What should you buy when traveling to Cambodia…

There are not many things to buy in Phnompenh (Cambodia) “-that is the comment of not less than one time when the tourists to Cambodia. The truth is that?
Phnompenh is not a major shopping centre of the region (the world) as Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, … Look at the infrastructure here make you will also notice is that: the shopping centre, there are not many, even the number of buildings it also can only count on fingers-too little for an economic and political center of a country. But saying so doesn’t mean to Phnompenh, you won’t buy anything at all.

Here are some items that you can buy on when travel to Phnompenh:


Silk products in Cambodia still are people made of traditional craft methods. The silk products including as: scarves, shawls, silk top, …
Koh Dach island is located approximately 15 km Phnompenh is famous for the products made of silk.
Reference price: a scarf made from silk to sell at the market usually cost about 2usd. Buy more then you can pay the lower price (Joanna is not a smart person should just buy for 2usd/scarves only).


Some products made from silver is sold
In Cambodia, the products made from silver began to be commonly used in the religious ceremonies from the 11th century. With the development of tourism, many of the goods on sale are products made from silver emerged increasingly in Phnompenh.
The products are made from silver is sold in Phnompenh including: jewellery made of silver (bracelets, necklaces, …), decorations, furniture, … (Sundaram is especially impressed with the small box made of silver).
Silver products sold are the alloys with 70-80% are silver.

Knitting basket

This product is also not strange people with our Vietnam. They are the products are woven from bamboo, the reeds. Often women are the ones who make the products.
The knitting basket products: basket, Bowl, plate, furniture, …

The product sculptures

Including the sculptures on stone, wood, copper and even silver with figures such as Buddha, Apsara, … is the Interior product so many people love. From the stone blocks, size of wood as the seemingly inanimate through the hand of the artisan in Cambodia have become incredible souls.
If given to the booth of the Cambodian tourism at the international travel Expo ITE HCMC (taking place every year in Ho Chi Minh City) you will be able to witness the Cambodian artisans touch, đẻo the statue of Brahma.


Diffirent from the Krama of Vietnam, Krama  in Cambodia have bigger and better and more durable materials. Those who love travel, when came to Cambodia once then they also try to find how to get some of the Krama carried on.
Krama in Cambodia also has a variety of colors for you to choose the color black and white stripes buy: stripe color, white color, red and white striped green, …
Price: sale price 1usd/common is the bandana. Buy more then the price may be lower than many.

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