Wilderness survival – Uphill

When uphill, you have to use much effort, so very easy to get tired, so, you should note the following:
– Choose a good pair of shoes, both feet, high grip, will help you efficiently when climbing.
– Keep the breath regulation and if rapid breathing or panting means you have gone too much, let’s pause about 5-10 minutes (do not stay long, because the muscles will get cold and muscle relaxants, pain pains caused by a reaction).
– If slopes ask back, with a cane, but you just go up slowly. Each time set foot on a rock, so tentative grip as well as the texture of it.
– If the slope vertically, then you go up along the slopes to Z shape, plus the support of two hands clinging to the stone model, twigs, rocks, tree trunks …
– If the slope is too steep or cliff forced to use cord, then appoint one or two helpers (Belayer) were healthy, good climbers, equipped with compact climb before, tie anchored to a solid bear sure. These persons shall have gradually gathered in steps climbing rope of you, hold your line when they spill, warning of the dangers that may occur.
The rest, one by one, will use the line as a bowline (or dual seat, if the wire pairs), wrapped in the chest. Use two hands to hold on, legs look fulcrum to pedal, then with the help of an assistant, you will climb. (See the rock climbing)
– The final, before climbing up to check all luggage and carry surviving instruments, tied to his friends pull out up front, then her new climb.

★ downhill

Unlike when climbing up and down mountains but less tiring, but no less dangerous, moreover, now your legs were tired, after a long climb through steep stretches. Once down the mountain, you need to be careful, not to go too fast (although the weight of the body and push the luggage as you run forward), because you are very vulnerable to tripping, his body rolled down below.
When downhill, knees bent and your rigor, keep backpack stability, and balance on your back, the focus of the three lots located in front of the stand, take both feet on the ground. If straight people, the focus will lie behind backpacks stand, prone to slip and fall.
If the slope rather stand, then you turned around facing the cliff, using both hands to cling always bear that climbed down. When climbing down, when your body is subjected on 3 fulcrum, a foot or a hand with two feet with his hands. Use your hand or foot rest to lower fulcrum. When placing your hands or feet in a new fulcrum, to tentative stamina before leaning his whole weight on it.


If you encounter steep cliffs, then you should use the rope to slide down, just quick and convenient and secure. There are many ways to slip down the mountain cord, here are simple and easy to implement than:
The first way:
You just have a rope strong enough without any extra accessories. Follow the steps below:
– Wrap the rope over a tree or a stone aggregate certainly do bear anchor point, then tuck the wire pair.
– Pass the wires through the groin (from front to back)
– Loop through the left side (if righthanded, or vice versa)
– Squeeze cross on his right shoulder, round to the back
– Threading the left armpit and holding the rope with his left hand.
– Right hand (the control arm) grabbed the rope in front for balance. Leaned almost perpendicular cliff.
– The left hand (the hand brake) drop the segment short rope, just drop walked slowly down the cliff.
– When everyone drops to zero, pulled a rope to retrieve the rope.

The second way:
This method requires you to have some tools are needed:
– A long and winding sure
– Each person a short rope about 3 meters thick gloves, an oval ring (carabiner)


First, you use a piece of wire 3 meters tighten the belt way the following guidelines:
1. double rope, placing fixed crook left side (if righthanded, or vice versa). (In the illustration, the book side)
2. The loop through a keyring workers before the belly
3. Pass the groin down to the hips and then pull
4. Wrap the two ends of a wire loop on two sides.
5. The second round of the line through the left side (if righthanded …) and tied with flat buttons. Oval hook into eyelets.
• Column first fixed rope to slip into a tree or a real point to make sure.
• Make a contact to ring round the oval buttons.
• The left hand (the hand guide) holding the rope loose in front for balance.
• Right hand (the hand brake) hold the wire hangs down, squeezed through right hip. This hand is used to adjust the speed.
• To slide down, loosen the rope in your right hand. Want to stop, the rope in your clenched right hand, simultaneously pressed butt rope (left hand always holding loose wire)
• If you do not touch the cliff (dependent), then you can slip a very long section (but must beware gloves not stand)

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