so you can enjoy the beauty of early morning start a new day at Thuy Van beach (the beach). While watching the sun rises you can enjoy with a few breakfast dishes like dirt cake, pancakes, fried dough, noodle, porridge, noodles, salad … very cheap and tasty at the seaside beach after you are offline . To stretch the abdomen, locate the Breast Milk Original cakes Khot quite tasty food for each with 1 shrimp, only 25k 30k range for 1 disc / 10 so offline.
★ 7 pm: A sea passage mainland protruding nose Nghinh named Feng with three sides are steep cliffs suitable for popular teen thrills discover love. At low tide you can walk bumpy stone entrance to the island, but a little dangerous, so go to the full moon day because now calm sea will be safer.
★ 8: Walk way to the foothills Halong Tao Phung and climbing to Vung Tau city views from above. On the summit is Jesus Christ statue, 32m high. At every position you can also see this fantasy image. When going into the memory object you put shoes outside before entering teen offline.
★ 9: From the Tao Phung mountain foot walk along the coast and on Tran Phu Bai Dinh Prior to transparency has been the residence of King Bao Dai, visit Made pottery collection. And do not miss coffee in space with pleasant floral porcelain. Also nearby are several shops like snails snails sautéed, grilled snails, … spoiled for choice, but only 20k -30k / 1 plate screws.
★ 10h: this time you can start participating in games such as swimming, horseback riding, racing, slip … explore the cultural ecotourism Ho May and visit the Maitreya Buddha. Gondola opposite Vung Tau palace with fares Bach 160k – 200k / 1 person, before playing memory reference price list for services to avoid spending all your money on the game offline.
★ 11h – 13h: It’s time to prepare for lunch with seafood dishes and sea bold break to explore coastal city teen dentist. Some addresses for you:
Visitors Ganh Hao on Tran Phu, Back yard to check even few seafood dishes like grilled shrimp with salt and chilli sea, listening to chẹp has cravings, eating just tired 150k quit.
You can enjoy several dishes made from fresh octopus and squid in her bake shop candles. Only 60k for an octopus, squid to dock, dishes meticulously prepared make your lunch more sea flavor. Painstakingly away you can eat fish with apricot salad and fish soup pop Mango Park, where families were chosen to eat lunch for $ 150k / person.
14h-17h ★: You can walk in Tam Duong beach. Here many coconut so this area is ideal for many teenagers often choose schools where this is shooting every time rush. Just walk under the trees while watching the waves, the weirdly.
17h-19h: Back yard is the appropriate choice for your afternoon watching the sunset over the city began a new life rhythm. Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street had eaten noodle, pasta, tea, fried dough, dirt cake snow opens tomorrow puller or the beachfront cheap and sweet. You can also rent bicycles and pedal sometimes walking with friends watching the small corner of the city at Front Beach, bustling street in the coastal city on the lights.
From Front Beach, Me had 15 Le Loi to the harmony in the vibrant atmosphere in the stadium Lamson see the dogs raced to the finish nhá but only open on Saturday at 19h – 22h only, depending on seat prices tickets on for around 40k – 80k.
★ 20h- 21h: If you prefer a scenic coastal city at the night sky, the lighthouse atop Little Mountain is the appropriate choice for you especially those who like to explore. From on beacon looking down, below the line passersby away from the sea there are a few shining lights of fishing boats make a romantic setting. Another option to try 209 new Unified sense Hanoi lemon tea culture has been present in this beautiful seaside city. Together Friends “cutting the wind” and bite the lemon tea cup sunflower seeds nothing more wonderful night.
★ 22h- 23h: Do not miss the pot rays 40 Truong Cong Dinh enough 3 criteria: tasty – complement – cheap, hot pot dish is stingray guests to choose when to Vung Tau. As seed cake duck dish in Chieu street, each pie is pretty small for the extra half red eggs au above.
★ 24: nocturnal street theaters around Dien Bien is where many teen gathering of just watching movies at night. Whatever time you can call yourself the food or hot drinks. Here are usually very crowded though it’s late night, which sells specialty foods like porridge trench of Vung Tau, seafood porridge or bread Khot, barbecue with price range of 15k – 20k.
★ 1h-2h: Teen may loiter around the Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Nguyen Truong, … sell items made from real price of $ 20k – 100k and often secret place at this time and rather large range people.
★ 3pm: as the morning sun but still much remains crowded restaurant Tamarind Sweet shop on Le Lai – Ly Tu Trong. Friends often form some specialties like dried squid or dry drowning, eating as he chatted in the cold of the sea.
★ 4h: You can eat at the restaurant Sunflower plate. This shop also hear every soul called “ghost rice shop”. Finally do not forget to visit Cape Rock around 25k -30 / coffee warm. Just enjoy a drink while watching the lively atmosphere in the region signaling hydrofoil for a new day to this beautiful coastal city

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