What is LMS system? Resource for your distance learning business!

What is LMS system? Resource for your distance learning business!

Today is the day to talk about yet another resource present in the distance learning business routine. Let’s discuss about what is LMS .

You’ve probably seen something related to these three letters in your research on distance education , haven’t you?

But, due to its importance, we thought it important to bring this theme to our blog as well. So, are you ready to find out what LMS system is?

In practice: what is LMS system?

To understand what LMS means, we need to translate the acronym literally. LMS system stands for Learning Management System , which in Portuguese means LMS system .

In summary, this software is responsible for offering a digital environment in which it is possible to apply educational content and promote the learning process.

The LMS system can have both the function of simulating a classroom, in the case of distance learning courses , and being a tool for face-to-face classes, when it is necessary to carry out activities online and in real time.

On the other hand, for tutors, it also has the important role of providing the necessary tools to administer and create online courses . .

Uniting education and technology, LMS platforms represent the modernization of the education sector .

They are facilitating access to education , giving more people the chance to invest in their training.

Now that you already know what LMS is, we can move forward and understand how it can be applied in education.

The LMS tool in the field of education

Those who still don’t know what LMS system is can only associate it with distance education over the internet . However, this tool is used by many other sectors.

Yes, online distance learning courses — also known as e-learning  need this software to happen. This is a fact.

Whether they are free, technical, certification or graduation, the main distance learning models end up depending on the LMS, since it is in this resource that online courses are operated.

But that does not mean that the Learning Management System is an EAD exclusive . Quite the opposite.

Face-to-face courses also benefit from using the LMS system. After all, today it is common for teachers to use computers to apply online activities in their classes.

Furthermore, there is also the example of blended learning courses , which combine features of face-to-face and distance learning, and which also make use of this tool.

Finally, LMS systems can still be used by companies, with the purpose of providing training courses and/or using EAD to train employees .

See how this program has potential? With the support of the Learning Machine System, there are countless possibilities to explore in the area of ​​distance education .

What are the main tools of the LMS system?

What is LMS system? Resource for your distance learning business!

Now that we’ve learned what an LMS system is and where it’s used, I have a hunch. I think you must have a question in your head .

“What tools should a good LMS system provide?”

So, so that you don’t have any doubts, we have listed ALL THE FUNCTIONS that cannot be missing from this program.

Therefore, stay tuned to find out what should be observed to hire the best LMS option.

  • Offer responsive layout for the course;
  • Have HTTPS security certificate;
  • Upload and management of different formats of EAD content for students;
  • Upload and management of video lessons for the course;
  • Tool for the application of tests and tests;
  • Student enrollment management;
  • Possibility of setting up classes or groups of students;
  • Generation of waiting lists for courses;
  • E-commerce tool for selling distance learning courses;
  • Integrated payment tool or integration with third-party resources;
  • Discussion forums for students;
  • Issuance of course completion certificates for students;
  • Tool for transmitting live classes with chat for questions;
  • Fully automated course registration process;
  • Option to send class reminders to students;
  • Results reports;
  • Issuance of invoices for accounting control;
  • Creation of course calendars;
  • Tool for course subscription and recurrence;
  • Generation of discount coupons for promotional actions;
  • Content library creation and management;
  • Permission restriction option;
  • Automatic billing programming;
  • API for integration with external systems;
  • Tool customization with the visual identity of the course;
  • Notifications about each new course action;
  • Page for students;
  • “Contact Us” option to send questions about the course;
  • Automation of sending e-mails to students;
  • Option to enable and disable platform features.

The future of LMS platforms

LMS platforms move millions every year , as they are already a widely used resource in several institutions.

However, with the rise of online distance education , the use of this software should increase more and more.

As predicted by specialists, the number of enrollments in higher education courses via distance learning surpassed that of on-site courses in September 2019, according to the Higher Education Census .

Furthermore, we cannot disregard the growth of hybrid teaching models . They became popular in recent years and continue to be a strong trend for distance learning .

Going forward, it is expected that these software will start offering more mobile- oriented solutions .

After all, today smartphones are already the main way of accessing the internet worldwide. As a reflection of this, mobile learning has gained more and more followers.

As a reflection of market movements, LMS system platforms should start to offer a wider range of tools for tutors to make content available in a friendly format with mobile devices .

Finally, the use of applications should also gain strength, which will make these software look for ways to integrate with this tool as well.

Where can I find an LMS system platform?

You may have noticed that the Learning Management System is very similar to a feature we’ve covered a lot here: in Brazil, the LMS became popular as an EAD platform .

Currently, there are several SaaS options on the market that have all the essential features mentioned above .

Therefore, what you need to do to gain access to the LMS system is to find a distance learning platform that you trust .

And remember: choose your partner carefully, as the entire process after creating your online course company will be managed through this resource.

The EAD Platform , for example, is an excellent LMS system option. Talk to our team for more information on how we can help you!

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